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  • What is a social casino?

    The active development of the gambling industry contributes to the emergence of new areas, including social casinos.

    This product is presented to users in the form of an application or a website that allows everyone to play roulette, video poker, slot machines, blackjack and other popular games.

    Benefits of a social casino

    Социальные игры

    This type of gaming, which combines the possibilities of video games and online gambling, owes its appearance to the huge popularity of social networks.

    The main feature is that the social casino offers games designed solely for entertainment purposes without cash bets and receiving winnings, and also gives the opportunity to interact with other players, as in online games.

    In addition, the social casino has other advantages:

    • accessibility for people who love gambling but cannot play online casinos for various reasons, including personal circumstances or religious beliefs;
    • no risk of losing money;
    • the opportunity to spend leisure time in a joint game with friends;
    • offer more variety of games;
    • the availability of a social casino without reference to place and time;
    • the opportunity to gain experience in games and the ability to build their strategies.

    Despite the fact that there are no bets and winnings in social games, players are still not left without prizes that can be received in the form of spins, extra moves and other bonuses.

    There are games in which you need to watch ads in order to receive a reward. That is, when you turn on a full-fledged video or in the application, banner and contextual advertising will periodically appear.

    Plays Social Casino: Players engage in social casinos for various reasons, from seeking entertainment to connecting with friends. The allure of social interaction coupled with gaming makes social casinos a preferred choice for many individuals who enjoy the thrill of casino-style games without the financial risks associated with traditional gambling.

    Social Casino App: The advent of social casino apps has made accessing these platforms even more convenient. With just a few taps on their mobile devices, users can download social casino apps and dive into a world of virtual gaming and social interaction. These apps often come equipped with user-friendly interfaces, a wide selection of games, and seamless connectivity features, enhancing the overall user experience.

    Social Casino Legalities: While social casinos do not involve real money gambling, they still operate within a legal framework. Regulatory bodies may impose restrictions on aspects such as age verification, advertising practices, and the use of virtual currency. Compliance with these legal requirements is essential for social casino operators to maintain a trustworthy and legally sound platform for their users.

    Virtual Currency: One of the defining features of social casinos is the use of virtual currency. This virtual currency, such as coins or chips, serves as the medium of exchange within the gaming platform. Players receive an initial allotment of virtual currency upon joining and can earn more through gameplay or optional in-app purchases. This virtual economy adds an element of progression and rewards to the gaming experience, enhancing player engagement and retention.

    By seamlessly blending gaming and social interaction, social casinos have carved out a unique niche in the gaming industry, offering players a safe, entertaining, and socially engaging alternative to traditional online casinos.

    What Are Social Casino Games?

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    Where and how can you find social games?

    Социальное казино

    Since most applications are fully adapted to all mobile devices, therefore, depending on the operating system of the gadget, you can download them from the App Store or Play Store.

    In addition, users were able to play social games even on Facebook on their computer.

    How can social casinos make money on free games?

    Despite free games and no wagering, social casinos are among the most profitable. And here a reasonable question arises: where does the income come from? The secret lies in the pay-to-win or freemium model, on the basis of which they make a profit.

    The bottom line is that by offering users free games, they gently encourage people to spend real money by offering additional entertainment.

    In most cases, the main source of income for developers is in-app purchases by users.

    In order to access more entertainment, players spend a small amount of money by purchasing additional virtual chip packages, gifts for friends, and the like.

    And besides this, social games often offer to watch promotional videos in exchange for receiving rewards or bonuses.

    White Label is another way for developers to make money. The developer who created the game leaves it open for branding, and any company can buy or rent the product at will.

    What attracts users to social games

    It is understandable that avid gamblers with extensive experience in gambling may look at social casinos as something frivolous. However, for people who are gambling, but not experienced in real money games and newcomers to gambling, social casinos are quite a suitable option. Here you can hone your skills in practice, for example, in games such as blackjack or poker. This experience will definitely come in handy if a person decides to play online or offline casinos for money.

    In addition, social casino players are aware that gambling requires a responsible attitude so that their favorite hobby does not turn into a harmful addiction with negative consequences.

    Interesting! The fact that social gaming has become popular became clear when the game Fortnite hosted an in-game concert by rapper Travis Scott.

    Users enjoyed watching the performance of the artist on the virtual stage live. A special atmosphere was created by surreal visual effects accompanying the performance. And the 12.3 million viewers that this concert brought together became a confirmation that people are looking not only for entertainment, but also for social interaction.

    Social Game Creators: Who Are They?

    We’ve rounded up the top 3 social game developers we’d like to introduce you to so you can make a choice if you want to join this trend.

    Kama Games провайдер


    The publisher and developer of social mobile poker from Europe is one of the fastest growing independent operators in the world. Founded in 2010, the company now has offices in Dublin and Douglas.

    Despite the fact that Pokerist Texas Poker’s flagship game was released in 2010, it still dominates the App Store and Google Play Store today. Other popular developer games include: Roulettist, Blackjackist, Baccarist, Omaha, Video Poker.


    This digital entertainment company is located in Israel. It specializes in the development and publishing of mobile casino games. Created in 2010, the company took its place in the list of “pioneers” that offered a huge army of users first free social games on social networks, and a little later on mobile platforms.

    Today, Playtika offices are located in 19 cities in Europe, Ukraine, and the USA, which indicates the availability of the company’s products for a wide range of target audiences.

    The portfolio of gaming content created by Playtika offers hidden object games, slots, poker, puzzles, and more. Among the most popular are the following products: Caesars Slots, June’s Journey, Slotomania, WSOP.

    Murka Games провайдер

    Murka Games

    Founded in 2009 in Ukraine, the international development company Murka has offices located in Kyiv, Dnipro and Limassol.

    Over 12 years of successful activity in the market, the developer has managed to earn a reputation as a fast-growing company with a large portfolio, including casual games and entertainment for social casinos.

    Murka offers games like Infinity Slots, Scatter Hold’em Poker, Solitaire Play, Slots Era, and more.


    Features of tournaments in social casinos

    Social games are played by users who wish to test their luck in free slots tournaments. However, social tournaments are held monthly abroad, for example, Social Tournaments, with their own prize fund.

    Participants are not required to deposit money or register. All competitions are divided into seasons, before each of which a special preparation is carried out in order to “warm up” the interest of users.

    This is interesting

    • 50% of the audience of social slots are women, while in online casinos they are less (40%).
    • On average, every day a gamer spends at least 1 hour in a social casino;
    • More than 50% of social network users play social games, but 85% of all participants are owners of mobile gadgets.

    What we don't know about social casino?

    Depending on the theme and plot, social games can be divided into the following categories: arcades, building objects, quests, cards and slots.

    Now we come to the most interesting. According to the developers of such games, their concept is strikingly different from other types of online gambling. That is, in a social casino, gamers play only for the sake of participating in competitions and sweepstakes, obtaining achievements, parsing the plot and defeating opponents. While gamblers in online casinos often pursue the goal of receiving a monetary reward.

    At the same time, the creators of the social casino do not say out loud that their audience spends a lot of money on developing their characters, buying game currency and entering the stages closed in the free format. We don’t want to make this point as a drawback, but we want to highlight it as a feature that users should be aware of.

    Confirmed data show that in 2017, the average US social gaming player spent about $550 per month on entertainment, which far exceeds spending at online casinos. And even more amazing is that social casinos are 20 times more traffic than traditional gambling resources! And this despite the fact that it is impossible to win real money in any social slot.

    It should be noted that in social slots RNG can give results in the range of 75-125% (in land-based slot machines, this figure is 75-90%), causing the gamer to feel that they go through the rounds faster without much effort.

    Practice shows that more than 50% of social casino players subsequently switch to a paid basis, being drawn into the gaming process. After the experience gained in the social casino, they are ready to make money bets to get into the standings, leave the opponent behind, or rather gain access to inaccessible rounds.

    This behavior of the players can be explained by the following factors:

    • long storyline;
    • variety of rounds;
    • the ability to choose a playable character;
    • receiving daily bonuses, tournaments;
    • receiving awards for achievements, including participation in tournaments;
    • providing bonuses for referrals;
    • the ability to share your achievements through social networks or in the game;
      conditional free mode.

    In addition, free social casinos resort to bribing players with the help of such “lures” in the form of VIP accounts, game chips, character lives, unavailable rounds, exclusive avatars and unique features for the hero.

    The free game can last no more than 30 minutes. If during this time the player has spent resources, but at the same time has not received satisfaction from gambling excitement, he has a natural desire to prolong the pleasure, but for money. The system works in such a way that just at this moment the participant receives messages about new features, individual bonuses, creation of gaming locations or avatars, which often turn out to be paid.


    Social and traditional casinos can offer a wide range of interesting products, among which everyone can choose the right option for themselves. If the user is not ready to risk money, then you should choose a social casino, and if you are ready to try your luck to hit the jackpot, then welcome to the online casino!

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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