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    B2bslots project was launched in 2017. Our specialization is software for online gambling. The choice of this direction was not accidental and pursues not only commercial goals. Our main goal is to contribute to the development and improvement of the online gambling industry.

    At first glance, the situation with online gambling looks quite healthy and attractive. The moment gambling has moved to the net, the owners of online casinos have been given great opportunities and perspectives for development.

    Opportunities and prospects of online gambling

    Let’s look at it objectively. The Internet is a place where a huge number of users are concentrated. And every year their number increases, covering more and more layers and categories of the population all over the world.

    This is facilitated primarily by advances in technology. Technology and mobile devices that provide access to the network are not only constantly improving, expanding their functionality, but also becoming cheaper. This makes them more affordable.

    The next important factor is the expansion of opportunities to use the network. Today, the Internet allows you to perform many operations without leaving your home or office – from shopping and ordering services to conducting financial transactions and working remotely.

    The result of such progress is an increase in the number of network users. It is no longer only the advanced youth and socially active categories of the population. The modern audience of the World Wide Web includes almost the entire able-bodied population. And all these users over 18 years old are the target audience of online gambling.

    Why do we say so confidently that the vast majority of users can become the target audience of online casinos? Because the entire history of humanity is very clearly demonstrates that, despite all scientific discoveries and technological advances human nature is unchanged.

    We are still subject to the same passions as thousands of years ago–love, faith, betrayal and war, mercy and cruelty. Man’s craving for gambling entertainment remains unchanged. This desire to feel the risk and the rush of adrenaline in the blood can push on various adventures. And against this background, gambling looks the most affordable and safe way to satisfy the desire to try your luck.

    Modern online gambling offers great opportunities for the development of gambling business.  Let’s highlight its main advantages:

    1. Economy at the start. To create a casino on the Internet, you do not need to have a large initial capital, as is implied in the opening of a traditional land-based casino.

    To open a land-based casino requires suitable premises, and the cost of renting, buying or building the facility. The next step – the purchase of equipment and its further maintenance and upkeep. Significant part of the costs will be utilities and wages of numerous staff. Subsequent maintenance of land-based casino is also penny-wise.

    That is why only very wealthy people can afford to open a land-based casino.

    The situation with online casinos is fundamentally different. The costs listed above are simply absent. The cost part is the creation of a casino website, hosting fees, getting a license and buying software for online casinos. The total amount of costs are many times less than when starting a land-based project. And if you turn to B2bslots services, you can minimize your expenses and ensure a quick start of your business.

    2. Accessibility for entrepreneurs with different experience. Another advantage of online gambling – experience in gambling business is not a prerequisite for the successful development and high profitability of the project. Open an online casino can almost any user. The main condition is a desire.

    Yes, it will be necessary to open a legal entity and obtain a license in order to operate legally. But in today’s environment, this process can be greatly simplified. Providers offer to buy online casino turnkey, fully ready to launch. Also available is the service of technical support of the project, in case you choose White Lablel casino solution provider takes care of organizational and legal issues as well.

    For beginners, it is a ready-made solution is the best option for launching your own gambling business. Such projects require relatively small costs, quickly pay for themselves and begin to bring a consistently high income, provided competent promotion and promotion, of course.

    3. Wide coverage of the target audience. We have already mentioned that all adult web users are a potential target audience for online casinos. The site is available at any time of the day and night from anywhere in the world if you have internet.

    This accessibility is decisive for players when choosing in favor of online gambling sites over land-based casinos. There is no need to spend time, effort and money on the way to the casino. The player can go to the site and enjoy his favorite game at a convenient time from home, office or even on the beach, if there is mobile Internet.

    And it doesn’t matter if you want to spend half an hour of your lunch break, time on the road, or come in all night and hope to hit the jackpot. The online casino site is always open for access and hospitably opens its “doors”, offering various bonuses and promotions along the way.

    Free access to casinos for avid gamblers is of particular relevance for residents of countries such as the Russian Federation. Russia has a gambling law that strictly regulates the organization of gambling. As of today, there are only a few zones where it is allowed to open a casino. And this applies only to land-based facilities.

    Agree that not every Russian can afford to visit such areas regularly. Where will the fans of gambling go then? Correct! They go to the expanses of the Internet. Therefore, the coverage of the target audience online gambling provides just huge.

    4. Development Prospects

    There is no need to worry that all the niches of online gambling have been long and reliably occupied. Today it is one of the most profitable and rapidly developing areas of business.

    The ground for broad development prospects is given by the following points:

    • the ever-increasing number of network users;
    • the development of technology that facilitates access to the network;
    • improvement of technologies of online casino software production, which brings the quality of online games to a new level.

    As a confirming example of the perspective development of online gambling we can take HTML5-technologies. Only 5 years ago the percentage of mobile betting was so small that online casino owners did not take them into consideration at all. It was hard to imagine that in a couple of years the situation would change, and high-quality functional mobile devices would literally flood the market.

    The possibility to play gambling games from mobile devices today is provided by HTML5-technology used to create gaming software. Flash games have become irretrievably obsolete, while they were the basis of most popular and promoted today gambling brands.

    That’s why casino owners are heavily engaged in the transition to HTML5-games. According to the forecasts of experts, sites that have not done so by 2022, simply collapse and cease to exist.

    And this is just the beginning. Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and who knows what else is in store for us in 2-3 years.

    Casino developers blog

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    The real situation in online gambling today

    Despite all the advantages and prospects that accompany the development of online gambling, the real situation for entrepreneurs is far from cloudless.

    Developers of software for online casinos absolutely unjustifiably create for first-time entrepreneurs literally enslaving working conditions. Prices for software are artificially inflated, the terms of cooperation are offered extremely unprofitable for customers, which does not allow online casino owners to fully develop and get a decent profit.

    What do such fees lead to? A young entrepreneur first becomes economically dependent on the software provider. Initially, he still hopes that he will be able to unwind, reach a break-even level, and then a profit, and begin to develop and expand his gambling business. But it is almost impossible to do this within the given limits.

    Then there are two options for the entrepreneur:

    1. Continue to “fight like a fish against ice,” work hard to attract traffic and try to get your business to at least some level of profitability. But the scheme laid down by oppressive terms of cooperation with providers simply does not allow for this. And after a while we see the collapse of this gambling site.
    2. After some time, realizing the futility of trying to earn honestly, the entrepreneur begins to cheat and defraud the players. In this he sees the only way to make a profit. Perhaps he even consoles himself that this is a temporary measure. But in fact, what happens is the following: the casino loses its reputation, the players go to other sites where the game is fair and transparent. After some time, we can observe an outcome similar to the previous option, namely the collapse and closure of the casino.

    Why does our company consider this situation abnormal and take a keen interest in these issues? We understand that a situation where the profit of some is built solely on the collapse and ruin of others, leads to the collapse of the entire sphere. It is a threat to the development of online gambling.

    Individual failures and the closure of an online casino is a natural process, as it is for any type of business. But when the process is put on stream and the entrepreneur simply has no opportunity to develop and build his business, it takes a threatening scale.

    In fact, it was the disagreement with the situation that led to the opening of our project B2bslots. The project was founded by a group of initiative people who are professionals in various spheres of online gambling. Among us there are specialists in software, digital marketing, web-development and so on.

    Our goal is to create the best software for online gambling and make it available for everyone. We are sure that online gambling business has a great development perspective and we are ready to do our best not to let this direction degrade!

    What we offer

    So, our company B2bslots is a supplier of online gambling software and related services. The notion of “online gambling software” is so capacious and multifaceted that newcomers will probably need to elaborate on it.

    To begin with, online casino software is not just gambling games, slots and applications. The standard online casino software includes:

    • gambling platform (engine) that ensures the operation and functionality of the resource;
    • game software – the very games and slots that are so attractive to fans of gambling entertainment;
    • payment software – a set of payment services that provide secure deposit/withdrawal of funds.

    B2bslots has gone further. We offer a turnkey solution of 4 complete, fully integrated and interconnected software products. Standard platform, gaming and payment software are complemented by gambling affiliate. Its presence will allow the casino owner to start effective cooperation with arbitrageurs and webmasters right away.

    The cost of the simplest basic set of software for online casinos on the market starts at $50,000, and can be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Our advantage – low prices and offer personal price! The range of software for our customers is from $0 to $15,000. The more experience you have in online gambling, the lower the asking price! You can contact our specialists right now to get your personalized software price.

    Our offer includes not only turnkey solutions for online gambling. We also offer a wide range of individual software products:

    • a large number of HTML5 games of our own production;
    • a range of game software from the world’s leading developers who are our partners;
    • free installation of their software;
    • installation and support of payment software – this is 12+ popular and reliable payment services that support more than 180 currencies, including cryptocurrencies;
    • partner programs;
    • selection and installation of the casino script, including the Vulkan casino script;
    • launch of projects under franchises of famous brands and White Lablel casinos;
    • and more.

    We cooperate with both beginners and experienced online casino owners. If you are just starting your gambling business, we will provide you with professional advice, we’ll find the best set of software and offer support services.

    If you already have an online casino resource, you can contact us to optimize and improve it. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a personalized price for the best modern products. With us, your development prospects will take real shape!

    You can take a look at the complete list of current offers on our website. Want to know more or have questions? Get in touch with our specialists. You can do this directly on the website, via Skype or Telegram.

    For those who want to work with us, we offer a unique solution – become a B2B agent of our company and earn money together with us! We are looking for partners to expand our business.

    Our contacts:

    Phone: 8(863)621-32-61

    Email: partners@b2bslosts.com

    Schedule of Work: 24/7

    Purposes of this blog

    You may be wondering, “What is the purpose of this blog? We decided to create it in order to cover topics related to online gambling in as accessible a form as possible.

    Materials prepared by our specialists will be posted here. The main criterion for their preparation – information content and usefulness.

    Materials will be a variety of subjects. Both beginners and experienced owners of online resources will find useful information. We work with customers of different categories of training and experience, so we perfectly understand the needs of each of them.

    We will tell you everything you need to know to run a successful gambling business! Stay in touch with us!

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