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  • Gambling site - tips to increase the profits of your project

    Gambling site is often filled for ages: we create, write content, and update sometime later, closer to the 10-year anniversary. This saves time, but greatly reduces the profitability of the resource. For several years now we have been monthly reviewing all the affiliates’ gambling sites, especially those that are constantly updating outdated information.

    First-hand information

    And here’s what we were told by affiliate managers, who work closely with gambling sites and affs:

    The first months of work and auditing were the most difficult: we found redirectors from three years ago that didn’t work and screenshots with designs from 2013. And some old affs didn’t even know about our new brands.

    Some partners responsibly changed the logo and instantly updated referrals, but some sincerely did not understand: the site works, what else is needed?

    Now we still check the sites, but it takes less time. As a result, players find on the casino site exactly what it says in the review.

    Gambling site

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!
    To apply

    What needs to be updated first?

    • Refs. Just click through all the links, some of them may not work or lead to a dumpling shop. Check the redirectors and the domains of the links. If you do not know if the redirector is old or new, just create a new referral in the promo materials section and compare it to the one on the site. The affiliate links are always correct.

    Lifehack: not to change all referrals individually, set up a unified link management system.

    Gambling site

    Screenshots of the casino, the logo and design description in the text. All online casino projects have changed design at one time or another. Players switch from reviews with the old design, do not understand where they got, and fall away.

    Gambling site

    Project Descriptions. We add new slots every week, there are frequent payments, software providers, changing functionality, bonuses and rules. Specify the correct number of games. Software providers – at least 5-6 from the list: Playtech, Netent, Igrosoft, Novomatic, etc.

    Currencies and payments – don’t forget to add Bitcoin. Some of our projects have sports betting, be sure to specify this and add them to the betting sections. Follow the news of your partners, update relevant information and ask your affiliate managers more questions.

    Promo materials: banners, branding and branding. In order to keep players from having banner blindness, they need to be constantly updated. A site with New Year’s Eve promos in the middle of July looks abandoned and is not trustworthy.

    Gambling site

    The easier and clearer the review and the more recent the information, the more likely it is that players will make a good deposit. Content decides!

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