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  • VR casino

    The nineties brought changes to the development of the gambling business, when land-based casinos began to introduce their “copies” into the Internet. After the introduction of free trade law in Antigua and Barbuda in 1994, online casinos began to gain momentum in popularity. The range of games has grown every year.

    As graphic designers have risen to the next level in the 21st century, online casino concepts have changed. Increasingly, virtual casinos began to appear – an advanced version of the usual institution on the Internet.

    The first VR casino was offered by SlotsMillion in 2015. Realism has become its difference from the usual online casino. The players were given the opportunity to enter through the lobby, to view the slots, furniture and furnishings.

    Today, the gambling market is fiercely competitive. By creating a VR casino, you can replenish the army of fans of online casinos, give them a new gaming experience, encourage them to make more bets and spend more time playing. Accordingly, you can significantly increase profits and make your institution more popular!

    VR in a casino: what is it

    VR в казино

    Technology such as VR (virtual reality) immediately occupied the minds of online casino developers who want to use this competitive advantage. Just imagine, a player puts on a helmet and enters a real casino that looks like a three-dimensional dimension. The graphics are so perfect that the player simply cannot have any doubts!

    In the virtual casino room there is a Wheel of Fortune, poker tables, roulettes. Gamblers can interact with each other and with dealers using VR devices.

    In a virtual casino, players can walk around the hall, communicate with other customers of the establishment, track statistics. You can change your avatar if you want.

    Thanks to the helmet, the player sees a three-dimensional online casino, and if you purchase VR gloves, the user can even touch the objects around him! You can top up your account online. And if you imagine that the game is played by a live croupier, there is no doubt! VR online casino is able to convey that atmosphere, provide those emotions that players are chasing so much. They will certainly be set up for a serious game, not skimping on money and not sparing time.

    VR Casino

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    How Virtual Reality Works

    To visit the VR casino, you need to install a special application on your computer that is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 systems. Then you should select the screen configuration and access using your credentials. Next, the gambler chooses an avatar. You can move around the casino with a video game controller or with a keyboard.

    The maximum immersion in the game is provided by a VR headset, and a computer that delivers from 90 frames per second creates a complete sense of reality. If the player looks at the screen without glasses and a helmet, he will see a 3D picture of a virtual online casino.

    To start the game, you need to press the appropriate button on the controller.

    VR Casino

    What should be VR equipment

    n order to fully experience the atmosphere of a real casino, a computer must meet the following requirements:

    • head display;
    • video card Ge Force GTX 970 or higher performance;
    • 2 USB ports for 3.0, as well as HDMI 1.3 port;
    • RAM memory – from 8GB;
    • CPU – Intel Core i5-4590 and above;
    • Windows 7 and up.

    Since the graphic requirements of virtual reality are quite high, a powerful computer is needed for a full-fledged game.

    Most virtual slots will require gloves with miniature body motion sensors.

    Each player’s body movement is converted into the desired reaction on the screen. When developing games, the creators include the possibility of playing both with the keyboard and with the help of a controller.

    You can take advantage of the VR casino experience using mobile devices that are compatible with the Oculus Rift headset.

    Benefits of VR Games

    A casino with three-dimensional graphics attracts users primarily with its realism, a special atmosphere similar to a real casino, and a wide variety of slots.

    The key advantages of VR casinos are:

    • high quality slots. Images in the casino are as realistic as possible;
    • communication via chat and voice functions;
    • the ability to bring together large companies of players;
    • realism of what is happening;
    • the ability to experience tactile sensations from touching objects.

    The main characteristics of virtual slots

    Fans of gaming slots note that virtual machines are identical to standard slots. In a virtual casino, the won coins literally pour around the player, and the symbols “fly out” of the screen.

    All users, as already noted, can touch the machines of the institution, communicate with each other. But meanwhile, the screen itself and even more so the balance of the user sees only he himself. The security of a VR casino is what the developers care about first of all.

    Popular VR providers

    Virtual technologies are actively used today by the most famous developers. Let’s single out

    Microgaming Company. The first VR roulette was presented by Microgaming in 2016. The invention immediately received the ICE Totally Gaming award as the most anticipated hit in the gaming world.

    The developer offers an interesting virtual roulette VR Roulette, compatible with the Leap Motion controller and the Oculus Rift headset. Each player will appreciate the impeccable quality of the image, sound, the maximum similarity of the game with the game in a real casino.

    Casexe VR

    • CASEXE. VR games from this developer give the impression of being in a real gambling establishment. Thanks to modern technology, the user can get into any institution of any era! In addition, he can go back to the past or, conversely, to the future. VR-games from CASEXE are a complete absence of any boundaries!
    • Netent. The developer offers several VR slots: Jack`s World VR, Gonzo`s Quest, Starburst, Scarface. All of them have a 3D effect, which makes the user feel as close as possible to playing in a real casino. Players note good surround sound, high-quality image ..
    • Next Gen Gaming. The provider presented Foxin` Wins virtual slot, in which the main bet is made on three-dimensional graphics, high-quality visualization, animation inserts. Провайдер представил виртуальный слот Foxin` Wins, в котором основная ставка сделана на трехмерную графику, качественную визуализацию, анимационные вставки.

    Helmets for a virtual casino

    VR Casino

    To play in a VR casino, you must have special equipment, including a helmet. The following models are most in demand among players:

    • The Oculus Rift is a lightweight helmet with a wide field of view. It has an external sensor to track the movements of the player. The advantage of the model is a large viewing angle and high-quality sound;
    • VR Gear is a device with two screens and a viewing angle of 101 degrees. The glasses can be easily synchronized with any smartphones. Therefore, this model is suitable for the mobile version of games;
    • Pimax 4K is a device from a Chinese manufacturer with built-in headphones. They provide high quality sound transmission. The helmet provides high image quality, good sound without noise.
    • Vive is a helmet for professional virtual gamers. It is equipped with two separate screens, built-in camera, controllers. They also provide two stations that track the rotation of the head and movement of the body. The technologies used by Vive allow the player to fully immerse themselves in the game.

    Despite the fact that helmets for a virtual casino today are much more affordable than, for example, 5 years ago, not all players can afford to buy them.

    Prospects for VR casinos

    Providing an online casino player with the opportunity to feel like in a real casino, get a similar range of feelings, emotions, experiences is certainly a strong trump card in the hands of the developer.

    Creating a VR casino is a promising solution, thanks to which you can attract players and keep them in your establishment for a long time. Virtual reality involves users in the gambling process. The player can “hold” the tokens in his hands, look the dealer straight in the eye, watch other players, plunge into the atmosphere, thanks to the flawless three-dimensional image and sound.

    Modern technologies are actively developing today. Developers create more and more accessories for players. This leads to an increase in the number of virtual online casino players and their popularity.

    However, in order to provide truly high-quality services, VR club software must meet several requirements:

    • a large set of functions;
    • high reliability and protection of information;
    • quick updates;
    • support for mobile devices;
    • trouble-free operation even under high loads.

    According to recent surveys, if anything stopped players from making big bets in online casinos, it was the lack of emotions, not an attractive atmosphere, weak graphics.

    Experts predict that with VR casino technology, the owner can satisfy all user requests!

    The development of VR casinos at this stage is hindered only by the high cost of VR gadgets. In order to run a project with this level of graphics, you need a powerful computer. But experts assure: there is a demand, there will be a supply! Affordable devices for viewing VR content will soon appear on the market. More affordable prices and variety will encourage gamblers to buy new devices.

    Question - answer

    Virtual reality in a casino raises many questions for beginners. Let’s answer them:

    Do I need to download software to play in a VR casino?

    Most online casinos can be played through a browser, but for a virtual casino you need to download a special application.

    How to start the game?

    The player should choose a VR casino and then download the software. After opening an account, the gambler enters the system using his password and login. Everything, you can start the game.

    What happens if you play in a VR casino without Oculus glasses?

    You can play without Oculus glasses and see everything that happens in 3D.

    Do players see each other during the game?

    Thanks to virtual reality, all players can simultaneously be in the casino and see each other and everything that happens in the gambling establishment. But no one has access to the account of other players, to other screens. Thus, the developers put the safety and confidentiality of the game at the forefront.

    How to exit the virtual casino?

    It is not difficult to leave the gaming hall of a virtual casino. To do this, simply press the “Esc” button at the moment when you want to stop the game.

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