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  • Live Casino turnkey

    Live Dealer Online Casino is an independent segment of the online gambling industry that is gaining more and more popularity. The secret of the success of this direction lies in the combination of a convenient online format with a game with a live dealer, which many players find more reliable and interesting.

    And despite the fact that visiting a live casino takes place remotely, the atmosphere in it is as close to real as possible, but at the same time, the player does not need to comply with the dress code requirements, as in a land-based establishment, or look for a time and place to play roulette or poker. You can indulge in gambling entertainment with a smartphone, tablet, TV or computer with an Internet connection at hand.


    Reasons for the popularity of Live Casino

    How to Start a Live Dealer Online Casino
    1. Live Dealer Online Casino users are attracted by the format, where there are no “heartless” RNG algorithms (random number generators) that are present in other online gambling entertainment.
    2. In addition, Live-casino allows the player to communicate with the dealer and other fans of gambling entertainment.
    3. The atmosphere of a live casino studio creates the atmosphere of a gambling establishment and makes pastime even more enjoyable and exciting.
    4. Most players especially value their anonymity. In Live casino this requirement is fulfilled by 150%.
    5. Unlike land-based gambling houses, in a live casino, the croupier has nothing to do with money, since all financial transactions, including accepting a bet or issuing money won, occur automatically by impartial calculation of the software.
    How to Start a Live Dealer Online Casino

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    How Live Casino Works

    Often, live casino studios can be located in the building of a land-based gambling house, in a TV studio or in a specially equipped room (office). To work in such casinos, the gambling provider engages exclusively professional dealers. Players at the gaming tables sit in their home chairs and take part in the game using a gadget with Internet access: place bets, watch the process and communicate with a live dealer.

    The technical side of the live casino is as follows. Several cameras are installed in the room, providing an accurate and panoramic broadcast, as well as the equipment, tables and attributes necessary for the game. The development of the style, scope and format of such a hall is carried out taking into account the capabilities and specialization of the gambling provider.

    Modern technologies make it possible to convert all the necessary information into a digital format that is convenient for the player. Note that all “footage” is stored in the provider’s archive in order to improve the quality of the software and to ensure the protection of players.

    Each Live dealer online casino studio has a special technical support and security service, whose staff monitors the activity of players, the work of the croupier, detects signs of fraud and controls the quality of the broadcast.

    What games are offered at Live Casino?

    Just like in land-based establishments, the most popular games in live casinos are roulette, card games (baccarat, blackjack and poker) in their various variations. Some providers offer their customers specific entertainment that can only be found in their “offer portfolio”.

    Today, there are also softwares where, in addition to popular table games, a client can participate in a live lottery draw or play exotic Sic Bo with its special rates in the “live” mode. The content of the assortment of gambling entertainment depends on the progressiveness of the operator and the demand of users.

    The main difference between live studios and standard online casinos is the feeling of playing in a real casino. The game is played by a live croupier in front of all participants without reference to artificially created luck by a random number generator, and this is especially tempting and attractive for distrustful players who allow the possibility of “control” of RNG algorithms.

    How to Start a Live Dealer Online Casino

    Components required for creating a live casino

    Regardless of the range and quality of games offered to users, the operation and functioning of a live casino is based on the following “components”:

    • A special room is a studio in which a live dealer will work, equipped with special equipment, gaming tables and paraphernalia.
    • The second important component of a live casino is the presence of a well-functioning mechanism for controlling all the processes of the game GCU (Game Control Unit.) Simply put, the GCU scans or reads the image from playing cards, regulates the movement and stop of the ball on the roulette, determines who owns the cards or winnings , etc. It then converts and stores this information.
    • Equipment for the dealer or croupier is the basis for the work of the dealer. The studio is equipped with special monitors that provide not only communication between the croupier and the player, but also visual control of everything that happens at the gambling table. Such equipment makes it possible to play the game clearly and transparently. Let us remind you once again that the Live Casino does not use RNGs (Random Number Generators).

    The user interface or live player may have different designs for chat windows, pop-up links, virtual “buttons”, which may be more or less. However, there are invariable basic positions of any online casino with a live dealer:

    • a block broadcasting the game process;
    • chat – to communicate with the croupier or the players at his table;
    • a separate block for making bets (interactive);
    • timer throughout the game.

    If you want to create a turnkey Live Casino, contact b2bslots specialists who will develop a quality product for successful operation and high income.

    Possibilities of modern live casino software

    Софт для live-казино

    Modern live casino software has great technical capabilities that provide the following functions:

    • setting up the gameplay, audio and video stream in such a way in accordance with the needs of each specific user and the capabilities of his device;
    • parallel session management on several tables;
    • recording and storage of a complete game history;
    • correctly introducing the client into the game, familiarizing the players with the rules and conditions at each table;
    • providing access to VIP tables;
    • Providing communication between players and dealers through the Live Studio is especially liked by a huge number of players who prefer the classics and rivalry not with a “robot”, but with a live dealer representing the casino. Here, as well as in a land-based gambling house, you need the right strategy and tactics.
      support for different language versions and currencies.


    The constant development of technology contributes to the improvement of the quality of the broadcast, making it even more attractive to the players. Live Casino studios regularly improve the level of service, train dealers, develop new gambling tables, etc. And this suggests that this area has great prospects for growing popularity among gamblers.

    If your online casino does not yet have a game with live croupiers, it’s time to fill this gap and order a turnkey Live Casino to make the existing resource even more attractive for regular customers and attract new users!

    Live studios are especially popular with a huge number of players who prefer to compete for winnings not with a “robot”, but with a live dealer representing the casino. With the right strategy and tactics, a live casino will quickly become successful and profitable.

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