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  • Development of software for bookmakers

    A team of experienced developers of our company offers a service for the development of software for bookmakers. We will develop a live online sports betting web platform for you with live odds and many other features.

    Thanks to our development, your online casino customers will be able to place online bets in any sport.

    Our highly configurable system allows you to easily and conveniently manage your own language versions and sports of your choice, as well as create your own sets of odds.

    A dedicated expert sports betting platform will be a one-stop solution for everyone who wants to bet.

    When creating a software product, we always take into account the requirements of our customers so that the bookmaker software has wide functionality to solve the following tasks.

    • Seamless integration and flow control of sports betting data provided by the world’s leading providers in the relevant field.
    • Delivery of messages to individual users.
    • Using reliable third-party odds.
    • Convenient and intuitive betting apps.
    • Get a free demo and more.

    Why us?

    • Over eight years of successful activity in iGaming, we have managed to accumulate the necessary experience to create high-quality software for online bookmakers.
    • Our software allows you to bet on over 25 sports.
    • The betting market has 50 options with 450 bet types.
    • With our program, your clients can participate in over 50,000 live events per month.
    • The bookmaker software supports more than 10 languages and cooperation with more than 8 live betting providers.

    You can see examples of our work in our rich Portfolio.

    Sports Betting Software Development

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    Work for the future!

    Букмекерская контора

    Use GammaStack’s white label bookmaker software development solution to get your bookmaker up and running in no time! Why put off until tomorrow what can start generating income today!

    What is a white label bookmaker, you ask? We answer that this is a ready-made sports betting software that can be launched within a few weeks.

    Our team makes all the adjustments with the integration of additional software, so that the solution meets the style of your brand and your requirements. With our software product, you can quickly find your niche in a highly competitive environment and start scaling your business today!

    You have the opportunity to get the most advanced White Label solution today!

    Here you will find:

    • Various options for the most advanced bookmaker templates;
    • Sports betting software;
    • Special software for bookmakers;
    • White Label betting software.

    Choose your template right now!

    Our Software Benefits

    The simple architecture and multiple integrations will provide unrivaled performance.

    We will develop a world-class risk-free betting platform for you.

    With several perks offered by one bookmaker, you will have the opportunity to increase your profits with our zero revenue share policy.

    Convenient payment methods supported by the program increase engagement and trust, simplify and speed up the transaction.

    Risk management tools provide an opportunity to improve the quality of customer service and minimize risks to your business.

    We offer you betting solutions that are recognized all over the world.

    You get complete and robust software integration from some of the best third party solution providers.

    Key features you get with betting software development services

    In addition to the above functions, the program for the bookmaker includes a number of other features;

    • Coupon printing;
    • Player panel.
    • Rate management and monitoring tools;
    • Betting panel;
    • Admin panel;
    • agent system;
    • Customer Support;
    • User accounts;
    • Schedules;
    • Integration of cryptocurrency and fiat;
    • Fraud protection system;
    • Notifications;
    • Wide range of sports;
    • Betting Tips;
    • Current results.

    Non-sports and sports coverage offered by our bookmaker

    We offer the development of software for betting on the following sports:

    • Football;
    • Tennis;
    • American football;
    • Basketball;
    • Baseball;
    • Cricket;
    • Rugby;
    • Hockey;
    • Golf.

    In addition, thanks to our software, players can bet on:

    • Political events;
    • Celebrities;
    • Sports personalities, etc.
    • award ceremonies;
    • Cybersport;
    • the weather;
    • TV and News.

    Features of software development for sports betting

    The development process includes the following steps

    • Understanding the idea and needs of the customer;
    • Research, documentation and plan creation;
    • Creation of a roadmap and drawing;
    • Software design;
    • Betting software development;
    • Third party tools and software integrations;
    • Quality testing;
    • Deployment;
    • Marketing support.

    For more than 8 years, our company has been actively present in the industry and provides customers with first-class betting software development services.

    Our team of experts creates the most advanced, reliable and high-performing betting software solution in the shortest possible time and within different budgets.

    Certified and qualified professionals, experts in their field, develop software solutions using the latest technologies.

    Questions most often asked by our clients

    I want to purchase sports betting software with cryptocurrency support. Are you developing such solutions?

    Yes, the list of services we provide includes the development of software for betting shops that support both fiat and cryptocurrency.

    Do you provide a solution that supports modern betting methods?

    We provide a betting software solution that supports various modern betting options, including weather, politics, awards ceremony, TV hosts, etc.

    Does your bookmaker have an admin panel?

    Yes, there are three panels in the structure of the bookmaker software: administrator, bookmaker and player. Each of the panels above comes with numerous tools to simplify management.

    Can I order the development of a bookmaker in accordance with my vision?

    Yes! Our designers and developers are ready to help you realize your unique idea.

    What is the best way to proceed: to order software development for a bookmaker’s office or a white label solution for a bookmaker’s office?

    If you want to speed up your project launch process, we recommend opting for a white label solution. And if you have enough time and want a solution developed on your own terms and based on your ideas, then a custom solution is ideal for you.

    If you would like to know more information about our services, contact us today!

    We invite all interested parties to cooperate! We are sure that it will be mutually beneficial!

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