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  • Bitcoin Casino

    A new trend in modern online gambling – bitcoin casinos. More and more often the owners of online gambling sites, in addition to the support of real world currencies, are turning to cryptocurrency solutions. And bitcoin, as one of the most popular virtual currencies today, takes the leading position here.

    How to open a bitcoin casino

    As bitcoin casinos have become a profitable area of gambling business, special software has also appeared on the market. A number of leading developers are ready to offer their clients high-quality cryptocurrency solutions. Our company B2bslots also offers software with cryptocurrency support.

    There are two ways to open a casino with an opportunity to bet on bitcoins.

    1. Buy bitcoin casino script and integrate it into your online casino site. Thus, players become available to bet not only in the usual currencies (a set of currencies depends on the region of the online site), but also in bitcoins.

    2. Buy bitcoin casino – full-fledged software and integrate it into a new, specially designed for this purpose site. As a result, you will get a bitcoin casino, transactions in which are carried out only in cryptocurrency.

    According to experts, both methods are absolutely working and promising. Cryptocurrency is a unique means of payment that has distinct advantages over other types of currencies. This becomes the factor that attracts visitors.

    Bitcoin Casino

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    Advantages of bitcoin casino

    We propose to take a closer look at the benefits of bitcoin casino to understand how it is better than our usual online venues:

    • Privacy. Disclosure of players’ personal data is completely excluded. Bitcoin betting provides absolute privacy, which is an important criterion for choosing a site for many players. Not all users would like to spread information about themselves and their winnings.
    • To bet on bitcoins you do not need to enter any personal information – only an email address and a code number.
    • No intermediaries for transactions. All transactions are made without intermediaries. All bitcoins are stored in a blockchain. Only the owner has access to the wallet. The money is completely safe, it cannot be blocked or seized either by fraudsters, or by any government services, or casinos.
    • Bets of less than $1 are available. In most conventional casinos, the minimum bet is $1. In bitcoin casinos, the bet can be much lower than this amount.
    • No commission for payments. Since there are no intermediaries and payments are made directly, there are no commissions.
    • The ability to make payments in any country in the world. Cryptocurrency is not regulated by any government or financial authorities. Therefore, a player will be able to bet on bitcoins in an online casino from any country in the world. Even if that country has a ban on online gambling, as in Russia, it is impossible to trace these bets and winnings. As a result, the player quietly enjoys the game and receives his winnings.
    • The advantages of bitcoin casinos are obvious, and the reasons for their growing popularity become clear.

    Where to buy quality bitcoin casino software

    All of these advantages are valid under one main condition – quality software. That is why you have to be very careful when choosing a provider.

    Our company specializes in modern software for online gambling. One of our specializations is cryptocurrency solutions for online gambling sites. The cost of the project development can be paid in installments! Contact us and we will tell you in detail about our products, offers and benefits for you personally!


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