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  • SoftSwiss-based DarkSlot Casino declares bankruptcy

    All slots are now unavailable on the DarkSlot online casino website. At first, managers explained that this was a temporary problem, but then it turned out that due to financial problems the management of the gaming establishment had decided to close the casino.

    Reasons for bankruptcy

    The main reasons for this decision were:

    • Many abusers and bonus-hunters played exclusively on bonuses and no-deposit, wagered them and simply withdrew their money.
    • SoftSwiss has blocked many users’ IP addresses. The provider has such a system that online casino owners are not able to change mirrors and IP addresses on their own, as these functions are the responsibility of SoftSwiss employees. For this reason, there are a lot of casinos that are still inaccessible in Russia, and no changes are expected in the near future. This has led to a dramatic drop in gaming traffic, as even older users cannot use the platform without a VPN.
    • Problems with deposit accounts (players cannot deposit from certain types of cards), which cause profits to drop significantly.
    • Large gamers’ skids, large fees from processing exchanges and other problems.

    Note that experts have been predicting the closure of smaller online casinos since the winter of 2018, but it was not yet clear which players would be the first to leave. The trend shows that there will be fewer and fewer small players, which is only to the benefit of the big casinos.

    SoftSwiss-based DarkSlot Casino declares bankruptcy

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