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  • Romanian gambling license

    The history of the formation of attitudes towards the gambling business in Romania spans three decades. During this time, the state issued and edited several significant bills, each of which introduced new procedures for regulating gambling activities.

    The National Gambling Authority (ONJN) is the main body responsible for gambling activities in Romania, including the authorization of operators wishing to access the Romanian market, as well as monitoring compliance with the rules of local players.

    The current legal framework for online gambling in Romania is governed by the provisions in force since May 2015 after amending the outdated legislation. Thus, the Romanian space was brought into line with the requirements of the European Commission.

    Gambling in Romania

    The list of types of gambling allowed in Romania includes:

    • ground wagers,
    • rates,
    • slot machines,
    • sweepstakes,
    • poker,
    • roulettes,
    • bingo,
    • black Jack,
    • online gambling (Internet rooms), as well as all of the above types of games online.

    However, each subgroup requires separate licensing.

    Gambling License in Romania

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    To apply

    Types of licenses for opening a casino in Romania

    Gambling License in Romania

    There are three classes of licenses in the country, as well as a number of permits within certain classes for different types of gambling.

    Class 1 license and related permissions. These documents must be received by B2C operators in order to be able to offer gambling services on the Romanian market, regardless of whether it is offline or online gambling.

    Class 2 license. Must be obtained by B2B providers operating in the gambling industry and supplying products/services to B2C operators licensed in Romania.

    The list of B2B providers that need to obtain a class 2 license includes:

    • Manufacturers, distributors and other organizations that operate using game tools or game components. However, this type of Class 2 license is for the terrestrial sector;
    • Software vendors;
    • Providers of platform management and hosting services;
    • Streaming online casino providers;
    • Certification laboratories, auditors and bodies for evaluating the compliance of games with the necessary standards;
    • Payment systems;
    • Marketing affiliates.

    Class 3 license. According to the law, this type of license is granted to the Romanian National Lottery, which is a legal monopoly in organizing all types of lotteries.

    Requirements for opening a land-based casino

    To open an offline casino in Romania, a number of special requirements must be met. According to the current regulations, a land-based casino must have at least 10 gambling tables, of which 4 are reserved for roulette.

    The casino must have a separate entrance, regardless of the location of the institution. The gambling room must comply with all operational standards, including a rest room for employees, the availability of a toilet, all communications, and so on.

    Obtaining a license for a casino in Romania provides for the mandatory verification of a physical office for compliance with fire and sanitary standards.

    The presence of a separate license for each slot machine inside the gambling establishment is one of the requirements stipulated by the state policy of Romania regarding the gambling market.

    The technical documentation for the gaming machine must contain information on the frequency of its inspection for malfunctions. Slots installed in a virtual casino must undergo an audit procedure and update the RNG certificate at regular intervals.

    The process of obtaining a license for a slot machine in Romania is quite simple. The validity period of the certificate is 3 years, and the renewal of the license is carried out automatically after paying the commission.

    The set of requirements for opening a casino also includes the age of the slot owner, who must be at least 23 years old. Important: he should not be in the public service.

    Under the ban is the issuance of a certificate for slots to a person with a criminal record.

    In Romania, it is forbidden to install machines near objects of culture, medicine, monuments, and so on.

    Placement of slots in cafes and shops is allowed only on condition that the gaming hall has a separate entrance.

    Bingo licenses

    This type of gambling in Romania has its own regulations. Thus, the jurisdiction of Romania prohibits bingo in parks and recreation areas, and the physical office must be located at a distance of at least 30 meters from residential buildings.

    Obtaining a bingo license in Romania provides for the possibility of betting in foreign currency, but only on the condition that there is an additional permit issued by a local bank.

    In case of violation of the law, a penalty is imposed in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 500 thousand to 10 million lei.

    Online gambling licenses

    Лицензия на казино в Румынии

    Activities in the gambling market in Romania require licensing and authorization. To apply for an online license and permit, the applicant must meet several technical and operational requirements.

    Below we list the requirements that are of particular importance.

    1. Localization. The operator’s main server must be located in Romania or another EU or EEA member state, or in Switzerland. If the main server is located outside of Romania, secure and mirror servers must be installed in the country.
    2. Use of Class 2 Licensees. Remote gambling operators are only permitted to offer products and services from B2B providers holding a Class 2 license.

    The mandatory Class 2 license requirement applies to software development, platform management, payment processing, or certification.

    1. Any operator applying for an online license must have a gambling system certificate (software and platform included in the scope of certification) issued by a specialized company holding a class 2 license.

    Betting License

    Given that when accepting bets and wagers, the outcome does not depend on the RNG or software, such establishments are also required to comply with the requirements for electronics. That is, it is mandatory to have video surveillance cameras that will help in resolving disputes. At the same time, surveillance should be carried out not only in the hall, but also in the cashier’s room. The record must be kept for at least 10 days. Black and white recording format is prohibited.

    In accordance with the requirements, the owners and employees of the bookmaker cannot participate in disputes and gamble even through intermediaries.

    You can get a betting license in Romania by ordering the “legal support for obtaining a license” service from our company. We have detailed data on all the details and regulations regarding gambling requirements, which will help you avoid offenses and additional liability.

    Responsibility for violations in the conduct of gambling business in Romania

    The absence of a license or its delay is an offense that entails a penalty in the form of an administrative fine. Its size can vary from 500 thousand to 10 million Romanian lei, depending on the type of gambling.

    In Romania, there are quite stringent requirements prescribed by the government for the registration and conduct of gambling activities.

    The validity period of all gambling licenses is from 1 to 5 years, depending on the game. They necessarily require repeated checks and timely renewal of certificates upon expiration.

    After obtaining a license, it must be placed on the site (online games) or in a place visible to visitors (in land-based casinos).

    In order not to waste time on obtaining any of these licenses on our own, we are ready to assist you and take on this task! Contact us for all the details. We are sure that our cooperation will be productive for both parties!

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