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  • All about online casino business

    B2bslots specializes in software for online gambling sites. We are ready to offer a wide range of software products as well as project launching and support services. Whatever solution you choose, our specialists have the necessary professional skills and experience to implement it.

    The popularity and prospects of online gambling make many people ask themselves the question: how to make your own online casino? And the most attractive thing is that to open a casino online is quite realistic for every interested user, even if he has no experience in the gambling business.

    How to open a casino

    There are several ways to do this:

    • Custom online casino development.
    • Independent creation of a casino online.
    • Turnkey Casino Purchase.
    • Purchase White Lablel Casino Solution.
    • Franchise of a famous brand.
    • Purchase casino script.

    Choosing the best way for himself, the entrepreneur is guided by the following criteria:

    • the price of the question;
    • laboriousness and complexity of the process;
    • the duration of the development and launch process;
    • opportunities for further development and conditions of project support.

    B2bslots specialists will help you choose the best solution for starting your own gambling business taking into account your budget and experience. Whichever way you choose, we are ready to offer modern and effective solutions for fast start of online casino. We offer quality software and a wide range of project support services.

    All about online casino business

    Buy online casino

    All about online casino business

    Affordable and practical way to start your own gambling business – to buy an online casino. This method has a number of advantages:

    • saving the time required for custom development – you get a quick start;
    • relatively small start-up capital – ready-made solutions require less cost than the development or independent creation of an online gambling platform or opening a land-based casino;
    • the opportunity to choose a modern solution with extended functionality and additional development opportunities.

    B2bslots offers a ready-made casino. Our ready-made solution for your business is a complex of 4 independent software products, which are already fully integrated with each other and ready to launch. You can run your own online casino in 7 days, while our competitors consider launching similar projects in 3 months.

    Our software package includes:

    • gambling platform;
    • game software consisting of modern HTML5 slots;
    • multicurrency payment software (12+ popular and reliable payment services);
    • gambling affiliate.

    Casino Script

    Casino script is a set of basic code to ensure the functionality and operation of the casino online. Today there is an opportunity to buy casino scripts directly from the developers and download casino scripts for free on the web.

    Codes script is, in fact, the engine of the online casino. Making a choice, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

    • the release date of the scripts and the ability to update them;
    • integration capabilities with products from various manufacturers;
    • the choice of online casino script with an admin panel to have the best set of features and management capabilities;
    • Availability of instructions on integrating the scripts into the platform (in the case of a free download) or the developer’s offer of help with installation, configuration and launching (when purchasing a script).

    Do you want to quickly launch your own casino? Take advantage of our offer to buy Vulkan casino script. This is a reliable engine known, promoted brand, which allows you to minimize the cost of launching and promotion of your resource. Our experts will provide comprehensive assistance in launching and maintaining the project.

    Create a casino

    Topical question of modern gambling business: how to create an online casino? The standard scheme of the process aimed at opening an online casino is as follows:

    • drawing up a business plan (in some cases, its presence is a prerequisite for obtaining a gaming license);
    • creation of casino website (structure, design, etc.);
    • choosing a reliable hosting for smooth operation of the resource and choosing a memorable domain name;
    • determining the jurisdiction for obtaining a gaming license and the licensing procedure itself;
    • development or purchase of software for online casinos: platform + gaming software + payment software;
    • testing and launching the resource;
    • development of a marketing strategy and promotion in the network.

    Is it possible to create a casino without investing or minimizing costs? It is possible if you use our services. We offer ready-made solutions for every budget, and our games are connected for free.

    White Label Casino

    White Label casino is an effective solution for your business, allowing you to minimize your start-up costs. This solution includes, as standard:

    • platform with integrated gaming and payment software;
    • gambling license;
    • the possibility of creating an original unique design and your own brand;
    • extensive management capabilities and access to casino analysis tools;
    • the possibility of developing bonus programs, launching promotions, connecting partners, etc.

    The white label casino online solution implies that the developer takes over:

    • legal issues (obtaining a license, its renewal, etc.);
    • organizational issues and ensuring the smooth operation of the resource;
    • technical support;
    • ensuring the operation of the support service.

    The owner of the online casino is engaged in its promotion in the network, attracting traffic, working with the target audience.

    The price of white label solution is much lower than the turnkey casino, because it doesn’t include the cost of gambling license, tech support, etc. In this case, the payment of royalties to the owner of the software in the future will be higher than when you buy a turnkey casino.

    If you are interested in launching a gambling business under the White Label scheme, we are ready to offer the most favorable conditions and low prices.

    Casino software

    One of the most important components of online gambling is online casino software. Its quality will determine not only the reliability and smooth operation of the gambling site, but also its popularity, success and development opportunities.

    The modern user will not stay at a resource where the casino game software is represented by a small range of games, or low quality pictures. Modern software for online casinos is created using the latest technology, high-quality 3D-graphics.

    Important! Today, the leading developers of gambling games in their work focused on HTML5-technology. Games created using this technology are available to play with any mobile device. Popular earlier flash technology is not integrated with mobile devices and have become obsolete. Therefore, when choosing game software for your online casino, focus on HTML5-games, a wide range of which is presented on our website b2bslots.com. Here you will find games of our own production, as well as the development of leading manufacturers of software for online casinos.

    Payment systems for online casinos

    The goal of any casino is to make a profit. And, therefore, without the integration of payment systems on the platform to carry out financial transactions can’t do without it.

    We offer payment software both as a part of turnkey online casino solutions and as a separate software product. Our offer today includes 12+ payment services characterized by high reliability and enjoying wide popularity among web users.

    Our payment software is multicurrency. Client can choose the set of supported currencies according to the region of planned operation of the gambling site. More than 180 currencies are available, including cryptocurrencies.

    If you already have a casino with integrated payment systems, but you want to expand and optimize them, we are ready to offer our optimization and support services!

    Casino developers

    Do you want to ensure a quick start, successful development and high profitability? Choose carefully software developers for cooperation.

    Today casino developers offer a wide range of products and services – from turnkey casino development to custom development and individual software products. When making your choice, you should pay attention to the following:

    • the duration of the brand’s presence in the market;
    • a wide range of products and related services;
    • the availability of contact information on the official website of the developer and his willingness to make contact, the availability of feedback;
    • feedback from the company’s clients and the opportunity to learn about projects that have already been implemented.

    Our company not only offers a wide range of software products for online casinos and related services, but also has the lowest prices. The professionalism and experience of our team allowed us to optimize the cost of our services. Today we cooperate with the leading developers of gaming software and along with our own products we offer software from such brands as Novomatic Delux, NetEnt, Igrosoft, Playtech and others.

    Casino promotion

    Creating and running a casino is only the first step in running a gambling business. Even the highest quality resource will not be popular and profitable if no one knows about it. Therefore, no less important stage is the promotion and advancement of online casinos in the network.

    We recommend contacting our specialists to develop and implement a marketing promotion strategy. We offer the most favorable conditions and guarantee the result. Same independent promotion can be a long and unproductive.

    Contact us to start promotion before the launch of the resource. We will help you to start an advertising campaign in the network using Internet marketing tools, which will provide a large traffic in the early days of the site.

    Do you want to exclude expenses on casino promotion? We are ready to offer such solution – franchise of well-known brand, for example, Vulkan casino, will allow to avoid expenses on advertising and promotion and at the same time to have a stable high traffic of visitors.

    How to open a betting shop

    Another topical question: how to create a bookmaker’s office? This direction is popular and promising, which makes it attractive for business. Your step-by-step plan of action will look as follows:

    • getting a license for a bookmaker’s office;
    • registering a legal entity and obtaining a taxpayer number;
    • choosing and buying software for a bookmaker’s office.

    Do you want to make this procedure as fast and cheap as possible and minimize the risk of documentation errors? Turn to our services.

    Bookmaker office franchise

    The optimal option for a quick start of your business is to open a bookmaker’s office as a franchise. With a certain amount of start-up capital, you buy a fully ready-to-launch resource that meets all the requirements of legislation and modern online gambling.

    We will help you choose the best franchise option for you, taking into account the estimated budget costs. We also offer further support of the project.

    Bookmaker office franchise

    Do you want to buy a bookmaker’s office? We are ready to offer quality modern software. Our offer will ensure fast startup and reliability of the resource. Multicurrency payment services and a wide choice of available payment systems will ensure the comfort of your customers.

    The popularity of a bookmaker’s office largely depends on the quality of the software. Make use of our specialists’ services to ensure successful development of your business!

    Bookmaker's office scripts

    The right choice of a bookmaker’s office script is the key to the successful operation and development of the resource. When choosing, you should pay attention to the following:

    • Features of the user panel: editing the profile, registration, the ability to restore the password, the archive of transactions, etc.
    • Features admin panel: the ability to configure and manage the site, launch bonuses and promotions, user management and more.

    Having trouble choosing? Contact us for advice on choosing and assistance in launching a resource.

    Gambling license

    It is no secret that entrepreneurs, going into gambling business seriously and for a long time, are interested in the legality and legality of this type of activity. In order to legally engage in gambling business, opening online casinos or betting offices, you will need a license for gambling activities.

    You have two three ways to get a license.

    1. Going through the licensing procedure yourself. This is realistic, but time-consuming, lengthy and expensive way.

    Applying to the services of companies offering online licensing services, the number of which is growing every day. This solution is accompanied by a high risk of colliding with fraudsters, fly-by-night companies or simply unprofessionals. The result is loss of time, money, and no license.

    Applying to B2bslots services. We are ready to offer advisory services on the choice of jurisdiction, to assist in obtaining a license, as well as offer a ready-made online casino solution that includes a gaming license. In this case, we have the lowest prices and a guarantee of results.

    Organization of gambling business

    If your goal is a quick start, successful development, growth in popularity and high profitability, then trust the organization of your gambling business to professionals.

    Advantages of cooperation with B2bslots:

    • high professionalism of specialists;
    • experience and a lot of implemented successful projects;
    • a wide range of products and services;
    • quality assurance of the work performed;
    • prestige and reputation, confirmed by cooperation with the leading developers of game software and our customers;
    • lowest prices.
    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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