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  • BetSoft: unsavoury stories about the game software developer

    BetSoft is a very well-known brand on the global gaming market and has won a number of different awards over the course of its existence. However, a closer look at the developer’s portrait reveals a number of interesting details.

    Revocation of Alderney's licence

    In mid-2014, the developer’s Alderney licence was revoked. The official reason for the licence revocation was presented as the developer’s portrait not complying with jurisdictional regulations. But there are reasons to believe that the official version does not resonate with the real situation. In particular, doubts about the stated reason are exacerbated by the fact that the developer did not wait for the court to try to assert his right to a license, but voluntarily gave it up. BetSoft did not dare to comment on the situation.

    All of this raises a lot of questions. There is little doubt that the regulator must have found really serious reasons. But what are they? It could be problems with the software or providing access to emulators to players from banned countries. But that’s not all…

    BetSoft: unsavoury stories about the game software developer

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    Is BetSoft manipulating the data?

    In 2013, developer BetSoft sued Sheriff Gaming for copyright infringement regarding “zoom efect”. However, as a result of the hearing, a Dutch court ruled that the plaintiff had deliberately misrepresented information in a document submitted as evidence. It is worth adding this case to the piggy bank of unsavoury stories about BetSoft.

    Sheriff Gaming and Alderney

    Interesting fact: Even before Sheriff Gaming’s assets were seized, the developer’s licence was revoked by the Alderney regulator. The license was revoked in September 2013, and a little later bankruptcy proceedings were already initiated. As a result, the developer’s assets were bought out by Novomatic.

    What does this information tell us? That Alderney’s doubts often have a very serious basis in fact. If Alderney revokes a license, it means that there is a high probability that the game software developer is running an unfair business.

    Warnings Casino Listing

    Famous in its circles resource Casino Listing a couple of years ago urged to take a closer look at the developer BetSoft. What caused the increased interest in the developer? Weirdness, which accompanied the information about jackpots. Jackpot denial, withdrawal of BetSoft Alderney license forced Casino Listing to conduct its own study, which came to a definite conclusion: with BetSoft game software has a problem.

    For nine months, experts Casino Listing collected data on the jackpot busts in two of the world-famous casinos. In one of them the jackpots at certain sizes of credits and on specific games did not fall out once, while in the second casino at the same rates and during these games jackpots were paid out many times. The probability that it is a simple coincidence tends to zero.

    Also, the study found that some of the jackpots, which were previously realized several times a day, in one of the periods were not played even once. And then all of them were realized almost at the same time. The conclusion suggests itself: it is either a mistake or tweaking of the software.

    Jackpot refusal

    In June 2016, a progressive jackpot was busted on The Glam Life slot (by BetSoft) at Betcoin.ag casino, which was supposed to pay out 1 million mBTC to the player. However, the player was paid as for the standard combination. To the quite natural question of where the jackpot payment was, the player received an explanation that the jackpot was unrealized because the maximum bet had not been made. But this was not true. Then the casino staff reported that the winning combination fell out during the freespins. However, there was no stipulation in the rules that no jackpot was paid out during the free spins. The player reports that the developer of the software simply gambled away all his appeals.

    Soon after the incident happened, BetSoft added to the payout table the suggestion that the jackpot is not realized during any bonus functions.

    As a result, all parties to the incident managed to reach a compromise. It is likely that the player was compensated and signed a nondisclosure document (so no third party has the exact information).

    Soon after the disclosure of the situation two popular casinos – Slots.lv and Bovada refused from the progressive jackpots BetSoft. Many other projects including SlotsMillion also removed BetSoft progressive slots from their catalog. Probably, all this served to reduce the popularity of slots from BetSoft, which quickly retreated into the shadow of the competitive race, giving way to jackpots from NetEnt and Microgaming.

    Instead of a conclusion

    Today, there is already serious evidence that BetSoft’s business is not as transparent and honest as the developer wants to show. Already the fact that Alderney’s licence has been revoked speaks volumes. As for the accusations of tampering with the software, there is nothing to be said, as there is no clear evidence, but all this together with other unsightly facts and stories looks very depressing.

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