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  • The history of the company or how we created the best software for online casinos and deceived the Devil

    online casino software

    If your life has stopped, then it’s time to unwind it and all that is put on red andbuy a casino!It will be fun, I promise!

    The beginning of our creation story

    Greetings to dear readers, colleagues, comrades and other gentlemen who have visited our cozy site :)

    The beginning of our story about how we created software for online casinos takes from the sources of gambling traffic, its monotonous production. But this type of activity, although necessary, but far from creative. It seems to us that there is little drive and fire.

    “Yeah, outsmarting a search engine, baking cakes, rubbing simpletons about easy money and clogging various holes of everyone and everyone is boring” – The irony of course. To get traffic is a complex and interesting business requiring ingenuity and creativity.

    The strength of desire was so great that in 2017, having radically changed the field of activity, we organized ourselves into a small IT company developing gambling products. And of course, everything was both wildly interesting and wildly complicated. We found out that 3 basic products are required for the functioning of online casinos: Platform, Affiliate Program (software on slang) and Games. Let’s talk more about each of our products.

    A few words about our beauty: Affiliate Program

    Oh-ho-ho, 7 pots left us to write it. There were many nuances, but where without them. In the architecture of the product, everything is connected and tied to each other. And when the minimal bug pops up when compiling the project, everything crumbles into small pieces.

    We fought with her seriously. And as a drunk Panteleev, with incredible motivation, finishes the last 50 grams of whiskey remaining at the bottom of the bottle, so we finished off our Affiliate program, our software for online casinos. Day after day, going to the release of the first release.

    The funniest thing that they originally wanted to do it on the now fashionable blockchain technology. There was heated debate about this. Some directly yelled and drowned FOR the blockchain. And sometimes, it seemed as if they were not healthy, bearded men, but little girls who yelled to their next dad about a new iPhone: “I WANT! WANT! WANT!” =)

    online casino software


    But this blockchain of yours is a fantasy fish. This is already in the course of development, everyone understood. “Wishlist” leads only to a dead end and you won’t have to wait for any product release if you go the hard way and create beautiful secondary features from the beginning.

    Software development is somewhat similar to building a house. First there are basic things, such as the foundation, and only then the wallpaper is selected.

    Therefore, in the first version of the product we implemented: detailed statistics, tracking, the addition of many casino brands to one software, convenient and intuitive usability, the functionality of the administrator, casino owner, affiliate manager, affiliate, the ability to manage mirrors, convenient work with media and promotional materials, and more a bunch of everything. We think this is enough for the first version, but there are still a lot of interesting things and ideas. Everything will be, but in the next releases of software for online casinos.

    The first release of the release of our affiliate program has already been implemented. Above is the second version of the PP design, the first version is from the bottom. As they say about tastes they don’t argue, but which one do you like more? =)
    online casino software

    Affiliate Program Technical Details:

    Framework React

    The affiliate program is written on it, it is used on such projects as Instagram and Facebook (it is the author of this framework).

    React Web Products are the fastest in the world, leaving no chance for other colleagues. Actually, the name speaks for itself. It was for speed and reliability that our choice fell on him.

    Of course, we could take, like all our colleagues, the Angular framework, while the amount of code that would need to be written would be reduced by several times. But we decided, just to do so, to make the product the fastest, most functional and most advanced. Yes, with this choice you need to work harder, but it never scared us. To create another gray and bulky software, to be like everyone else, this is not our way. Our Way to the Stars lies through thorns, thorns of creating the best product in the world, the best software for online casinos!

    Material Design

    We used it in our affiliate program. Material Design or Material design, a style invented by Google for software, applications, software.

    With this choice, our affiliate program becomes not only the fastest and most functional, but also the most beautiful, stylish and bright. We tried to make the user immediately feel the difference in the product. That would say “Wow”, and he did not want to close the browser window. I think we succeeded.

    About features

    Here we did not try to come up with a bicycle. We analyzed all the well-known “affiliate programs”, conducted surveys among affiliates, affiliate managers and owners of casinos about the pros and cons of various software with which they work. We listened to their wishes and, on the basis of all these data, formed a list of functions. Therefore, we believe that in functional terms, our product meets almost all the needs of the market and their players. Why practically? Because in the first release, we still could not implement all the functions. But there is a plan, and everything will appear in future releases. And besides, there are some more innovative own solutions that will increase profits and reduce costs for the casino and its partners.

    Development of games for the casino. Created the best erotic html5 slots on the market

    online casino software


    In parallel, we solved the issue with game content, of course there are a lot of problems with them. Casino games , this is a difficult technical and theoretical task. But slowly they got involved, and this question from the technical “how to” turned into a temporary the question “through how much”. We created a line of erotic slots, because there are practically none on the market, and what is causing tears when you look at their quality. So we can safely say that at least in the market for producing erotic html5 slots we are the leaders, the number one among all suppliers of software for online casinos.

    From above you can see our creation, as well as go to the “Game Room” in the menu and play them.

    About the prospects of most online casinos. About Flash and HTML5 games

    online casino software


    But back to the prospects of most online casinos, let’s talk about FLASH technology and HTML5. Why is this issue crucial?

    The answer to it is trivially simple: Adobe will stop supporting its Flash technology and Flash Player in 2020. Browsers now, by default in the settings, block Flash on sites. In 2019, most browsers will also refuse to use this technology. Well, by 2020 there will not be a single browser where you could launch a slot or other game written on a flash.

    If you now look at what technology most games are written, then you will be surprised, but this is Flash. And the reason for this is simple, with this technology writing games is much easier than creating HTML5 slots . A simple desire to fool around, do less work, create a lower quality product and lead such companies to collapse. We understand this, because we always calculate several steps ahead than our colleagues.

    Most of the current online casinos and software game providers in a year, two will simply close. Since not only morally, but also technically become obsolete and will not be able to accept players and provide services to them.

    And the acquisition of cheap “boxed” solutions for opening online casinos, the cost of which ranges from $ 500 to $ 2,000, and with which the entire Internet is clogged. It will turn into a fiasco for their customers, namely: the loss of investment, money spent on advertising and promotion of the casino, time and effort. Should an entrepreneur make a choice in favor of cheapness taking into account such risks? We think the answer is obvious, both to you and to us.

    Flash games and smartphones, tablets, mobile phones

    We add the fact that Flash games do not work, do not open on smartphones, tablets, mobile phones. And now about 40% of all bets are carried out precisely from mobile devices. Therefore, choosing software for online casinos powered by Flash technology, of course, a negligent businessman will pay less at the beginning of his journey, but will lose much more in the future. As they say, avaricious pays twice.

    That is why we create html5 games, albeit more difficult, even longer, but the game is worth the candle. A confident online casino owner using our products and developments is our regular client, nothing supernatural, this is the norm, and not an exception to the rule, as is often the case in online gambling.

    online casino software

    Functionality of our html5 slots

    Of course, functionality plays a big role, so every little thing needs to be noted. We carefully studied the market, interviewed operators, and came up with a list of the necessary functions that we implemented in our game product:


    • Free spins

    • Bonus games

    • Bonus accounting

    • Jackpots

    • Multicurrency and Cryptocurrency solutions. 287 fiat and electronic types of currency have already been added, and this is not the limit =)

    • Bid Size Denomination

    • API Integration

    • Mobile game interface

    • Convenient statistics and analytics

    The following brands are available:


    • Novomatic Deluxe

    • Playtech

    • Igrosoft

    • B2bSlots Erotic

    • NetEnt

    The amount of our game content is growing and increasing every week. In doing so, we create our games “integrable”. This means that any online casino, bookmaker or anyone, if possible, its platform, can integrate our games to themselves via the API protocol.

    Therefore, the owners of the casino, with games on a flash, had a real chance to jump into a high-tech train and put our html5 slots in their institution. Thus, increasing the profit of the institution by at least 30%, simply due to mobile traffic. And at the same time, do not close in a year, two, and then continue to work.

    Owners of BC and other institutions that do not yet have slots will have the opportunity to introduce additional services for their customers. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the volume of sports betting occupies about 60% -70% of the market for the total money turnover in gambling. A casino is only 25% -30%, but at the same time, slots are the most profitable in online gambling. Their total profit from 25% -30% of the market exceeds the profit that bookmakers have with a market share of 60% -70%!

    About brains and maths in games and slots of online casinos

    online casino software


    What is the difference between a good slot (game) and a bad one?

    The layman will immediately say: “Качеством графики, от рисовки элементов, звукового сопровождения, есть ли бонусная игра или нет, креативным названием в конце, концов!”

    Why is this philistine, amateurish opinion? Everything is simple, it is human nature to notice precisely external attributes, which is why he lists them. They catch the eye, attract his attention, but the real magic is hidden from the eyes. Only experienced players in this field can see it.

    It is magic (math or brain slot) that makes players return to the casino again and again. If you recall, then many popular slots created many years ago, and inferior in quality to the external wrapper of modern games. But they continue to play in them, they love them, and all because they had originally excellent brains.

    Now you can find copies of popular games with terrible math, which makes players run from such online institutions. In fact, the player becomes one-time, and this simple calculation. When you have disgusting math and one-time players, you need to spend money on attracting each player who will never return in the future. In case you have a generous bonus system, good math and adequate RTP, the player will return by himself. That is, you do not spend money on bringing a new one-time player, but make a profit. Usually such games are sold together with cheap, boxed solutions, their math is simple and has a bank separation for all slots in a casino.

    Experienced players who are regular visitors to online casinos can sometimes determine for 20 spins whether the slot is good or bad. Bad math, math one-way fence. In a casino with such math, players do not linger, and the casino itself lives on and off, often being simply unprofitable.

    Knowing this, we threw all our efforts to solve this extremely important task for us.

    Sell your soul to the devil and create cool brains for games? Easy! It remains to find the Devil

    online casino software


    We are honestly lucky. Despite the fact that we searched hard and hard for a long time, I had to admit to myself that there were no specialists, and all who had seven locks. Further, gritting our teeth, we made a collective decision to look for another week, switch to other tasks. But, unexpectedly for all, on Friday, some guys appeared before the weekend. They said that they were engaged in the development of mathematics at PlayTech and are now ready to help us. And although we were wary of such statements, there are few scammers who want to win easy money. But after the first consultation, which was free, we realized that people understand their craft like a fish in water. It was them we were looking for, wizards, who would teach us magic and sorcery. Ultimately, the mat. Model for our games was developed taking into account many nuances. It took us a lot of time, but it was worth it.

    And only we thought that everything is just super, and it certainly cannot be better, as fate played a wonderful joke with us. A man who was related to the legendary Novomatic company came to us and offered his services as well as some developments. At the output, we got multifaceted magic-mathematical brains that are not inferior, and sometimes even surpass many brains of top brands.

    All this flew into a serious penny, but now we have about 250 mathematical models and their various combinations.

    Our math is a hybrid of weaving experience, novomatics and our own developments.

    Purpose: to create not just a platform, but a money-mining complex!

    online casino software


    We are constantly working to create and improve the world’s best online casino platform. Unique, fast and functional.

    We are developing this software for online casinos also on Framework React. About the features of this framework and why we chose it, for the implementation of our products, we wrote above.

    There is a lot of work now, we sweat like slaves in the galleys, tapping our fingers on the keyboard. It’s not enough just to write a platform, you need to constantly upgrade it with new chips, buns, maintain stable and reliable operation, which is very important. We want all our clients to be successful and earn a lot. Much more than the market average earned by other entrepreneurs who work on the software for our colleagues online casinos.

    The following are 2 types of design solutions:


    1. Volcano typical

    3. Misha is individual

    Both layouts will work on the same platform. You just have to choose a design solution.
    online casino software

    One of the most important tasks that will never be solved is the retention of players (returning players back to the casino). It is certainly one of the main goals of any online institution.

    We want to automate it as much as possible and not shift everything onto the shoulders of managers. The main focus in retention is still email newsletters. Very complex and subtle matter with many variables. We are not talking about the CRM system, the segmentation of players by deposits, payments and other parameters, as this is taken for granted.

    Creating a cool email retention with a few touches, automatic personalization and mailing based on what days and hours the player plays. In order to send him a letter of happiness with a special promotional offer on the most necessary day, hour and moment. Which, moreover, is generated from his desire, behavior and phase of the moon. Therefore, from which he cannot refuse, this is a good task that confronts us.

    Dream, set high goals and achieve them! Be like Yura, be the first!

    We say: “Dream, set high goals and achieve them!”. Only in this way can one become better and achieve the favor of others. We have many ideas, there are even more of them than stars in the sky! But we remember the rule, first the foundation, and only then the wallpaper =)

    online casino software

    To be the best is to do something better than anyone. For example, we create the best software for online casinos and are proud of it. What are you proud of? We hope that one day you will say: “I am proud that I chose you! Thank you for your cooperation!”. And we say: “And we are proud of clients like you!”

    Well, nothing, we are like Yuri Gagarin,
    We will overcome all hardships, difficulties and hardships,
    To one day be the first like you Yura …
    But only in our favorite gambling space.
    Perhaps the first online casino on Mars will be on our software =)



    And remember, in many countries it is forbidden to organize and conduct gambling via the Internet on their territory. Therefore, we recommend opening them where it is allowed, well, or at least not prohibited;)

    If suddenly, you want to buy a casino and are interested in our software, write to us!