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  • Online Bitcoin games in your casino

    According to experts, online Bitcoin games have a good chance of taking the lead in the future. Initially, the cryptocurrency was initially viewed with scepticism and mistrust by its mere existence. Today, cryptocurrencies are on a steady upward trend, and they are becoming more widespread and widely used. Cryptocurrency is an ideal option for the gambling industry.

    The benefits of online Bitcoin games

    What is the peculiarity and attractiveness of bitcoin? Cryptocurrency has no physical embodiment, as is typical for traditional money. It is a virtual code that is created and stored exclusively in the virtual format of the Internet.

    To be able to buy bitcoin, sell it or use it to pay for goods and services, the user must open a special electronic wallet. The seller of goods/services, in our case, the online casino operator, must also have a corresponding wallet.

    The key advantages of cryptocurrency:

    • privacy – Bitcoin wallet holders remain incognito;
    • complete privacy and security of monetary transactions;
    • as there is no issue of cryptocurrency outside the internet, there is no risk of crisis for bitcoin;
    • the complete absence of dependence on any governmental or financial system.

    Such a set of benefits could not have generated interest from the gambling industry. Reliability, security and anonymity are exactly the components that online casino visitors would like to see.

    Online Bitcoin games in your casino

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    The benefits of opening a bitcoin casino

    Today, all existing bitcoin casinos can be divided into two categories:

    • using bitcoin as an additional currency of settlement;
    • that only accept bets in cryptocurrency.

    This suggests that a low-cost, promising market can be accessed by existing market players. There is no need to create a bitcoin casino from scratch. It is possible to connect the appropriate payment software to your gaming platform.

    B2bslots offers a wide range of multi-currency and cryptocurrency solutions to its clients. The main advantages of cooperation with it include high professionalism of the company’s employees, provision of round-the-clock technical support and high-quality support, affordable cost of services.

    The advantages of bitcoin betting in online gambling:

    • Security and safety of funds. It is a well-known fact that a cryptocurrency wallet cannot be hacked. Funds in the wallet are available only to its owner. Security of casino and player’s funds is one hundred percent.
    • Absolute anonymity. All that is required for financial transactions involving cryptocurrency is a wallet number. No details about its owner are disclosed at any level – anonymity is guaranteed.
    • No fees and commissions. The bitcoin casino script is designed in such a way that no intermediaries are required to make transactions, and therefore there are no commissions.
    • There is no limit on the size of the bet. As you know, in a regular casino there is a limit on the minimum bet. For example, 1 dollar. However, bitcoin has no paper or other tangible value. Therefore, it is possible to place bets of any size, even comparable to a thousandth of a dollar.
    • Lack of control by systems and structures. Virtual money is not subject to the control and regulation of financial or governmental systems.
    • Wide-ranging prospects for development. Bitcoin is gaining more spheres of influence and the number of online gambling sites using it is increasing. This leads to increased competition, which in turn becomes an incentive for the development of online gambling.
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