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  • Mobile casino marketing

    Against the backdrop of high competition in the gambling industry, the success of a business largely determines the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. I must say that the level of modern technology has turned commercial promotion into a complex multi-tasking procedure.

    And if land-based casinos can still attract players by conservative methods, then online resources are simply forced to constantly find and implement new creative ones to increase and retain customers.


    What is mobile marketing and its importance in the gambling industry

    Мобильный маркетинг в казино

    Mobile marketing refers to any advertising activity using various digital channels aimed at attracting and retaining owners of personal devices.

    According to experts, in 2024 mobile marketing will be one of the leading methods of online casino promotion. The basis for such forecasts is the GSMA data, according to which the total number of mobile users in the world is 5.27 billion people, and this number will be increased by another 700 million in the next four years.

    Based on this, we can say that the increase in the consumption of digital content is an excellent opportunity for online casino operators to use this factor to significantly expand the target audience and improve the quality of interaction with loyal customers.

    Key facts in favor of mobile marketing

    The spread of mobile marketing in the field of gambling is explained by strong arguments /

    • Users are known to spend 89% of their time on mobile apps, making personal devices the dominant means of communication;
    • Thanks to interaction with the target audience through a smartphone, the time of purchase of the offered goods and services is accelerated by 20%;
    • As practice shows, 50% of mobile gadget users make instant purchases directly from their device;
      91% of the digital audience are interested in purchasing a certain product/service after viewing the corresponding ad on their device;
    • According to statistics, 2/3 of customers choose providers that have an application or a mobile version of the site;
    • 40% of all transactions are made from portable devices;
    • 90.7% of digital traffic comes from smartphone owners.

    Statistical results provided by DataReportal showed that the likelihood of conversion is reduced if users are not comfortable interacting with the brand using a compact device.

    It is obvious that the level of attachment of people to personal gadgets is increasing every year, as a result of which mobile marketing is gradually becoming the most highly effective and global way to promote and retain the audience.

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    What tasks does mobile advertising perform in the field of iGaming

    From the above, the following conclusions can be drawn. Using in practice mobile marketing in online casino promotion, you can solve the following tasks:

    • increase the awareness of the gaming brand;
    • increase consumer loyalty;
    • attract new users;
    • keep active players;
    • improve customer experience from the first and subsequent visits to the site of slot machines;
    • increase confidence in the gambling service provider;
    • segment the audience with subsequent personalization of offers;
    • effectively interact with users based on geolocation data;
    • maintain constant feedback with an active audience.

    Types of effective digital promotion in 2024

    Виды digital-продвижения казино в 2024

    There are many mobile advertising tactics suitable for use in the field of gambling. When choosing a strategy, the client segment, niche specialization and the operator’s budget are taken into account.

    We’ve rounded up the most effective mobile marketing options in 2024.

    Downloadable apps

    With the help of this tool, the gambling operator gets the opportunity to embed advertising directly into the design of the application.

    The most striking example is the advertising design of a downloadable Facebook product.

    Advertising within the game

    This method of mobile marketing involves the appearance of advertisements while playing on a personal gadget, from the moment the slot is first launched.

    In-game advertising can be used in different ways: in the form of full-length videos, pop-up banners, ads that are displayed during the loading of a new machine or between rounds.

    QR codes

    A tool in the form of two-dimensional pixel images that are scanned by the camera of a personal device, ensure that the client is redirected to a related site.

    An external resource may contain additional information about the product, game rules, ratings of participants, etc.

    Mobile banners

    Mobile banners are created by analogy with advertisements for PC, but only in a reduced size, which allows the user to comfortably view information on the gadget screen.

    bluetooth marketing

    In casino promotion marketing, this tool is used to send personalized ads and offers to user devices.

    As a rule, these actions are purposeful and they are aimed at a permanent, loyal audience.

    Voice advertising

    The marketing tool is a comprehensive solution that includes the use of automated call algorithms.

    A feature of voice advertising is the complete freedom of action of a potential client, who independently decides to listen to the ad in full or interrupt the call.

    Mobile promotion advantages

    Преимущества мобильного продвижения казино

    With a competent digital promotion strategy, casino operators and sports betting providers are guaranteed to receive the following benefits.

    • Improving relevance scores. This is achieved due to the fact that the use of mobile advertising tools makes it possible to maximally adjust the range of offers to the preferences of the target audience. The formation of the strategy is based on the use of highly effective feedback channels and advanced algorithms that evaluate the history of previous purchases and behavioral reactions of the gambler.
    • Possibility of convenient interaction at any time. Mobile marketing provides a constant connection with the client without reference to time and place. In addition, the interactivity of personal devices, combined with the global expansion of Internet coverage, makes it possible to quickly respond to every appearance of a gambler on the Web.
    • The financial benefit of the program. As practice shows, in most cases, mobile marketing is several times cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. So, according to the company SMS DAR, the price for a message in WhatsApp starts from only 0.03 euros.
    • Increased coverage. Along with the annual increase in the number of smartphone owners, there is an automatic increase in potential customers with whom you can effectively interact using digital services.
    • Opportunity potential. Mobile marketing, which is already showing record-breaking performance, has excellent prospects for development in the long term. Moreover, by competently combining different methods, you can achieve even greater success in significantly expanding the pool of loyal gamblers and quickly promoting the service in new markets.
    • Virality. Now in the world the number of users of social networks has reached 3.78 million people, which is 48% of the total population of the planet. And since mobile content is easiest to share on social networks, such “word of mouth” will work to attract new gamblers and increase brand awareness.

    Ways to improve the effectiveness of mobile advertising casino

    The team of our company has prepared several tips that will greatly improve the results of promotion.

    Conduct analytics

    To track the progress of a marketing campaign, you should use special analytical platforms that can be used to solve the following tasks:

    • study user reactions;
    • predict behavior;
    • improve methods of attracting new customers;
    • analyze the requests and preferences of the active core of users.

    The rejection of analytical tools will result in a distortion of the overall picture of the progress of the advertising campaign, as well as a large-scale loss of conversion.

    Use Tools to Increase Engagement

    The results of various studies have shown that the increase in the saturation of the digital space makes the process of retaining the target audience more and more difficult.

    To achieve an increase in engagement rates, we recommend using non-standard solutions with different interaction mechanics:

    • videos that offer rewards for viewing;
    • interactive banners that respond to finger hover;
    • advertising that allows you to test the game without installing it.

    The above features always attract users.

    Make a mobile version of the casino website

    The presence of a mobile version of the site or downloadable application not only improves the quality of interaction with the audience, but also increases the indexing of pages in search engines.

    Note that one of the most practical and convenient options for adapting a casino website for smartphone owners is Progressive Web Apps technology.

    It allows you to download a virtual resource to a personal device with one click.

    Work with push notifications

    These are short messages that are sent to subscribers, and the client himself decides to voluntarily view these notifications.

    With the help of such services, you can return the user to the site that he has already visited, and do this more efficiently than other types of mass mailings.


    The development of the gambling industry requires the introduction of new tools for casino promotion. Mobile marketing is one of such effective ways that will make a virtual establishment popular, recognizable, visited.

    In our studio, you can learn more about the most effective strategies for promoting gambling projects, order the development of unique slots and purchase ready-made solutions.

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