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  • Design development of an online casino

    The successful operation of an online casino depends on a large number of factors, including design. The design of an online casino is the visiting card of the institution, on which the first impression of the user depends. Against the backdrop of fierce competition in the field of gambling, new sites are emerging.

    Successful design is the key to casino success

    The first thing a visitor does when entering an online casino site is to draw attention to the interface, which should leave a pleasant impression. And here all the details are important.

    However, we are talking not only about the color scheme, but also about the convenience of the interface and the correct location of the site management buttons and menus.

    There are basic principles that must be observed in the visual design of a gambling site in order for the design of an online casino to meet the expectations and demands of gambling enthusiasts.

    How To Design Perfect Online Casino
    How To Design Perfect Online Casino

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    Basic rules for designing an online casino

    In order for the site to arouse interest among users, it is necessary to adhere to a number of recommendations when designing.

    • The design of an online casino will be more pleasant if you choose black or other dark colors for the background of the page.
    • The news page with the publication of the names of the winners and the size of their winnings is a good incentive for the activity of the players.
    • The first page of the site should contain a list of available games.
    • The registration button should be as accessible as possible for use, and the account creation procedure itself should be simple and fast.
    • Promotion offers should also be listed on the start page.
    • For casino design, it is recommended to use red, black, green, black or blue shades.
    • Site navigation should be intuitive and easy to find games.
    • For pictures and icons, choose the same size.

    Nobody argues that every owner of an online casino has his own views on the design of an online institution. However, the more of the above recommendations are taken into account when designing the site, the higher the chances that this playground will interest users and make them want to come back here more than once.

    Correct color gamut and brightness

    For a comfortable stay of the user on the site, when creating a design, it is necessary to achieve a pleasant combination of different shades in the design of each page so that they look harmonious.

    All colors, especially bright ones, must be used in moderation so that users do not get tired of their eyes while on the site.

    It is important to remember that too colorful online casino design can be an annoying factor for some potential customers. However, the excessive pallor of the site will definitely not play into the hands of the owners of the gambling establishment. Obviously, the inexpressive design of an online casino will attract little attention and seem uninteresting even before the player wants to understand its functionality. When creating a design solution, you need to find the “golden mean” and choose the right combination of tones so that gamblers also have a desire to stay on the site as long as possible.

    The main page should be bright, but not intrusive. It is important to understand that there are significant differences between the specifics of land-based casinos and online establishments. If in the first case, the use of bright and flashing backlights is welcomed to attract the attention of customers, then in an online establishment, such a solution, on the contrary, can only alienate some gamblers.

    Online casino logo

    Choosing a logo is one of the components of a brand’s success. A good logo should evoke positive emotions in customers and confidence in the possibility of success and winning.

    In the inscriptions for the logo, it is better to use not printed letters, but a beautiful and elegant cursive, which gives the logo aesthetics and attractiveness.

    It is recommended to combine beautiful inscriptions and pictures that carry a certain load:

    • be associated with the name of the online establishment;
    • symbolize success or luxury;
    • fuel the desire to try to win at the casino.

    At the same time, the logo should not be too complicated, understandable for reading and remembering.

    The best option is to use the minimum number of elements indicated on the logo.

    Now minimalism is a trend, and most of the resources have simple logos, which are filled with deep subtext, mystery and meaning. Moreover, even twenty years later, such a logo will remain relevant and appropriate. That is why before you start designing your logo, it is recommended to study the solutions of competitors and gain inspiration.

    Interface Features

    How To Design Perfect Online Casino

    It is clear that the visual design of an online casino is not enough to retain the user. If a person came to the site and was attracted by the design, he will further begin to understand how convenient, understandable and functional the interface is.

    At this stage, the functionality of the site, the convenient location of the menu and other important options that should be in the visual access of the visitor come to the fore.

    First of all, the interface of a successful casino must be intuitive, so that the players who come to the site, have a good time and have fun, are not disappointed in the long search for the necessary functions, sections, games and other components. It is unlikely that anyone wants to spend time looking for the right features. All the main sections of the menu, popular games and registration buttons, search for games using filters, should be clearly visible and not get lost among the general information.

    It is recommended to place the main sections and search filters at the top of the screen. The main task is to ensure that a new user, upon first entering the site, can find what interests him in a few clicks, otherwise, he will simply close the page and go to another site. An unsuccessful interface can do a disservice by losing interest in the site.

    Please note that all important buttons that push the player to certain actions, such as replenishing an account or registering, must necessarily have a backlight in order to immediately fall into the visitor’s field of vision.

    Other Signs of Good Design

    In addition to a bright picture on the first page, the design must meet the following requirements.

    It is desirable that the games are divided into sections so that the player can easily find the desired slot machine. The section with bonuses and promotions should be placed in plain sight so that players can quickly learn about the benefits of online casinos.

    It is also better to place logos of payment systems in a conspicuous place and make them quite noticeable.

    Whom to entrust the development of design?

    And now we have come to the most important thing, who should be entrusted with the development of online casino design. If you are a web designer yourself or have the skills in this business, then you can take on the job yourself or use the power of the Bootstrap website, which is one of the most effective tools for creating excellent website design. This is a front-end environment used in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which allows you to develop various tables, forms, buttons and insert the necessary plugins, improving site navigation as a whole.

    By using Bootstrap, you get these benefits:

    • flexible interface that is configurable for desktop, mobile and tablet platforms;
    • this technology was the first to support mobile devices;
    • support for all browsers;
    • simple navigation.

    Bootstrap is one of the most popular and versatile web design solutions. You can try different options to see the benefits and create your own platform customization formula.

    And if you are far from it, then you have only one option to contact our company and order a turnkey online casino development service.

    Having the necessary stock of knowledge and practical skills, the company’s specialists know how to cope with a difficult task and perform it with the best result so that the client is satisfied with our work and the level of service.

    In modern web design, there are no limits for creative flight and the embodiment of the most daring ideas.

    And if the capabilities of developers can be limited only by their own skills and knowledge, then the very idea of ​​embodiing this or that picture is absolutely free from any framework. It is thanks to this opportunity and the creativity of our developers that they create colorful, stylish and modern online casinos with unique designs.

    According to experts, design development for gambling resources today occupies a certain share in the market. Among the large number of proposals, it is important to choose a reliable company that guarantees the high quality of the finished product.

    Only a casino from a developer with a good reputation and rating can become successful and profitable.

    When creating an online casino design to order, we first discuss all the details with the client, take into account all his wishes, and then get to work.

    We, as experienced developers, advise the client on the best options for implementing a number of functionalities: player data security, money transfers, site navigation. Our webmasters know how to create online casino website pages that meet all the requirements and trends. We will develop for you a recognizable and well-read logo that will become the hallmark of your establishment and will meet every user.

    The main idea of creating an online casino design is to make a virtual establishment competitive in the tough gambling market, to find its niche among a large number of gambling sites. All the subtleties and nuances of creating a design can be observed by an experienced developer, whose portfolio includes successfully implemented projects that have become successful and profitable for their owners.

    Trust professional design developers, and be sure that we will not let you down!

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