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  • Online casino traffic analysis

    For the successful operation of an online casino, it is necessary to have huge amounts of traffic, for which it is necessary to create a strategy to increase traffic. To do this, you need to analyze the traffic of a competitor’s online casino and compare it with your own.

    Need for Analysis

    In the iGaming world, the level of income depends on many factors, including traffic. That is, the more visitors there will be in your casino, the more players will be making a deposit. However, attracting “money players” is not easy enough.

    With advertising restrictions often in place in the gambling industry, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical. The following factors influence the effectiveness of search engine optimization:

    • visual design;
    • website text content;
    • layout;
    • navigation and more.

    Therefore, when comparing your site with competitors, you will have to comb the length and breadth of your own brainchild, and then conduct a thorough analysis of the site of the main competitor and find out: who are its visitors, where they come from, how they behave on the page, and much more. In this way, you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, take this into account when optimizing your site.

    Let’s look at how to analyze casino traffic and what points you need to pay attention to.

    Competitive Traffic Analysis for Online Casinos

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    Simple statistics

    Before studying the small details, evaluate the big picture, find out the history of the site, which positively affects the performance in the issuance of search engines. For example, the age of a domain has an impact on the trust level of a search engine. Search engines favor older sites.

    By the number of indexed pages, you can estimate the size of the site, which can show which search engine the site is primarily targeted at. For example, if the site has more pages in Google than in Yandex, then the webmaster is more focused on an audience that prefers to use Google.

    Download speed is also a very important parameter for players. Obviously, if a website loads too slowly, users will simply leave it and go somewhere else.


    Website traffic has several different metrics to analyze, including online casino visitors. By examining the statistics, you will get an insight into the behavior of visitors, which will tell you what works and what does not.

    When analyzing the target audience of your competitor, pay attention to the following data:

    channels that bring the most traffic;
    where your users live;
    age and gender of users;
    peak time of visits – time of day, day of the week, month;
    most popular pages.

    The main building block for traffic analysis is a unique website visitor with an IP address. By looking at the number of unique visitors over a period of time, you can see how many individual people have visited the site.

    When analyzing the target audience, it is necessary to pay attention to the following metrics:

    • New user (New user) – a user who has not visited the site before.
    • Sessions. This is a visitor’s view of several pages. In this case, the number of sessions usually exceeds the number of users, since the same user often creates several sessions.
    • Sessions per user. They show the number of times the same user returns to the site in a given period of time. Users with a high number of sessions talk about the value of your site to them.
    • Pages per session. A metric that reflects the number of pages visited by users per session.
    • Session duration. This is the average amount of time a user spends on a site.
    • Unique views (Unique pageview). Shows the number of page views made by individual unique users.
    • Time on page (Time on page). This is the time spent by the user on a particular page.
    • Pages per session (Number of pages per session). How many pages users visit during a session.
    • Average time on page shows how long a visitor spends on a particular page.
    • Bounce rate. This indicator reflects how many site visitors leave the page almost immediately after viewing it. A high number of bounces may indicate insufficient content optimization.

    Traffic sources / channels

    An analysis of traffic sources will show the path of visitors to the site.

    • Direct Traffic (Direct): adding site users to bookmarks or entering the address directly into the search bar.
    • Search traffic (Search): visitors enter a query into the Google or Yandex search engine and select a site on the search engine results page (SERP).
    • Referrals: traffic coming from links posted on other resources on the Internet.
    • Advertising (Advertisements): statistics of traffic received from advertising.
    • Email: The number of visitors who go to the site by clicking on a link in an email. Note that newsletters can increase traffic.

    Keywords from which a competitor receives traffic

    To drive the right traffic, pay attention to the exact queries that visitors enter into search engines that give insight into their intent.

    When optimizing your site, you need to carefully research your keywords and make sure that the language on your site matches the search intent of their potential target audience. And then you need to do a thorough keyword analysis on your competitor’s site to understand which keywords they have included on their site to drive the most relevant traffic for them.

    Page traffic

    This part of the analysis will help you figure out which of your competitor’s pages are getting the most traffic. Obviously landing pages will take the top spot on this list and show you which games are the most popular.

    Landing pages are key for SEO professionals. They should include several elements, including a message and a strong call to action.


    External links from other resources also contribute to the growth of the authority of the site. The more external links there are, the higher the site’s ranking in search results will rise. In addition to the number of links, their quality is of great importance.


    Backlinks leading to the site are divided into two types: natural and artificial.

    Natural links occur when bloggers or other webmasters link to a site that they find useful or interesting.

    Artificial links are when the site team finds places on the Internet where they place links to their own resources. Such links are often bought.

    There is an opinion that natural links increase the search page ranking to a greater extent than artificial ones.


    Anchor is anchor text (usually blue and underlined). In essence, this is a link for users to go to another page. By compiling a list of anchor texts from around the web, you can see which texts and phrases are driving traffic to your competitor’s website.

    In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to other types of links.

    • Active vs. inactive: The former takes the user directly to the linked site when clicking on the link, while inactive links are URL text that needs to be copied and pasted.
    • Direct vs. indirect: Direct links take the user directly to the linked site, while indirect links first take the user through a redirect.
    • Graphic links. These are images or other visual elements that, when clicked, take users to the site when they click on them.

    Mobile site analysis

    Do an analysis to determine which devices your visitors use to access your site.

    The mobile version of the site also plays no less, if not more, role than the desktop version. As practice shows, players are increasingly using their phones to access their favorite gaming sites.

    The mobile version of the site should have a design that adapts to the resolution of the device used, such as a smartphone or PC.

    Some brands create mobile versions of their site to work seamlessly on smartphones. They differ from the main site in size, loading speed, convenience and simplicity. However, mobile versions often limit functionality. Only the most important functions are available to the user.

    Content analysis

    At the last stage of the analysis of the competitor’s website, it is necessary to evaluate its content in the following aspects:

    • functionality and interface;
    • visual elements and aesthetics;
    • site structure and navigation;
    • the content of game content, including the “new” section.


    There are various free and paid tools with which you can analyze your own sites and sites of competitors:

    • similarweb.com
    • Semrush.com
    • Serpstat.com
    • Ahrefs.com
    • majestic.com
    • whois.com
    • Seogadget.com

    Using the results obtained during the analysis of the site of competitors, you can effectively work on improving your own resource.

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
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