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  • Online Casino Loyalty Program

    All gambling projects need high-quality and well-thought-out promotion, which is necessary for successful operation in a market with huge competition. For this purpose, casino operators use various marketing tools, however, many of them underestimate the advertising opportunities of the industry. We will talk about the loyalty program, which is a relevant tool in any marketing campaign.

    What is Loyalty Program?

    Программа лояльности онлайн-казино

    The loyalty program is a special bonus system, thanks to which the clients of a gambling establishment receive various privileges and valuable prizes.

    By participating in the bonus program, gamblers can expect to receive the following benefits:

    • special points to be exchanged for money;
    • Various prizes;
    • coupons;
    • personal bonuses in certain slots, card games.

    Note that loyalty programs are widely practiced not only by land-based casinos, but also by their virtual counterparts.

    The presence of a loyalty program is considered a sign of the high status of the casino, and this must be remembered by operators who do not attach due importance to this promotion tool.

    All loyalty programs have a common pattern. That is, the more often the games and the larger the bets, the larger the reward will be.

    Online Casino Loyalty Programs

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    Tiered Loyalty Schemes

    The program can consist of several levels, which can be indicated by certain symbols, for example, flowers, precious metals, stones.

    In addition, the loyalty program provides for the following statuses for players: “Beginner”, “Amateur”, “Experienced”, “Master”, “Professional”.

    When moving to the next level, the gambler receives more bonuses and privileges. As a rule, the status of a player is determined depending on the total amount of bets for a specific period of time.

    Each online casino has its own scheme for accumulating points. Most often, the institution gives players additional points for replenishing the account, the amount spent, daily bets or playing on certain days. For example, for replenishment of the account on Friday from 12:00 to 16:00 the casino awards 3 points.

    Some gaming clubs open the 1st level for the player immediately after registering an account and making a deposit. To move to the next level of the loyalty program, you need to spin the reels in slots 50 or 100 times, play at the casino for at least 1 month, invite a friend, etc. Among the many options for accumulating VIP points, a gambler can choose the one that suits him.

    Scheme of accrual of bonus points in loyalty programs

    Начисление бонусов в программе лояльности

    Depending on the type of gambling entertainment, bonus points in loyalty programs are awarded according to the following scheme.

    • Video slots. All points are awarded in proportion to the amount of bets. That is, the larger the player’s cash bet, the more points he will receive to his account.
    • Board games. Here, to calculate points, a special coefficient is used in the form of the sum of average bets and the amount of time spent at the gaming table;
    • Poker. In most gambling establishments, poker is played by accruing additional points for each hour of play.

    With the transition to a new level, gifts become more generous and varied.



    Types of Online Casino Loyalty Programs

    Each casino may, at its discretion, reward its regular users using the following types of loyalty programs:

    • accrual of loyalty points;
    • cash back;
    • program for VIP status;
    • additional missions and races.

    Benefits of the loyalty program for players

    To become a member of the online casino loyalty program, you need to register on the site, replenish your account and start playing for money. Usually the program is activated automatically. Here we see how this tool in practice acts to attract new customers.

    Everyone loves to receive gifts and prizes from the institution, so gamblers willingly become participants in such programs.

    Compared to other bonus promotions, the loyalty program has a number of advantages that are attractive for both experienced players and beginners.

    • Prize points (points) are awarded in almost all slot machines;
    • The player receives points regardless of the outcome of the game. That is, the calculation of points takes into account the size of the bet, and not the amount of win / loss. Therefore, even if the gambler loses several times in a row, he will still receive the coveted points;
    • As a rule, accrued points do not expire or freeze. They can be accumulated for several months to be exchanged for money or earn a new VIP status;
    • The higher the status of a gambler, the more profitable the exchange rate of points for prizes and money;
    • High statuses of the online casino loyalty program allow you to receive additional prizes. For example, free spins, lottery tickets, etc.;
    • Members of VIP programs will be able to play slots and roulette on more favorable terms. For example, with a smaller wager for wagering.

    Features of the loyalty program

    If you are going to implement a loyalty program in your casino, you can order the development of such a project or use a ready-made solution that our company can offer you.

    A special system for accruing special points to players is connected automatically for each registered player, saving the player from self-activation.

    As part of the program, each player for making a real money bet is awarded loyalty points or comp points. The accrual rate depends on a number of factors, including the viability and financial capabilities of the casino. For example, it can be 1 point for 500 rubles of a bet, regardless of whether this bet was a winner or a loser. For the loyalty program, the very fact of having a paid bet is important, so that the player can earn points even without winning anything, but having the opportunity to then exchange these points for valuable prizes in the online casino itself.

    What to Consider When Creating a Loyalty Program

    When introducing a loyalty system, it is necessary that it contains important points that determine its attractiveness for players and effectiveness for the casino operator.

    • The number of games in which points are awarded must be limited. As a rule, these are only slots. However, in roulette, poker or blackjack, points may not be given at all or credited in a reduced amount. It is necessary that this item should be described in the rules of the program
    • Reward points must be fireproof and accumulated on a separate player account so that the gambler can play safely, earning bonuses.
    • The exchange of points must take place at a certain rate.

    The system of statuses deserves a separate discussion, which must be provided for in the framework of the loyalty program in the casino. They can have different names: Beginner, Experienced, Pro, Master or other names (Silver, Gold, Platinum). This point is important from a marketing point of view. It will be interesting for the player to stay in the game longer in order to move from one level to another to get a high status.

    In the struggle to achieve the goal, players are active in order to accumulate as many points as possible and favorable conditions.

    It is desirable if the loyalty program of your casino provides special privileges for the highest status. For example, in the form of a reduced rate for earning points or a reduced wager to win back the bonuses received.

    Separately, it is worth noting that in many online casinos there is a VIP status, which provides the player with the best privileges and benefits:

    • low wager or its complete absence when receiving bonuses, increased cashback
    • minimum exchange rate of points for money,
    • regular prizes and much more.

    To obtain this status, the player must actively participate in the loyalty program. It is also a good marketing ploy to attract and retain players. It is known that when choosing an online casino, many gamblers prefer establishments with a loyalty program, where VIP status is provided.

    As practice shows, the loyalty program is a good motivation for any online casino player who wants to play for a long time, is ready to place bets and plans to get the most out of the establishment.

    This means that he will carefully study the bonus grid and choose the ones that suit him. Therefore, the casino loyalty program should be as attractive as possible for visitors and effective in promoting your establishment.

    Creating a Loyalty Program

    Before ordering the development of a loyalty program, you need to decide on the following parameters.

    • Determine the value of points. As a rule, 1 point is equal to 1 cent or 1 coin of the local currency.
    • Set return percentage. This indicator can vary within 3-10% of the gross gaming income and depends on the value of a particular gambler.
    • Choose a method for calculating bonuses. These can be points that the client then exchanges for cash or for prizes.
    • Think of group types. It is recommended to set 4-5 levels with unique conditions and calculate the approximate revenue. If your establishment is visited by many players with a modest budget, then create intermediate statuses for easy recognition of customers with small stakes.
    • Allocate a budget for additional offerings. It is important to clearly calculate how much you are willing to invest in gamers with the highest levels.


    The casino loyalty program is an effective tool for casino promotion. And if you haven’t used it yet, it’s time to take care of this issue, and our team will help you with this!

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