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  • Creation of a site for gambling

    Do you want to become the owner of your own gambling site? Then let’s look at what is needed to implement such a project.

    Hosting and domain

    The choice of hosting is a key moment in the activity of a gambling site, where an affiliate is one of the components for receiving traffic.

    For beginners, regular web hosting can also be used, as their prices are quite low. And a webmaster who is just trying himself in this niche, as a rule, is limited in funds and is looking for where to save money.

    A domain can be registered both in the billing panel of hosting sites and with any other registrar. You must be careful when choosing a domain name that should reflect the idea of the site. True, it is in the niche of gambling that the domain name of the site is not of paramount importance in the ranking of search engines. However, it is worth paying attention that all SEO optimization of the site in the future will be closely related to the domain name of the site.

    Gambling & Betting Site Development

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    Choosing an Engine for a Gambling Website

    Выбор движка для гэмблинг-проекта

    This task can be solved quite simply, since there are many proposals on the Internet. Beginners are advised to stay with WordPress. This engine has a number of strengths.

    • Fully customizable appearance of the site, both manually through simple editing of the code, and with the help of millions of themes on the web (including free ones).
    • Constant updating and elimination of “holes”.
    • The platform is free.
    • Support for convenient insertion of various codes into the body of the article. Therefore, WordPress is well-suited for slot review writers because the slot codes are easily inserted into the body of the article with the description.
    • Lots of plugins, great SEO and more.

    It is possible that at first you will have to deal with a lot of settings and a general understanding of the engine. But there is a lot of information about this on the net, with the help of which you can very soon bring your work with WordPress to automatism.

    WordPress is the only gambling site engine that is suitable for site layout. Alternatively, you can use the built-in website builders. They are often offered by hosters for free. Of course, this will be a primitive site that will still have to be refined over time if you want the resource to become successful. But, nevertheless, a good, solid foundation will be laid.

    Site structure, content

    We have come to the most important stage in creating a gambling site, because your earnings will depend on the structure of the site and the quality of the content.

    A gambling site should have a clear site structure with all existing, as well as promising branches. The site structure should be built in full accordance with the semantic core, which is also compiled for the gambling keys we need, which are used for SEO optimization of the site.

    Content for a gambling site must be of high quality and must be unique. You can get it in different ways.

    • Reviews of slot machines. Texts can be written by yourself, ordered from representatives of affiliate programs, ordered from copywriters, but only from those who are well versed in the topic of gambling. By the way, slot reviewers often install scripts of the slot machines themselves with the ability to go to the casino website to play for real money
    • Reviews of casino sites. They are willingly represented by representatives of the casinos themselves. And although they are essentially made for SEO, sometimes you have to refine them manually to improve the quality.
    • News of gambling thematics. Everything is extremely simple here: take the news from the public and rewrite it. It is important that the finished material is unique.
    • Despite the fact that not all news is of interest to site visitors, however, for SEO promotion, this is what you need.
    • Reviews of casino bonuses. Bonuses themselves can be taken in affiliate programs of the casino. But it is better to write a review of the bonus manually, in a simple, understandable language, since this content is in active demand among site visitors.
    • Any thematic turnkey articles promoted by your site. You can also order them from copywriters or write them yourself. This type of content is an important support for SEO promotion of your gambling site.
    • Gambling forums. Their content is somewhat different, since in addition to the bare SEO text, there is also the text of live visitors.

    So, after completing all the above stages of creating a gambling site, we already have:

    • Bulletproof hosting;
    • Competent domain;
    • Semantic core with site structure;
    • Minimum number of articles.

    And now, you need to think about the most important thing, how to install games, for the sake of which visitors actually come to the casino. You need to decide on the gambling entertainment that you will offer to your customers, and then buy or order the development of online casino slot software. From a financial point of view, the first option is more suitable for beginners – buying ready-made software.

    How to install slots on the casino? To do this, you just need to put links to them on your project.

    After filling the site with games, we can safely say that you now have a minimum set that allows a beginner to start working in the gambling niche.

    The success of the further development of the site depends only on you. It will be necessary to deal with external and internal SEO optimization, competent placement of accents on the site, placement of tricks for a gambler – this is already a whole psychology, for a complete understanding of which you need to be a little player yourself.

    A prerequisite for SEO promotion is the constant filling of the site with relevant and interesting content.

    Which games to choose for a gambling site

    Software experts for online casinos and gambling platforms, after analyzing the market, have named the best slot games from leading developers.

    In the game industry, the top development studios have long been formed, annually releasing their bestsellers to a multi-million audience.

    At the same time, there is also a group of advanced companies in the online casino market that have been releasing their best games for a long time and are in demand among all gambling platforms.

    We present the top 5 different types of virtual slot machines from the best developers.

    Слоты Stardust


    Starburst is one of the most popular online slots developed by the Swedish company NetEnt.

    This machine has 5 reels and 10 paylines that can provide a maximum jackpot of 50,000 coins.

    The Starburst symbols are classic gems, the “BAR” emblem, and the lucky number “7”.

    Game limits from 0.01 cents to one dollar will allow you to play in different betting ranges and stay in the game as long as possible.

    2.Desert treasure

    This is a very popular desert treasure hunt style slot developed by Playtech, an Estonian company founded in 1999.

    The slot has an extremely simple design and interface, high-quality graphics, and you can play it on 5 reels and 20 lines.

    Dozens of winning combinations form scarab, camel, compass, scorpion, cobra, oasis and various card symbols.

    In addition to the classic “Lines” and “Bets” buttons, the slot machine has a payout table, with the help of which a novice player can understand the essence of the game and determine the winning value of different combinations.

    Слоты A Night Out

    3.A Night Out

    The Cocktail Party slot from the same developer Playtech features a dark design that users love.

    To start playing in a virtual machine, you just need to specify the coin denomination, the number of paylines and the size of your bet. And then just click “Spin”.

    If the bartender lands on the outer reels, the player can get up to 20 free spins, and the cocktail symbol will be your multiplier for the bonus round.

    In the full version of A Night Out, the Dollar Ball feature is available, which allows you to try to guess 5 numbers for an additional fee. The progressive jackpot with a payout is up to 200 thousand coins, and bets are accepted here from 0.01 cents to 20 dollars.

    4.Thunderstruck II

    This themed slot from the British company Microgaming is made in the style of Scandinavian myths with gaming symbols in the form of mythical creatures and Scandinavian kings.

    The machine has 5 reels and several lines of Thunderstruck II, which can open up to 243 different winning combinations. Due to frequent wins, this slot is popular in all modern online casinos.

    In the first game of the Valkyrie bonus round, the user is entitled to receive 10 free spins. For it, you need to collect at least three scatter symbols.

    After several rounds of the bonus game, the player gets the opportunity to spin the drum 20 or even 25 times for free. The maximum win in this game is 1000 coins, and bets can only be made from 0.1 cents up to 75 dollars.

    Слоты Captain Сannon

    5.Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash

    This virtual machine from the British studio Ash Gaming – Cannon’s Circus of Cash, is made in a circus theme.

    The 5 classic reels here are separated by 25 lines, with minimum/maximum bets ranging from 0.25 cents up to $250.

    The different levels of this slot allow you to win a progressive jackpot of up to 5000 coins,

    The advantage of this game is a huge number of bonuses, which is offset by a rather high entry threshold.


    As you can see, the creation of a gambling site and its further promotion is not an easy task that requires knowledge, time, effort and patience. You can simplify the task and quickly launch your business in the field of business if you order the development of a turnkey website in our company with subsequent project support.

    With us, your path to success will be much shorter and much less thorny!

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