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  • Developing custom HTML5 slots for online casinos

    Creating a game slot is a multi-layered process that requires skills in programming, graphics, video graphics and animation. As a rule, for the programming part of the design, professionals need to be proficient in at least three programming languages. At the moment, the most relevant is the release of gaminators based on HTML5 – a standardised hypertext markup language that provides fast and stable slot operation on all available browsers.

    Why HTML5 gaminators are good for business

    In the past, slot games were designed entirely on the FLASH platform, but nowadays such online machines are considered obsolete. Steve Jobs once remarked that FLASH is no longer suitable for the needs of modern programming and modern users. This is why Apple products do not support FLASH-based applications.

    It’s not just a question of software feasibility – HTML5 slot games are more profitable for business:

    • with HTML5 devices use less battery power;
    • requires fewer resources on the memory side of the device;
    • HTML5 is supported on smartphones and other portable gadgets;
    • unlike FLASH, does not require constant updates and installation of additional software;
    • the cross-platform and cross-browser nature of HTML5 makes it possible to capture the most accessible target audience;
    • Variable image scaling thanks to SVG, the technology that comes with HTML5 by default;
    • is free and in the open source category – there is no charge for HTML5 as a platform;
    • HTML5 is a rapidly evolving technology that will remain relevant, thanks to the high demand in the gambling market and beyond.
    Developing a Custom Game

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    Developing unique slots based on HTML5

    When starting up your own new casino or renovating an existing one, it is important to compile a proper catalogue of slot machines. You can buy a ready-made product or order a bespoke one. And if in the first case, you get your own use of the gaminator, which can be found in most other gaming sites, in the second case, you become the rightful owner of a unique slot. At the moment, many people prefer the second option: the gambling market is growing rapidly and to attract additional customer traffic realistically, only by getting them interested in the new product.

    The process of creating a new gaminator begins with the wishes of the customer. Before ordering the project, decide on such nuances as:

    • preferred game mechanics (number of reels, type of playing field, scoring principle);
    • the theme and storyline – whether you want a simple fruit slot or something more elaborate;
    • graphic design – preferred colour scheme, animation, presence of video inserts, overall design;
    • the presence of any bonus extras: freespins, cumulative jackpot, bonus levels, etc.;
    • accompanying options: sound design, background music, etc.

    If it is difficult for the client to say, the development company can take care of everything. The specialists will think of everything, from the design to the game mechanics. As a rule, the visual and sound design of the slot uses melodies, colours and sounds selected on the basis of neurolinguistic programming – users will be happy to play as much as possible. The mathematics of the gaminator is thought out so that the customer gets a product with high volatility, and the now trending 3D animation will help attract that segment of users who choose gaminators based on appearance.

    Criteria for choosing a developer

    Each HTML5 slot development company has its own particular style, but the software component is always the same – the programming languages used are the same. HTML5 gaminators include components such as:

    • HTML is the basis for the structure of the entire page;
    • CSS – responsible for visual design;
    • JavaScript is the component that brings all the components into action.

    Going back to the issue of companies that create bespoke slots, it is worth noting that when choosing a developer, you should consider their working style. Some developers focus on clear and simple games, with a bright interface and minimal add-ons. Some companies are engaged in developing unusual or unusual gaminatorov, and some modulate the slots in the manner of interactive browser games. The optimum solution is to turn to those developers who can fulfil any order, from an original in its mechanics slot to a classic gaminator.

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