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  • Betting software for bookmakers

    What is the essence of the work of an online bookmaker? The player places a bet on the outcome of an event. If he makes the right choice, he wins.

    The bookmaker provides its own version of the development of the event and the occurrence of a certain outcome, determining the odds for the requested event.

    How important is the choice of software for a bookmaker?

    The choice of betting software has an important role to play. If the software is reliable, of high quality, the bookmaker and the player will be able to freely interact with each other. Therefore, the profit of a gambling establishment directly depends on the choice of software for a bookmaker.

    Software for online bookmakers consists of two main parts:

    • Frontend is the interface that players see and use during the game. Choose software that will have the simplest and most accessible interface. This will help the player to spend more time on the site and willingly place bets.
    • Backend is a section that is created for use by operators and administrators. The speed of the bookmaker’s office, its stability and reliability depend on it.


    Betting software for bookmakers

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    To apply

    Betting software: line

    The event line is the main betting product, as this leading factor determines the bettor’s choice. It is important to understand that even with the most beautiful and user-friendly interface, responsive technical support, various bonuses and other “attractions” for users, unfavorable odds and a limited number of events do not bode well for your business.

    The line is all events and coefficients for their outcomes. Therefore, the player should be able to bet with the bookmaker on any official event from the world of sports.

    The lines are subject to serious requirements, which include:

    • Availability of bets in Prematch mode (for upcoming events) and in Live mode (for events already taking place).
    • A wide range of sports disciplines, ranging from popular football, tennis, basketball, hockey and to various exotic martial arts.
    • A rich selection of options for betting (as bettors say, “good painting”). It is important to provide for the presence of the main subspecies of the bet (outcomes, time / matches, totals, odds). In this case, the bet can be multiple or single (system and express).
    • Favorable odds are the main competitive advantage of the bookmaker.

    Bookmaker software and betting on virtual sports

    ПО для букмекерских контор

    Taking into account the fact that the betting business is a seasonal phenomenon, bets on virtual sports have been created, which have recently become more and more popular and in demand. By offering the bookmaker and the player a wide range of games: football, horse racing, racing, etc., betting companies can compensate for financial downtime during the off-season and attract a young audience that is interested in innovation.

    The program for betting on virtual sports conducts draws around the clock, which allows the better to go to the site at any time and make a couple of bets.

    This feature will be an advantage in any bookmaker, giving the player the opportunity to watch what is happening, since all virtual matches are broadcast live. Due to the realistic graphics and physics, the user will experience real emotions.

    Given that betting on virtual sports is a new type of betting, it is important to properly present this innovation to the audience, since many still look at it with suspicion. Therefore, the site should be convenient and wide functionality. It is important that the betting software provides as many ways as possible for depositing and withdrawing funds. And to draw attention to virtual sports, it is worth offering the bettor additional bonuses and privileges.

    How to choose betting software

    Софт для БК

    The quality software you choose, on which the success of your betting business depends, should be distinguished by:

    • Reliability and maximum protection of players, information, funds protection that meets the highest requirements.
    • eliminating the risk of fraudulent activities;
    • uninterrupted work in real time;
    • the ability to update without rebooting;
    • error-free and constant operation of the Backend part in offline mode;
    • simple cash module, understandable for employees;
    • user-friendly interface for players and administration;
    • the ability to monitor and obtain detailed reporting;
    • efficient and competent technical support service.

    In fact, such a set of requirements for the bookmaker’s office management system is justified primarily by the fact that the platform’s activities are directly related to the turnover of funds.

    Ready-made solutions for bookmakers

    Готовый софт для БК

    Now on the market you can find a large number of offers from companies that develop or sell software for a bookmaker. When choosing a software product, it is better to give preference to those manufacturers who are not involved in the betting business. The fact is that, as a rule, betting business giants develop software for themselves and do not sell it to anyone, so as not to create competition for themselves. Therefore, choose independent companies for which it is extremely important and profitable to make a quality product for you.

    A short review of such companies will allow you to navigate more confidently and make the right choice.


    This is the perfect sports betting platform! Using the functionality of this software, you can solve a number of important tasks:

    • create new bets using the tools for setting odds;
    • conduct live broadcasts of events;
    • use wide sports lines;
    • work on any device, with the whole world, due to the multilingual platform;
    • use the unlimited payment system and the most valuable bonus package of Novomatic slot machines.

    Golden Race

    Software from a company that has been operating on the market for more than 10 years is distinguished by its ease of installation and uninterrupted high-quality work.

    The program combines:

    • technical support 24/7;
    • administrative panel with automatic adjustment to screen size;
    • the ability to broadcast events for both one and many betters;
    • multilingualism;
    • availability of non-sporting events for betting;
    • a huge selection of betting options;
    • user-friendly interface;
    • support for mobile platforms, allowing you to place bets anywhere and anytime.

    BetGames TV

    Ugical software includes bookmaker bets, online games and lotteries. The software easily adapts to any platform. The software is constantly being improved and updated, opening up new possibilities for users.

    Businessmen of any country can become buyers of software. And the possibility of selling games and lotteries makes it possible to expand the service and increase profits.

    InBet Cafe CC

    The software offers a whole range of services designed to organize and formalize a betting business.

    There is a wide range of products, the largest terminal network and the largest Internet audience. The main trump cards of the company include many years of experience and a high level of security that eliminates risks.

    The software from InBet Cafe CC makes it possible to host a bookmaker’s office on the company’s secure servers. The creator of an online bookmaker will receive assistance in management and control. And the program also offers chic animation and visual effects.

    Note that many leaders in the field of betting services have chosen InBet Cafe CC.


    The company offers betting software for virtual sports, which is another profitable industry for bookmakers today. As practice shows, virtual sports are popular, especially among young people who actively bet on football, dog races, horse racing and racing competitions.

    Where to buy bookmaker software

    Our company also offers you the opportunity to choose and buy the best software from top betting software developers! Among the large selection of our unique developments for a profitable betting business, you are sure to choose a high-quality software product that opens up the possibility of starting work at any stage of the project.

    As for the prospects for the development of betting activities, they are the most promising in the long run.

    People will never stop being interested in excitement, thirst for adrenaline and vivid emotions, which are the main engine of betting games.

    And as demand creates supply, new bookmakers keep popping up, opening up a wide range of choices for bettors. Therefore, feel free to purchase software for bookmakers and occupy your niche in the betting business!

    For our company, each client is a value, so we always apply an individual approach to users.

    With us you can not only buy high-quality, reliable software for a betting office, but also modify it to suit your individual requirements!

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