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  • Legal services for iGaming business

    In many countries, gambling is banned or controlled by the state. At the same time, the legal regulation of this business is distinguished by its strict features, which the owners in the field of gambling need to not only know, but also strictly observe all aspects of the legislation of this sphere.

    Our company offers a wide range of services to resolve legal issues at all stages of business, starting from escorting when buying a company to receiving a license for gambling.

    The client base of our company includes foreign investors, entrepreneurs who have already been released or only plan to implement projects in online mode.

    Our suggestions

    Our company offers a comprehensive decision on the complete legal support of the project, starting from preliminary counseling to launch and further support of the project.

    The following types of legal services can be ordered here:

    • escort in obtaining a license for the online gambling business;
    • representing interests when buying a company in the field of gambling business;
    • full legal support of transactions for the purchase and sale of the company;
    • compliance art in the field of gambling business, which provides not only to control compliance with the requirements, but the professional conduct of the current internal audit;
    • Assistance in registering a brand and opening bank accounts.

    You can get high -quality legal services of qualified lawyers according to the following aspects:

    • legal analysis;
    • Company registration;
    • transactions and M&A in the Igaming;
    • resolution of legal disputes;
    • opening accounts in banks and EMI;
    • development of legal decisions;
    • Tax planning.

    To offer our customers high -quality legal support, we have concluded long -term cooperation with the experimental law firm Igaming.

    Lawyers of the company with high responsibility and thoroughness approach the provision of services, including strict compliance with the terms and all points reflected in the cooperation agreement.

    We are ready to provide comprehensive legal assistance for your Igaming business, regardless of whether you are launching an Igaming company or planning to expand your brand for new markets.

    Legal services for iGaming business

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    To apply

    Legal support of the receipt of licenses for activities in the field of gambling

    For the legal and legal conduct of your gambling business in the jurisdiction you have chosen, you need to receive a gambling license.

    This process is quite complicated, requires knowledge of all subtleties and nuances, including the choice of jurisdiction, the correct paperwork and significant time costs. So that you can conduct the activities of your gambling business in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the country and make your business project stable, order a legal support service for obtaining a license in our company. Experts will take on the solution of all issues, and you can reduce the terms for receiving a permits and save your own time.

    Cooperation with our company gives customers a guarantee of high quality service for the provision of services in strictly set dates.

    Other solutions

    In addition, we help in solving the following issues:

    • We support IT companies.
    • We provide a full range of legal and consulting services in the field of IT law and information technology.

    Significant experience in the field of comprehensive support for the activities of Russian and international IT companies enables our specialists to ensure legal support at all stages of IT business.

    Their list includes:

    • Development of authorized documentation and registration of legal entities under the national legislation of the Russian Federation, taking into account the client’s business model (outsorting and outstuffing of the IT company, E-Business using Internet acquiring, SAAS);
    • registration of a brand and other intellectual property rights;
    • Preparation of business documentation (licensed agreements, service agreements, contracts for the development of websites, software and use of cloud technologies, Non-disclosure agreement, Terms of USE, Public Offer);
    • legal support of current activities (launch of IT infrastructure, contracts with customers and executors, labor contracts and contracts, agreements with banks and payment systems);
    • legal consulting on the use of cryptocurrencies;
    • financial consulting in the field of optimization of taxation of IT companies, creating an effective model of financial transactions;
    • Protection against illegal pressure of law enforcement and regulatory authorities, representation by Gracers’ interests of the client’s interests in the courts and state authorities.

    Advantages of cooperation with our company

    The provision of quality legal services is provided by the following factors:

    • rich practical experience of lawyers;
    • the presence of access to the corresponding compounds;
    • a deep understanding of industry laws;
    • the ability to conduct a legal assessment of the project;
    • the ability to make legal decisions for various jurisdictions;
    • search for solutions for online payments;
    • resolving issues related to virtual currencies.

    The availability of a wide range of legal services will help you make your business stable, successful, profitable, prosperous. The team of experienced lawyers is always ready to provide qualified assistance for the necessary operations in all basic jurisdictions. You can order a legal examination from us “from scratch to launch” and other decisions.

    Our customers have the opportunity to get a full -scale legal assessment of the use of any of our decisions in order to ensure a slight launch of their project. Cooperating with us, you get a universal legal decision at an affordable price!

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