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  • Live Dealer Casino Software

    Today, online casinos with live dealers have become especially popular. Players get a new experience, completely different emotions and vivid impressions, for which they are willing to pay a lot of money.

    What is special about live casino

    How is this place different from the usual one? Live casino combines all the advantages of online gambling and land-based establishments. Users also access products through a browser or using special applications, but on the other side of the screen is not a computer, but real dealers. They are in special studios. The game is broadcast in real time.

    Live Dealer Casino Software

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    What are the benefits of a live casino?

    All far-sighted business owners who own an online casino strive to connect such a service to their institution. Why?

    • Product relevance. Live casino certainly attracts players from all over the world, increasing the casino’s revenue at times. A business owner can make big profits.
    • Player confidence. Live casino inspires the trust of users, because. they can personally verify the transparency and fairness of the game. In addition, the presence of real professional dealers increases the level of confidence of the players.
    • Opportunity to get new sensations. The atmosphere in a live casino is as similar as possible to real gambling establishments. Thanks to this, users are attracted by the opportunity to get incomparable emotions from a real, exciting and truly interesting game. That is why many players who make big bets choose live casinos.
    Live Dealer Casino Software

    Which live games are popular in live casinos

    The most popular solutions are:

    • Roulette;
    • Black Jack;
    • Baccarat;
    • Poker.

    Some manufacturers offer non-standard games that “drop in” to experienced users looking for something new.

    Is it hard to integrate a live casino into an existing online casino?

    It really depends on which provider you choose. BetGames and LuckyStreak offer API integration. The NetEnt developer offers live casino integration along with its other products. The well-known developer Evolution Gaming uses its Third-Party Integration Engine tool for this purpose.

    Live dealer languages

    Дилер в live-казино

    Many of our customers are interested in what languages do dealers speak in live games? Again, it all depends on the developer.

    NetEnt and BetGames only offer English at the moment. Games from Ezugi support six languages, LuckyStreak – five. Evolution Gaming can be called the leader. The company offers products that support almost all common languages.

    Live casino software - what to choose?

    First, you need to decide on your requirements.

    To date, the products of such providers are in the greatest demand: Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, BetGames, LuckyStreak and Ezugi, etc.

    Criteria for choosing live casino software

    Software quality

    First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the software. It is very important that it conveys a realistic atmosphere. It’s good if the software you choose will allow users to communicate with each other, share tips, useful information, create groups according to preferences and interests.


    The selected software must guarantee the safety of the users of the project, as well as its owners. Remember that a live casino becomes a magnet not only for players, but also for scammers. It is especially important to ensure security when withdrawing funds, as well as when replenishing an account.


    Good software should work without interruption. To do this, all software components must function as smoothly as possible, without access by third parties, without influence on the outcome of events from outside, etc.

    Intuitive interface

    High-quality software should have an intuitive interface with the optimal number of icons, buttons, information menus.

    Good visualization

    Online casino software should not only be technically sound and reliable. For players, the aesthetic component is very important. So pay attention to visual perception.

    Communication with the dealer

    Modern products from well-known developers allow players to communicate with dealers, which further fuels interest in the game.

    Support for various languages and currencies

    The main task of the owner of an online casino is to attract as many players as possible to his institution, then you can count on the fact that the business will be profitable and successful. It has been proven that English-speaking countries spend more money on games, because. they have a higher income. Therefore, the live casino software must support English. Ideally, bet on multilingualism. It is equally important to ensure the inflow of more capital. To do this, choose software that will allow you to bet in different currencies with a loyal conversion rate.


    One of the criteria for a good live casino is a stable and professional support service. Therefore, when choosing software, pay attention to this factor.

    Marketing policy

    Interesting bonuses, prizes, unique loyalty programs will certainly attract more players to the institution, make them more involved in the game.

    We have revealed the basic criteria. Also pay attention to:

    • Availability of certificates. The presence of certificates and a license is undoubtedly a “plus in the piggy bank” of the developer.
    • Product adaptability. It is very important that the selected software is integrated with both personal PCs and modern gadgets.
      reputation and reviews. Before you pay for the software, do not be too lazy to read the reviews and recommendations of those who have already had the opportunity to study it “in action”.

    Software developers for live casino(

    Each owner of an online casino pursues the goal of satisfying the needs of players in the best possible way. Manufacturers also want to create a product that will be in demand and attention from the players.

    Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader among manufacturers. It has more than 35 games in its arsenal: Fortune Wheel, Dream Catcher, various types of live poker and much more.


    It was this developer who created the first live dealer casino software and online club. The last one was opened in 1994. All software is licensed. The company has experience, an impeccable reputation, offering a wide range of software for every taste. If you want to create a promising live casino with a guarantee of success that will allow you to make good money, you should definitely look at the products of this manufacturer.


    Online casino software from the Estonian company Playtech meets a number of criteria that the owners of online establishments put at the forefront: visual aesthetics, multilingualism, impeccable graphics, multi-level bonus programs.

    Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming

    The developer received the title of “EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year” for a reason. He can be safely considered a guru in the field of live casino games. Evolution Gaming can rightly be called the leader in its field. This provider got 1st place in this category from 2010 to 2017.

    The company offers a huge selection of games, including classic and innovative ones (such as various versions of Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat), which are ways to not only attract but also retain players from all over the world.

    The provider has a rich selection of slots (more than 300), incl. among them there are brand new products, a staff of professional dealers (more than 3000 people) who can speak Swedish, Turkish, Russian, English, French, Danish, Greek and Italian.

    The game is broadcast online from state-of-the-art studios equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, so that the user gets real pleasure from the game.


    The provider has become famous all over the world, thanks to the production of slot machines of the highest quality and safety. Games are broadcast in HD in real time.

    The developer regularly becomes the owner of various titles, receives prizes, creates new and new games that are in demand among users from all over the world. Among them, for example, Aliens, Scarface and South Park.

    The product from NetEnt Live Casino was developed in close cooperation with live players, thanks to which it was possible to minimize any “misses” and perfect the games.

    Why you should choose this company’s product:

    • Live casino from NetEnt supports 22 languages;
    • Games are distinguished by impeccable graphics and high-quality sound;
    • Thanks to Chroma key technology, a single integration of products into the environment of online establishment operators is ensured;
    • Live casino supports portrait and landscape modes;
    • The developer has worked out the marketing policy well. The software contains tools for attracting and retaining players.



    The trump card of this developer is undoubtedly a rich catalog of entertainment that contains unusual games, such as Bet on Baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, War of Bets, Lucky 7, Dice, Lucky 5, Bet on Poker, Lucky 6 and Dice Duel.

    The company entered the market in 2012. In just the first 5 years of operation, the staff grew to more than 100 people. The provider has gained recognition among players in different countries (more than 30), especially in Eastern Europe and Africa. The success of the company was due to the fact that it gives due attention to its dealers, spending time and money to ensure that they become true professionals.

    Content from this provider has individual configurations. Players can look forward to live streaming of the game every 3-5 minutes as well as a multi-table effect.

    Lucky Streak

    If you are looking for which live casino software to choose, it is worth considering partnering with a high-end provider.

    The company’s studio in Riga, Latvia broadcasts European Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack.

    High-quality audio and video is provided by the use of modern web technologies and premium video streaming components.

    The developer offers card games, slots, fixed odds games with a clear and simple interface, gamification, various betting options.



    The provider has become known as a developer whose products are aimed at the younger generation.

    Why should you choose Ezugi products?

    The main feature of products from this developer are interactive features.

    Popular social networks are integrated into the software. Due to this, players can communicate during the game, hold tournaments and other competitions, and share their experience. Players can not only communicate with each other, but also play multiple games at the same time.

    The company focuses primarily on the markets of Europe, South America and Asia. As for the language spoken by the dealers, Ezugi has English and Spanish.

    Live casino games from Ezugi are Blackjack, Lottery, RNG games and mini games, Baccarat, Roulette.


    It should be said that this developer has chosen a relatively narrow field of activity – the creation of software for live casinos. It is thanks to this that MediaLive products are famous all over the world. It was this company that became the author of roulette with a live dealer and a chroma key (this is a special background on which the casino logo is applied, and they also play on their own behalf).

    Due to its proprietary developments, the operator gets the opportunity to create a successful online casino with live dealers, as well as become the owner of a full-fledged popular platform for branding and launching advertising campaigns.

    Amaya Gaming

    Amaya Gaming

    The highlights of live casino software from this Canadian provider include multilingualism. It was this feature that served as the basis for high traffic and high profits.

    Choosing live casino software is not an easy task that requires your attention. After all, it will depend on how popular your gambling establishment will be and how much profit it will bring you.

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