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  • Online casino support

    The launch of a turnkey online casino involves the development of a turnkey solution with the installation and configuration of the necessary functions. However, this is not enough for a new virtual institution to “shoot” and become successful in the gambling entertainment market, where there is huge competition. Therefore, the developers of the site offer casino support to the newly baked owner of the gaming site as part of a long-term cooperation.

    And here it is important to understand that without the participation of specialists it is difficult to independently cope with the promotion of an online casino. It is necessary to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of the work of various tools, conduct analytics, work with customer data, be aware of new trends in the gambling industry, etc. In addition to knowledge, it will take a lot of time. And where can I get it if the casino operator needs to perform many more different tasks?

    Therefore, attracting specialists to support a new or already operating casino is the right move, which allows you to save time, money and successfully develop the project.

    Types of support for an online casino

    Casino support may include the following aspects:

    • legal;
    • technical;
    • marketing.

    You can order an online casino maintenance service with one of the selected points or a package solution in order to receive comprehensive site maintenance.

    Marketing support provides for the promotion of online casinos using effective marketing tools.


    Today, SEO support is not only filling materials with key queries, but the complex use of various tools that will make search engines fall in love with your online casino. It is important to understand that the ranking of a site depends on many parameters, including things that are invisible to the player’s eye.

    Search engines have undergone changes in algorithms that require a new approach to SEO.

    We are ready to help you with the “stuffing” of the site and provide external support for your gambling site to build credibility and increase the visibility of the new brand from the first days of the casino launch. Against the backdrop of fierce competition, the loss of time will be “like death.”

    The first person to know about your site will not be a player, but a search engine with close attention to new sites. And our task is to do everything necessary for Google to appreciate your potential and offer the site to its users.

    Professional SEO support for the launch of the casino provides targeted traffic and a crazy conversion rate.

    Having extensive experience in SEO promotion, the specialists of our company quickly navigate new algorithms and know what needs to be done to speed up the ranking process and actively move towards the top from the first days of launch. Our recommendations will help you attract the first, immediately high-quality traffic with high conversion.

    Casino SEO support includes several stages.

    Niche analysis

    At this stage, we study the product and the complexity of the chosen market, make inquiries about your main competitors, take into account their shortcomings and study the advantages. We use the collected information to develop a casino promotion strategy.

    Collecting the semantic core

    Knowing what a potential casino player is looking for, we will determine the most profitable keywords for which the online casino will start ranking from the first days, and develop a site structure that is user-friendly and attractive to the search engine.

    Thanks to the participation of specialists in the promotion of your casino, already at the start you will be able to assess the prospects of your business project, taking into account the complexity of the niche in the selected region.

    In addition to SEO, there are other online gambling marketing tools that you can use on your own, receiving consulting support from our specialists as part of the casino support service.

    Продвижение онлайн-казино в соцсетях

    Promotion in social networks

    The strategy involves communicating with potential customers directly on the Internet. To do this, you need to create accounts in every well-known social network in order to keep in touch with your audience and attract new players and significantly increase brand awareness.

    CRM optimization

    Implementation and customization of a customer needs research system requires the participation of specialists. Using such a tool, the operator will be able to identify new areas of growth and effectively reorganize the work of the site.

    The customer relationship management (CRM) system opens up the following possibilities:

    • automation of the process of communication with users;
    • obtaining important data about players;
    • high-speed processing of requests from gamers to increase their level of involvement;
    • control over the work of employees.

    By collecting and studying the information, you can discover new ways to improve the gambling site.

    affiliate marketing

    This marketing tool involves buying traffic from certain portals.

    The process of cooperation with an affiliate is multi-stage and includes:

    Search by the casino owner of portals that are interesting for his target audience;
    Agreement between the parties on the type of cooperation (pay per click, hybrid, etc.);
    Placing special articles or banners on your websites to attract potential customers to the casino.

    Searching for affiliate programs requires a significant amount of time, which you can save if you contact our company for support and maintenance. We will offer you popular affiliate programs with favorable conditions.

    When choosing a partner, you need to take into account a large number of factors, including the quality of the affiliate resource and the willingness to work for results. The attracted gaming traffic should significantly accelerate the development of your gambling project.


    This marketing tool allows you to share information about the gambling platform. For the site and groups in social networks, you can use different menu options.

    Compiling such a tape has its own subtleties and nuances, with which we will gladly share with you and help you implement this tool on your online casino site.

    Casino Support

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!
    To apply

    Original casino promotion strategies

    The industry is updated annually with new strategies that adapt to the requirements and preferences of the audience.

    The most promising marketing tools for promoting online casinos in 2024 are:

    • bonuses for registering an account;
    • reward for replenishing your account;
    • free spins on specially selected or sponsored slot machines;
    • separate ways of promotion for regular customers;
    • tables of leading players by session duration, maximum bets and winnings, etc.;
    • holding tournaments with special requirements for participation, taking into account the skill level of gamers;
    • loyalty programs for the most active and “old-timers”.

    To use the above tools, you will need the help of our team of experts, who will help with consulting and practical support to put these marketing strategies into practice.

    Benefits of marketing support

    For successful business in any field, including online gambling, marketing and advertising are an integral part. As practice shows, it is thanks to marketing that it is possible to increase the efficiency and profit of the company.

    The main task of marketing is long-term planning of the activities of a virtual institution, forecasting, monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation of tasks, taking into account all possible risks for the company.

    As part of casino marketing support, our company’s specialists provide a range of services, ranging from market research, obtaining information about the target audience, to the direct implementation of advertising and marketing activities using effective tools.

    Technical support

    Operators of newly launched and already operating casinos turn to us for assistance in technical support of the project for various reasons: the need to expand the functionality, introduce new marketing tools, configure various options, install new slots, etc.

    Technical support ensures the smooth operation of the entire structure of the online casino, including the work of support, payment systems, and fast loading of games. This is extremely important for players who want to spend their time playing gambling entertainment comfortably and without technical problems. And for the casino

    Every page of your online casino will generate traffic.

    The player is looking for an online casino not only to play for money. He is interested in some specific slots, payment systems, bonuses.

    If you apply ours on the structure and content of the site, you will see that every innovation can bring a player.

    Cooperating with us, you will have at your disposal a site technically ready for promotion.

    After analyzing competitors, having studied your goals, we will determine which pages should be priority for indexing, redistribute the internal link weight, and think over a functionally justified page structure.

    Your online casino will load as quickly as possible on all devices, bringing random users into the category of permanent ones.

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