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  • Turnkey poker room

    oker, a card game with a century of history, is experiencing a real boom with the advent of the Internet. Now everyone who loves gambling entertainment can try their luck in a mini-tournament at any time of the day using a phone or a computer with a network connection.

    Many poker fans dream of creating their own poker room to make money on the excitement of players. Let’s find out how to do it, and how difficult is it?

    Features of the business model in online poker

    The earnings of the organizers of the poker room consists of a fee (rake) for the game, which each participant contributes. It can be a fixed amount or a small percentage of the bank. Note that with a large number of hands, the amount is quite decent.

    The task of the room owner is to attract as many players as possible and keep them in the game. If a visitor visits the site every day and spends several hours playing cards, then he will pay several hundred dollars a month for the rake alone. Such a client can be considered almost ideal.

    With frequent losses, the loss of money on the rake becomes very noticeable for the player. And in order not to lose a client, the organizers of the poker room use the so-called rakeback, which provides for the return of part of the rake.

    The amount of rakeback can vary from a few percent to several tens. In addition, this amount may depend on various activities:

    • the number and duration of games (per day, per week and per month),
    • ratio of wins and losses,
    • player experience on the site and so on.

    For a poker site, rakeback is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Rake and rakeback have a direct impact on both casino income and player satisfaction.

    For participation in tournaments, players pay a separate tournament fee, which can reach up to 10% of the bank.

    How To Make A Poker Room

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    Competition in the poker business

    How To Make A Poker Room

    Get ready for the fact that your new site will not be easy to compete with such monsters as PokerStars, Full Tilt, 888 or Bet365 in a huge competition. These companies have everything: fame, authority, long history, huge advertising budgets, all possible analytics about the state and development of the market. And what can make players leave from there for a new project?

    In fact, there are the following options:

    • work in some local market, which has not yet been “chosen” by large companies;
    • search for access to a large audience;
    • work with a certain technology (VR, Blockchain, Bitcoin);
    • own vision of an ideal poker room, and understanding how to interest a certain segment of the audience.

    In any case, the desire to create a poker room should not be abandoned.

    Promotion of the online poker room

    For the successful operation of the poker room and attracting players, it is necessary to constantly promote the resource. As a resource promotion tool, you can use interesting content, for example, about the features of playing poker, winning strategies, tips for beginners and other topics.

    Distribution of content can be done through social networks. In addition, the same content can be used to drive traffic from search engines (SEO), as well as create videos and even podcasts based on it.

    As for contextual advertising, the situation here is somewhat more complicated, because it is not always possible to promote poker in Google Adwords or Facebook using advertising. To do this, you definitely need to obtain a gambling license, which applies to the countries where you plan to show contextual advertising ads. Otherwise, you will be blocked by an advertising campaign.

    In poker, the personal qualities of the player, his ability to quickly analyze the situation and make informed decisions are of great importance. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who call themselves masters of this game regularly appear in the field of poker.

    Some of them regularly stream on platforms like Twitch.tv. And if they really show a good game or interestingly comment on their actions, then their audience begins to increase rapidly. Interestingly, many people like to watch poker players, just as tens of thousands of spectators gather in computer games and eSports matches.

    It is recommended that you can (and should!) buy ads from such streamers, place referral links to your site from them. It is best if such a presenter will play on your site while simultaneously commenting on his actions to the audience. Usually, streamers agree to such offers, especially since the advertiser pays all the costs.

    Getting a Poker License

    Opening a poker room is associated with the need to obtain a license. However, in some countries, such as the United States, this will be very difficult to do and at a very high cost. You can really get around this problem if you use the licenses of countries in offshore zones, which are

    • Grenada;
    • Antigua;
    • Costa Rica;
    • Panama and others.

    In the absence of a license, there may be difficulties with accepting funds from players, buying advertising (online and offline) and paying taxes.


    How To Make A Poker Room

    To create your own poker room, you will need specialized software and a significant financial investment in marketing.

    Benefits of creating a turnkey poker room

    Now, when we have considered all the moments of opening your own poker room, you need to carefully evaluate your ability to independently create a resource. It requires knowledge, experience, time.

    However, you have the opportunity to go the other way and order a turnkey poker room from b2bslots. Specialists will take care of all stages, including assistance in obtaining a license, setting up functionality, technical support, promotion and other types of assistance!

    By trusting professionals, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product with effective user acquisition tools that will help you count on occupying your niche in this market!


    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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