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  • Decentralized sports betting software

    In parallel with the popularization of cryptocurrencies, there has been an active growth in betting on bitcoins, which in turn accelerates the transition to decentralized platforms for online sports betting.

    What is Decentralized Sports Betting?

    Decentralization in the blockchain means that funds do not just go to the bookmaker’s account, but move through the system using smart contracts. That is, if the player made a bet, then the winnings will be paid out subject to the conditions of the bet. And since the process is executed automatically, it is simply impossible to interfere with it, which is the main advantage of this technology.

    If you are new to betting with cryptocurrencies, you have the opportunity to book a strategy session with one of our experts. With 15 years of successful business experience, we help our clients achieve their goals and navigate the market with confidence.


    What are the benefits of decentralized sports betting?

    Блокчейн в игорном бизнесе

    As practice shows, the convenience of this innovative way of sports betting has already been appreciated by both bookmakers and players, thanks to the following advantages.

    • The ability to deposit/withdraw funds instantly and anonymously, which is key in sports betting.
    • The use of blockchain technology allows cryptocurrency bookmakers to offer customers extremely secure payment methods without transaction fees.
    • An important plus is the integration of several types of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, there are no restrictions on betting in bitcoins.
    • Convert to bitcoin and cryptocurrency to the desired currency and back during the deposit process.
    • The transactions themselves are under fairly reliable protection, which provides the player with a high level of anonymity.

    The decentralized sports betting software created by our company is showing fantastic results!

    The benefits of decentralized sports betting and bitcoin betting are clear. So don’t miss the opportunity to be among the “pioneers” using our betting software.

    We are experts in the field of gaming solutions, constantly developing and updating our knowledge about the gambling industry, therefore we offer our clients our own mathematical risk management algorithm. You will be able to evaluate the benefits of cooperation with us in the shortest possible time!

    Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Betting

    While the stakes for bitcoin and cryptocurrency continue to rise, it is worth honestly mentioning the downsides that it has.

    Let’s just say that there are not so many of them.

    • Information about the opportunity to bet on bitcoins is reflected in the limited number of platforms that support cryptocurrency as a payment method.
    • In decentralized rates, transactions are non-refundable.
    • Cryptocurrency instability.

    However, these disadvantages should not scare you. Our online betting experts will always provide you with comprehensive assistance. A team of true experts in their field constantly analyzes the market, undergoes training, develops win-win strategies that allow you to achieve amazing results with minimal risks.

    Cryptocurrency gambling is the future, and under the guidance of our experienced experts, you can become a major player in the market today!

    What is the role of blockchain in solving betting problems?

    Что такое блокчейн?

    What is blockchain? This technology provides an advanced database engine that allows you to organize the open exchange of information in a business network.

    If earlier the players could not control the activities of the bookmaker, today the situation has changed. Thanks to the introduction of special technologies, the influence of the bookmaker can be minimized. This became possible, since initially all the rules are written in a smart contract, and it is de facto impossible to change them without disrupting the operation of the entire network. Thus, the player can not be afraid of such frauds as, for example, manipulations with coefficients or limit limits.

    Here’s what the experts say about it.

    Thus, Bill Carmindi, CEO of Trepoint, said that the reason for the emerging crisis in online betting is a drop in confidence even in major market players. However, the introduction of blockchain technology is able to solve this problem in a fundamental way.

    According to Artur Shcherbatenko, CEO of BetMatch, blockchain virtually eliminates the human factor in betting. But even here there are pitfalls. So, large betting offices do not need to switch to this progressive technology, because they have already earned a reputation, their business process is perfect, they have a huge player base.

    Therefore, large-scale changes can break this well-established locomotive for profit. But for startups, this is a very attractive niche with a small entry threshold, because it makes no difference for them to develop classic betting from scratch or still focus on promising blockchain technologies. And there is a high probability that startups will give preference to innovative solutions.

    Financial analyst Viktor Pobedov noted that an important point is the volatility of cryptocurrencies, due to which a player can win his bet, but at the same time fly into the red simply because the token has fallen during this time. Therefore, the expert advises to focus on the offices that accept bets in popular crypto-coins such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. But unpopular tokens, in his opinion, are always associated with excessive risks.

    How to open a bookmaker with decentralized rates?

    If you have made the decision to carve out your own niche in a profitable business, there are two ways you can go:

    • Develop your own platform;
    • Purchase a turnkey solution from a supplier.

    How to find a reliable software supplier?

    The specifics of the activity of bookmakers provides for cooperation with a reliable supplier who will help the new sportsbook to capture its market share.

    Choosing a data provider for inexperienced bookmakers is always risky. Starting cooperation with an unreliable company, there is a high probability of a complete failure.

    There are a number of “signs” that characterize a reliable provider:

    • Data integrity and accuracy. Please note that if inaccurate and unreliable information gets on the platform, conflicts with the audience cannot be avoided. Therefore, be sure to study the reputation of the company, reviews of customers who are already cooperating with it, reviews of players who have bet on this platform.
    • Methods and formats for providing data. Be sure to research what methods and format the provider offers Many data providers offer different formats for implementing rates and events, so you need to choose the one that best suits your platform. It is important to make sure that the documentation is transparent, which determines the time and financial costs of integration.
    • Risk management is an essential “component” of a successful sportsbook with decentralized bitcoin betting, the volatility of which increases risk. If the data provider does not have a team and tools to manage risks, then you will have all the responsibility, incl. take over financially.
    • The opportunity to stand out. You always have the option to generate exclusive sports data yourself, however, this will increase the price of the product, the development time, and the efforts to maintain the platform. Therefore, it is better to first choose a provider that offers high-quality software with ready-made and up-to-date data that can surprise even sophisticated players, and then gradually connect bonus offers that players will find it difficult to refuse.

    When creating an online bookmaker, carefully study all the conditions so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises, because. with additional unforeseen expenses in the future.

    To protect yourself from any risks, contact our company, where you are guaranteed to receive not only high-quality software, but also after-sales service.

    Our team is expanding its data offering by working with different market-leading vendors. We take full responsibility for the quality of the supplied data. Clients of our company can focus on the development of their project without being distracted by operational duties.


    Cryptocurrency-enabled bookmaker software brings the following obvious benefits not only to platform owners, but also to players:

    • Minimization of risks of non-receipt of winnings;
    • Complete anonymity of transactions;
    • High security of transactions in all aspects;
    • The ability to study the conditions of a smart contract, which are guaranteed to be met;
    • Minimization of commission fees and their absolute transparency.

    All of the above benefits are the key to the success and profitability of your business.

    Do not hesitate, we offer you software with the best conditions for crypto bookmakers and good prospects for the future!

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