Panasonic パナソニック(旧サンヨー) ドアタイプ食器洗浄機 DW-DR64-12EA 業務用 業務用洗浄機

リサイクル 髪飾り 簪 べっ甲 櫛 和装 結婚式 和装小物 黄色系 特品★★★★ kkb0549b

★着用時期 通年

★シチュエーション カジュアル~フォーマル

★素材 べっ甲 天然石

1.棒大 長さ約28.5cm 幅約1.2cm
2.棒小 長さ約25.8cm 幅約1.2cm
3.櫛大 長さ約12.2cm 幅約3.6cm

★ランク A


★状態 細かい傷、塗装の剥がれが見られます。

検品:岩元 入力:川口

Although it is overseas shipping, goods over 3000 yen will be free shipping if SAL flights (up to 2 kg)

Some countries can not deliver by SAL flight

Caution (In the case of shipment of SAK flights, please also take a therapy as there are times when we ship out from the box with sizes etc.)

At that time it will be EMS but EMS flights will cost extra

SAL flight is to it takes 2 to 5 weeks to

deliver to you, but sometimes it can take 6 weeks.

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Kimonomtfuji has tracking function & security even in SAL flights

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If you prefer faster and safer delivery, we recommend EMS.

*** Additional charge will be charged for EMS ***

EMS is the fastest airmail with insurance.

Items are delivered approximate 3-6 days after shipping.

We strongly recommend the EMS shipping method, as it includes order tracking.

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Herb & Herb


【訳あり】 櫛 べっ甲 簪 髪飾り リサイクル 【中古】 和装 【着物ひととき】 kkb0549b 特品★★★★ 黄色系 和装小物 結婚式-髪飾り