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  • Affiliate manager for the casino

    The rapid development of the Internet is accompanied not only by the emergence of new sites, applications, platforms, but also by the emergence of new Internet professions that we have not heard of until recently. Affiliate manager is one of the new professions. Let’s find out about the features of this specialty, its prospects, income and the opportunity to master the professional skills of an affiliate program manager.

    Affiliate manager: who is he?

    An affiliate manager is a specialist who works with affiliate programs. Its main task is to attract as much traffic as possible to the advertiser’s website by interacting with partner CPA networks and webmasters.

    An affiliate program is one of the tools for attracting traffic to the advertiser’s website. That’s how “partnership” works.

    • After the advertiser places an offer on a special website (CPA network), the webmaster selects the offer and connects to the affiliate network.
    • Next, the webmaster places on his site a referral link to the advertiser’s site.
    • Visitors entering the webmaster’s site follow this link to perform targeted actions: view content, purchase, install the application, and the webmaster receives a reward from the employer.

    The curator of the above processes is the affiliate manager, who helps to create maximum comfort in the interaction of both parties.

    Affiliate Manager for iGaming

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    Peculiarities of specialty affiliate manager

    Affiliate Manager for iGaming

    Note that not only affiliate managers work in CPA networks, but also support employees (they are also called support), however, each of them performs different tasks.

    Support is technical specialists who deal with technical issues during working hours, without delving into the work of the webmaster.

    Unlike support staff, the Affiliate Manager is more of a partner who assists in choosing and connecting an offer, monitors changes in the terms of the offer and warns the publisher about it. In addition, he tells the webmaster how to improve performance and earn more. A good affiliate manager should be competent in various issues, including statistics, offers, technical issues.

    Circle of professional duties

    An affiliate manager can be called a universal soldier who works with clients, deals with advertising, PR and layout. His work responsibilities include:

    • search for new partners;
    • assistance to existing partners;
    • development of a promotion strategy;
    • analysis of the campaign and the results of partners, suggestions for improvement;
    • determining the effectiveness of partners;
    • checking the quality of traffic from webmasters;
    • fraud tracking (cheating the system).

    Affiliate-manager works with CPA-networks – platforms where an advertiser and a webmaster meet. Such sites are Admitad and Adv.Cake. They enjoy the well-deserved trust of webmasters and advertisers in Russia and around the world.

    Affiliate Manager for iGaming

    What knowledge and skills should an affiliate program manager have?

    Given that employers place high demands on potential affiliate managers, an applicant for the position of affiliate program manager must meet the following requirements:

    • understand the principles of operation of CPA networks and affiliate programs;
    • understand the features of sources and different types of traffic;
    • speak English at a level not lower than Intermediate;
    • have analytical skills;
    • be proficient in Excel;
    • know the basics of management and online marketing (CPA, CPS, CPL, etc., traffic arbitrage);
    • be able to use tools to promote Internet projects and sales;
    • have the skills to work with Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics;
    • have experience working with affiliate programs as a webmaster.

    To work as an affiliate manager, which involves constant communication with people, it is important to be fluent in oral and written speech, be able to focus on customers and be stress-resistant.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

    Like any other profession, affiliate management has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the positives.


    • The new profession is in high demand in the online gambling industry, so good affiliate managers are in demand and are worth their weight in gold.
    • The profession will allow you to perform work duties not only in the office, but also remotely from anywhere in the world.
    • The affiliate manager has the opportunity to meet large and interesting projects on various topics, for which it will be necessary to develop unusual strategies. What will promote career growth.
    • With effort, in a year you can grow to a Senior Manager or even a Head of Department.


    Constantly performing the same actions can be called a disadvantage in the work of an affiliate manager, but there is room for creativity, original ideas and diversity.

    How much can an affiliate manager earn

    The starting salary of an affiliate program manager is approximately the same amount in Moscow and the regions, however, the upper salary limit in Moscow and the regions already has significant differences.

    Thanks to the remote format, you can choose a job in any region of the country, and with a good knowledge of English, there is every chance to enter the foreign market, where salaries are higher and there are more prospects.

    Where to find an affiliate manager job

    Affiliate Manager for iGaming

    Companies that want to receive additional traffic from the Internet and are ready to hire an individual for these needs.

    Affiliate managers are needed by online stores, services, online schools (for example, you can find vacancies from Foxford) and any online business.

    In addition, affiliate program managers are in demand in advertising agencies and CPA networks, mainly in the areas of gaming and finance.

    Career growth and prospects

    An affiliate manager has career opportunities from junior specialist to middle, senior, and then to team leader.

    The path from junior to senior can take about a year, provided that you put in the effort and work with high efficiency. Working at the level of a senior affiliate manager is different in that it adds training for newcomers, helping the team leader and supervising some processes.

    If desired, the profession of an affiliate manager can become a kind of springboard for entering Internet marketing and IT. Having gained experience in working as an affiliate program manager, over time, you can move to related areas and become a performance marketer, traffic manager, media buyer, or work directly with an advertiser.

    Along with the constant growth of the online advertising market, the emergence of new ways of advertising, the creation of new sites, the demand for affiliate managers is also increasing, with the prospect of further growth in the next few years.


    How to become an affiliate manager

    Since the profession of an affiliate manager is new, educational institutions are not yet involved in the training of such specialists. You can study foreign sources on your own, since affiliate marketing is well developed in the USA, and there is much more information about this activity than in Russia.

    The second option for obtaining professional knowledge is training in courses that we offer to take in our company.

    In the process of learning, you will learn how to attract traffic, understand the models of CPA networks (CPS, CPC, CPA and others), learn all the secrets of a successful affiliate manager.


    As you can see, an affiliate manager is a new, interesting modern profession that combines elements of marketing, advertising, PR and customer service. It has long-term prospects against the backdrop of an intensive transition of various types of businesses to the network, so traffic attraction specialists will be in demand in the market.

    Do you want to become an affiliate manager? Contact our company. We will give you the experience and knowledge that will bring you demand and high income!

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