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  • Poker software

    If you are thinking about how to open a poker room, it is important to understand that the successful development of the project’s profitability directly depends on the software – poker software.

    And here a number of questions arise: How to choose software for poker? What to pay attention to? Let’s look at what characteristics a quality software (software) for a poker room should have.

    Investments in a poker room: is it worth it?

    To dispel your doubts, let’s say that the huge prevalence of poker in the world has become the reason for conducting research on the phenomenon of the attractiveness of this gambling card game.

    The results showed that poker serves as a kind of exercise for the brain, is a problem for analysis, which, in combination with the loss of random numbers, allows the player to distract from bad thoughts.

    As you can see, playing poker is not limited only to the desire to win, but also acts as a relaxing factor, saves from bad thoughts and activates hidden instincts: the desire to be a leader, natural greed, a sense of rivalry.

    Given the long history of poker and its inexhaustible popularity, we can safely call this gambling entertainment “immortal”, which will remain in demand as long as only one of its fans remains on the planet.

    Therefore, it’s great that developers create poker software that makes the game more and more complex, interesting and exciting.

    Poker Game Software Development
    Poker Game Software Development

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    What is a poker room

    The name of the poker room in translation from English, the concept of “poker room” in translation into Russian literally means “poker room”. This variant of the consonant name is also used today to refer to virtual rooms in which visitors can play with each other for play coins or real money.

    The source of income for the organizer of a poker room is a part of the funds lost by visitors, just like in a land-based casino. However, in addition to making a profit, he is responsible for security, data integrity and fair play. To fulfill all these requirements, you need high-quality poker software.

    Software versions for the poker room

    Since players connect to the poker room from a computer or mobile device, it is important that the poker software is distributed in three versions.

    • The web version provides access to the poker room from any device through a browser.
    • The desktop version involves installing the software on a computer. Often this version is used in Internet cafes or in land-based gambling halls. However, this option is also loved by some poker players who connect other programs to the PC in order to fully devote themselves to the game.
    • The mobile version of the poker room is, in fact, an application for devices running Android or iOS.

    It is important to understand that the more poker software distribution channels you have in your showroom, the more chances you have to expand your target audience by attracting new poker fans. And this is a weighty argument in order to pay attention to the advantages of multiplatform software.

    Features of the poker software

    Программы для покеррума

    High-quality, thoughtful poker software performs several important tasks:

    • Provides connection between players living in different parts of the world;
    • Deals a deck with random card drops;
    • Provides a high level of protection of the gambling room, personal data and money on the accounts of visitors from unauthorized access;
    • Creates an entertaining atmosphere and helps to earn money;
    • Guarantees fairness and transparency of the game;
    • Provides the owner with a complete overview of the state of the business.

    The software for poker rooms works on the basis of a random number generator (RNG), whose algorithm shuffles the cards in a deck. There are also software RNGs with a given code and hardware RNGs that use external physical phenomena such as noise, wind, vibration, etc. Note that using a hardware RNG is quite expensive. If you are just starting, most likely, this option is not suitable for you yet.

    A software RNG also costs a pretty penny, because behind a beautiful interface lie many months of work on writing code, testing and connecting additional conditions so that random numbers become truly random.

    C++, C#, Delphi, Java and some other programming languages are used to develop modern RNGs. Generators that have successfully passed the generator test are licensed and embedded in poker software. Important! It is impossible to open a poker room without an RNG, as operators can be held liable, including criminal ones.

    What should poker software look like?

    Софт для покер-рума

    Taking into account functional tasks, poker software should have the following characteristics.

    • High level of reliability and safety. These factors are perhaps the most important criterion, which cannot be verified before the incident. Hence the conclusion: choose and install only paid software from well-known, reputable developers.
    • game transparency. This criterion is important for gaining the trust of players, the loss of which can lead to losses in the gambling business. Therefore, poker software must provide clarity and accessibility of the game, a complete overview of the situation and the absence of questions from users.
    • RNG certification. Before buying, be sure to check the availability of certificates, licenses or other documents that confirm the quality of the random number generator.
      Cross-platform. As mentioned above, the poker room must be accessible from any device in order to ensure maximum audience coverage.
      Support for different languages and currencies.
    • Fast support. Here we are not talking about the work of employees, but about the functionality of the software, which helps the supports solve the problems of the players. It’s always nice when money issues can be resolved in a couple of minutes, so poker software should provide this opportunity.
    • An assortment of games. The word “poker” has long denoted not one game, but a whole kind of gambling card games, among which there are almost no differences between many, while others are radically different. When buying poker software, make sure that the software you choose supports the most popular games: Texas Holdem, Chinese Poker, Rapid Poker, Omaha, Lowball and others.

    Tournament support. For players, participation in tournaments is the most interesting event for players. The formats of poker tournaments can be different and differ from each other:

    • Regular – competitions held on a regular basis.
    • Heads-Up is a tournament with two participants.
    • Freerolls is a tournament with free entry.
    • Sit’n’Go is a competition that does not provide for time limits.
    • Satellites – a format in which you can win in the form of an invitation to a player in a tournament of a higher order.
    • Spins is a fast game with three players and a winning pool of random size.

    Who supplies poker software

    Given the large number of requirements for the quality of poker software, poker programs cannot be cheap. Therefore, in order not to miscalculate, we recommend purchasing software from major developers who are responsible for their product. You can read an overview of well-known poker software providers.


    The company, which has been successfully operating for more than 10 years, is actively conquering the markets of Asia and Europe. A feature of the software is a tip for the dealer. The software supports Caribbean Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Texas Hold’em.

    Vivo Gaming

    Vivo Gaming

    The developer specializes in creating software for live projects and provides excellent software for Caribbean poker with a live dealer.


    The software of this company, which supports 24 languages and is one of the most famous software producers in the world, has been installed by more than 120 online casinos and about 50 poker rooms. As they say, you don’t need much proof of high quality software.


    The company that develops software for playing poker with live dealers supports Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, and Blackjack.

    Of the features of the software, it is worth noting: the chat of players and dealers, up to 4 tables at the same time, manual shuffling of the deck.

    Evolution Gaming

    The company is one of the leaders in the poker room software market. The poker software of this developer supports simultaneous play on several tables, there is an option with VIP tables. The widest selection of offers, including poker.

    Before making a final decision on the purchase of poker software, you need to carefully study all the offers from “A” to “Z” in order to choose the best option for yourself, taking into account all criteria, including financial capabilities. If you find it difficult to cope with this task on your own, then see the next paragraph of our material.

    Where can I find quality poker software?

    If you find it difficult to choose high-quality poker software, contact b2bslots. We will be happy to act as your consultant, help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each software, provide legal support services to help beginner entrepreneurs in the gambling market when registering, developing and launching new gambling clubs. You can even order the creation of a turnkey poker room from us in order to get a completely ready-to-work business in the shortest possible time!

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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