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  • Rules for casino bonuses

    Rewarding players is an integral part of the policy of any offline or online casino. Most often, gambling establishments encourage regular customers and VIPs, thus motivating them to return and continue to play.

    The list of awards and compensations may include a variety of offers. While there is controversy surrounding the long-term value of rewards, and even their place in a progressively responsible sector, rewards for loyalty, high stakes or multi-channel play, bonuses continue to be an important incentive and effective marketing tool in the ever-evolving iGaming industry.

    With a high degree of probability, it can be argued that bonuses will be used in various forms to attract and retain players for many years to come.

    To ensure your gambling business is successful in a highly competitive market, learn the golden rules of casino bonuses. They will work in your favor, motivating your customers to play for money more often, to make more “cool” bets, which will have a beneficial effect on your profits.

    Rules for casino bonuses

    Go beyond free spins

    Casinos that are in demand among players offer bonuses of various shapes and sizes. They are not limited to just providing a few free spins. For example, players who play regularly can expect more generous perks.

    It can be:

    • exclusive competitions and prizes,
    • practical jokes,
    • tempting offers,
    • generous prizes that are not available to other players.

    Many casinos have started to implement their signature no deposit/single spin big prize mechanics with a chance to win big sums of money to increase the involvement of recreational players. Such a policy gave generous “fruits”.

    Gamblers are given the opportunity to win various bonuses with low stakes, including scratch cards, free spins from 3 to 5, free bet, etc.

    Despite the variety of offers, free spins remain the main component of bonuses that all players like.

    Your task is to find a creative solution in which free spins will be successfully combined with additional promotional tools. For example, try to “make a cocktail” by mixing a deposit bonus with free spins. There is every reason to believe that in this way you will be able to increase the level of engagement of the audience, especially if this reward is available for collection within a few days.

    It is also possible to link a certain number of free spins to a player’s deposit amount. Operators can use this feature as a tool to motivate players to make larger deposits, as well as reward players with smaller deposits.

    Thus, you can go much beyond simple free spins by using creative branded marketing tools that will make your gambling establishment special for users, and will distinguish it favorably from competitors. Let’s look at the options for successful combinations of free spins with other bonuses.

    Cashless Rewards + Free Spins

    Free spins are a universal iGaming classic that seems to remain “immortal” as a valuable activation driver. You can develop and analyze marketing campaigns by taking advantage of the countless free spins features for specific games.

    For example, these can be mini-games where you can set up a random number of free spins, bonus spins, or additional free spins for small winnings.

    Even more attractive can be the setting of endless spins before receiving a win, so that the player does not leave empty-handed and in a bad mood.

    Don’t be afraid to go beyond choosing just the number of free spins. You can use different options, for example, a reward setting where there will be only certain games or a certain amount to bet on each free spin. You can also involve the player in the setting so that he can choose the number of spins himself, depending on the value of the spin rate within a certain budget.

    At the same time, instead of the wagering requirement, you can set up any games, any bets, any product that will be available regardless of the restrictions on free spins.

    Deposit bonuses with free spins

    The deposit is the most common form of promotion and is often used as the basis for attracting new players. Those. one of the most frequent types of remuneration provides for a conditional free spin with a certain deposit amount. For example, for €20 deposited by a player, he gets 100 spins and the option to deposit another €10 to get 200 spins.

    Such a deposit is also often used as a tool to attract new players or increase the loyalty of regular users, as well as to motivate them to make large deposits.

    To increase interest in the game, you can offer the visitor to receive an attractive 100% deposit bonus + 30 free spins.

    Your task is to create the most attractive bonus, which will have the optimal ratio of the number of free spins with the player’s deposit amount, deposit history, or even the payment method used.

    Analyze all current marketing moves and adjust them

    Easy registration

    The very first thing you should think about is a simple registration.

    According to many experienced casino managers, even the most attractive bonus offer will be useless without the right strategy, platforms and tools to attract and retain players.

    If you offer a player to go through a quick and hassle-free registration with a simple form and an affordable deposit, as well as a guarantee of compliance with their obligations, then with a high degree of confidence, users who enter the casino site will stay here for a long time.

    For players, an important point is the ability to start the game, as they say, without delay and wasting time on a long registration process with long forms. Fans of gambling entertainment draw conclusions about whether to play in this casino or not, starting from the moment they hit the main page.

    If the registration procedure is long and complicated for you, be sure to correct this moment.

    Reward system

    Now an increasing number of operators, when serving the audience of the Y / Z generation, use an attractive reward system based on the use of gamification tools and methods. Players are given incentives to sign up for emails, make their first deposit, or play a certain number of games to unlock bonuses right from the start.

    With advanced and customizable bonus tools at its disposal, the operator has full control over numerous parameters of the bonus campaign. Plus, with real-time management and reporting tools, you can instantly identify and act on any necessary changes.

    To understand how effectively your bonuses serve your goals, you can get a complete overview of the campaign using the power of the bonus management feature. This can be done using the integrated system dashboard and real-time reporting.

    With widgets, you can completely personalize your dashboard to perform a number of important tasks:

    • get information about the key performance indicators of your campaigns;
    • to carry out round-the-clock monitoring of efficiency;
    • immediately identify trends that require attention.

    For real-time reporting, our company provides operators with an overview of the performance of each bonus campaign across 30 output aggregations. In addition, the program we offer provides a complete breakdown and status of bonus wallets, such as cashed out, lost, lost and expired, as well as the final net result of the entire campaign.

    Reward loyalty, engage and create personalized offers

    As practice shows, a huge number of developers offer players excellent bonuses to attract their attention and encourage their activity. However, at the same time they forget the basics of long-term interaction, resulting in the loss of a significant part of the players.

    It is necessary to take into account this bad experience, and start by segmenting your players into groups in order to offer them a certain set of rewards that suit their interests and experience in gambling.

    Before launching rewards related to player actions (deposits, transfers, claims or events), pre-determine specific actions for each group of players, based on which and set the appropriate rewards.

    For example, you can attract players to a certain game that offers a bonus immediately upon launch.

    The BonusEngine trigger opens up opportunities for creating and installing any type of bonus with its activation after the user starts the game. You, as an operator, can use this trigger for the following purposes.

    Introduce a new game with a very easy goal for the user, using appropriate text to attract. For example, “We are confident that you will enjoy this game. Therefore, you will receive a reward from us simply for discovering it.”

    Create targeted advertising campaigns with rewards associated with a specific action. For example, it could be launching a game from a specific category. You can also create a journey that will become a guide for the player in choosing games for which he is rewarded. The player will need to open any table game, then a slot game, and so on until the finish line.
    Expand reward opportunities. You can reward players with free spins for launching new games. At the same time, you will receive feedback from them, whether they liked the game, how long the user spent playing it, how many bets he made, etc.

    To provide more fine-tuning of bonus campaigns, you can exclude or include casino games, analyze which games are better for the audience, which bring more profit, etc. You can also match bonuses with game parameters, including category, channel, game brand, and RTP. This will allow you to get the best ROI.

    Active players can also be rewarded with various rewards, such as loyalty bonuses, including additional free spins or deposit bonuses. It is also worth considering VIP schemes, in which real money bets accumulate VIP points. The latter can be used during the game or to receive prizes.

    A smart marketing strategy will allow you to take control of gamification using a wide range of tools, including tournaments, challenges, leaderboards, and mission-based player achievements. Gamification allows players not only to receive financial rewards, but also to make the game process more exciting.

    Use personalization

    Personalization is an integral part of interacting with a new generation of gamers. This tool must also be used in the bonus policy of the casino. For example, you can create bonuses in a tiered plan, including a common birthday bonus, as well as rewards for certain events, organizing seasonal tournaments for Christmas or Halloween. For example, you can delight your customers with additional behavioral bonuses designed for individuals and/or groups of players who regularly return to daily jackpot games.

    You must use all available tools and methods to satisfy all the requests and wishes of gambling enthusiasts. In this case, your establishment will be recognizable, visited and profitable.

    Control your costs and potentially problematic player behavior

    Cost control is a vital element of a casino bonus policy. It is important to create such a bonus policy so that in the end you win the trust of the players, arouse their activity and become a winner yourself.

    Therefore, you need to be sure that the casino is built correctly.

    To do this, you must be able to include and/or exclude and set deposit levels for all games across all verticals. It would be nice if the system contained widgets that give a complete overview of the KPI and the status of your bonus campaigns, for example, the ratio between bonuses won and lost bonuses. Using these features, you will be able to determine the level of “softness” of the bonus campaign.

    The list of other mandatory features should include control over the processing of bets. Operators should eliminate blacklisted offenders early on. At the same time, players who are active, make high bets, should receive a reward.

    Developers can offer bonuses for players who fund their account in the most profitable way.

    Monitor costs and potentially problematic behavior. With the ability to see your actions in real time, you can optimize your reward strategies at any time.

    Golden Rules of Casino Bonuses

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!
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    Bonuses and incentives for players have been, are and will remain one of the most important elements of any successful casino. Given the growing competition in the gambling market, where the level of customer service plays a key role, it is important to develop the right bonus policy.

    Practice shows that applying the right tactics and offering best-in-class bonus offers are essential components of any successful online casino.

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