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  • Casino support

    The formation of a positive brand image depends on a number of factors, the key of which is the technical support service. There is no doubt that low-level service will scare away gamers, and this will entail huge financial losses in the gambling business.

    The role of the support service in the casino

    Online casino support is directly related to marketing. It ensures effective communication with clients before and after registration and making the first deposit.

    It is known that when choosing a platform, many users first of all pay attention to the beautiful design and the presence of interesting games in the catalog. At the same time, support at the first meeting fades into the background, but when problems arise, often through the fault of the gamers themselves, then the memory of the support service immediately comes to mind.

    It is at such moments that the user comes to understand the importance of fast and good communication to solve the problem.

    Statistics show that one dissatisfied visitor tells another 9 users about his problem, but only 4% of dissatisfied ones complain directly to the operator. And only 5% of users share their positive experience. Simply put, one dissatisfied gamer “takes” many more potential customers than a loyal player brings in.

    Thus, the online casino support service, along with bonus features and the availability of unique slot machines, is an effective tool for retaining the audience.

    Customer Support at Online Casinos

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    Features of creating a support service

    Customer Support at Online Casinos

    First of all, the owner of a gambling site should decide on the type of support, whether it should be internal or external.

    Personnel outsourcing

    This option involves the involvement of an external team of specialists who must be well trained and trained people with high professional qualities.

    Operators must meet the following requirements.

    • Speak several languages, taking into account the characteristics of the resource and the target audience.
    • Understand all the intricacies of the gambling industry and many technical nuances. Most operators have a huge gaming experience, which completely removes the communication barrier between the operator and the client.
    • Be patient and flexible with different types of users.
    • Be able to provide clear instructions regarding brand policy and gaming platform features.

    The casino support service is often included in the service package when creating a turnkey gambling service. In this case, its work is carried out remotely, and most often from the developer’s office. The operator, in turn, pays a monthly service fee.

    There are many options on the market when, after the launch of the casino, the provider’s support operates on a free basis in the first months. This is necessarily reflected in the signed agreement between the customer and the developer.

    Own team

    Creating your own help desk staff has clear advantages, namely close relationships with the team and the ability to control the work of this unit. This contributes to the unity of the team in the work to achieve a common goal.

    However, on the other hand, an in-house support service can become a weak point in the company’s activities, especially in a young company with minimal work experience.

    When creating your own technical support, you will also have to organize additional office space, buy computer equipment and special software, and train staff.

    According to experts, already popular brands should create their own technical support, and it is better for new companies to outsource the function. In fact, all decisions are made individually and depend on the specifics of a particular Internet platform.

    Technical support in an online casino

    To organize a capable support, you need to carefully consider the following points.

    • Working hours. The ideal option is the round-the-clock mode, which provides access around the clock and seven days a week. This principle is applied in companies associated not only with iGaming, but also with retail, travel services, and the financial sector. As a rule, in addition to managers working in shifts: no more than 8 hours a day, there are also special employees who provide assistance to users in emergency situations.
    • Ways of communication. Contact information should contain e-mail, Skype, Telegram and a feedback form. However, some major portals add a mobile hotline number, which speeds up the search for the right specialist. The more communication channels the operator uses, the easier it will be for the client to contact the company.
    • Detailed FAQ. In the work of an online casino support, there are often situations when players ask for help due to ignorance of the basic rules and principles of the service. Employees then redirect applicants to pages that contain information about the platform’s policies and answers to frequently asked questions. Therefore, the task of the operator is to develop a detailed FAQ section, which will save time for gamers and operators in the future.
    • Personalization. It is desirable that the support service has several departments specializing in different categories of customers. For example, VIP-managers for big gamers who bring a decent profit to the service. In addition, it is also possible to provide employees in the state who will deal exclusively with financial issues, which include deposit / withdrawal of money, arbitration and other points.

    The main functions of the casino support

    Support staff are required to perform the following responsibilities.

    • Respond to customer inquiries via e-mail, Skype and other means of communication. At the same time, it is necessary to respond as quickly as possible, since it is the speed of response that plays a primary role in evaluating the work of the service.
    • Monitor site performance. Regular monitoring of the work of the resource makes it possible to prevent many problems of a technical nature. It is known that errors can occur due to unplanned failures or incorrect user actions. In the second case, the task of the support is to correctly point out the inaccuracies to the player and conduct a detailed briefing.
    • Verification. Despite the fact that a gamer may not provide personal data during registration on the site, however, when withdrawing funds, managers are required to carefully check the documents of all applicants.
    • Informing about new opportunities. It can be carried out through the long-awaited release of the slot, the announcement of the expansion of bonus programs, the holding of interesting tournaments and other marketing solutions.

    Many operators practice integrating special chatbots into the site structure in order to minimize the involvement of technical support.

    However, in practice, bots help to cope with a small set of problems, while a better service requires a personal manager.

    It is important to understand that an online casino is a complex and multifaceted organism, the maintenance of which cannot be entrusted to a chatbot.

    Customer Support at Online Casinos


    When creating an online casino, one should not underestimate the importance of technical support, since the retention of the target audience, and hence the income of your business, largely depends on the work of this service. Professionally created support will be the key to customer satisfaction.

    Online casino support is one of the priorities of our company, where you can order a comprehensive maintenance service for your gaming portal, turnkey solutions, author’s video slots, multi-level software.

    The online casino technical support service created by professionals is the key to successful operation and development of the portal.

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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