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  • The role of API and UX in online casino operation

    API is a common name for different independent systems, each of which has a set of interfaces designed to interact with other systems.

    It is a practical solution, highly adaptable to changing conditions, allowing you to integrate online gambling content into your platform.

    How the unified API for online casinos works

    В целом все API для онлайн-казино довольно похожи друг на друга и позволяют реализовать команды управления балансом игрока: отмену ставки, зачисление выигрыша, получение актуального баланса, например, для начисления бесплатных раунды.

    How APIs are driving UX enhancements and improving operations for online casino operators

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    To apply

    How API integration works

    System integration provides for the implementation of all the necessary interfaces described in the documentation of a particular provider. Then testing is carried out with the subsequent release “in real life”.

    After that, it is necessary to monitor the performance of the integration, including the availability of servers, identifying possible errors, making changes and additions that come out with updates from the provider or due to regulatory requirements. It is important to be able to quickly respond to outages, which may be due to hardware problems or due to errors on the provider’s side.

    If the reaction is not fast enough, the risks of potential losses increase.

    You can avoid such problems if you adopt a unified API integration, with the help of which you will receive cutting-edge gambling products that will work 24/7 in the shortest possible time.

    Need for API Implementation

    In an ever-changing environment in the online casino market, both new and established operators are looking for new ways to stand out from the competition on key success factors including gaming experience, content diversity and functionality. Today, a prerequisite for the success of any operator is to improve the casino experience while maintaining flexibility and dynamism.

    It is no secret that many operators are still trying to offer players a personalized experience due to technical or operational limitations of their platforms that would allow them to quickly respond to market changes, responsible gaming or player demand.

    However, instead of old methods, the use of modern API development provides a solution to a number of tasks, including fast connection to third-party partners or applications, as well as the introduction of new features using modern technologies.

    API Development and Accelerated Integration

    According to the founders of EveryMatrix, the development of API-based products began many years ago when it was decided to separate their core applications in order to move from a “boxed” platform to specialized and independent products.

    As practice shows, the actions taken have resulted in better and faster management of vendor integration, as well as improved management of various product features, ranging from lobbies or reporting to wallets and players.

    API management makes it possible to solve a number of the following tasks:

    • improve the efficiency of online casinos;
    • provide additional services related to casino aggregation;
    • offer endless opportunities for players to gain experience in gambling;
    • expand customer service.

    The effectiveness of this tool is evidenced by data from CasinoEngine, which processes one billion in-game rounds per month and has a GGR growth of over 23% per year.

    These results were obtained as a result of analyzing the activities of various players in the gambling market, ranging from the Norwegian state monopoly Norsk Tipping or Tipico to new and very successful operators such as Wunderino.

    API technologies: a tandem of creativity and technology

    The API aims to improve UX as well as provide a personalized and localized experience for casino operators so that they can unleash their creativity with the provided context and technology.

    The tools provided by the API can be used by operators to have full control over their casino interface or to create the “face” of a website from scratch. As practice shows, this approach has become one of the important success factors for many casinos.

    APIs that provide business intelligence and decision-making information along with the display of a wealth of data also bring additional value to players while improving the overall UX of operators.

    So, as an illustrative example, we can consider the Live Tables API casino, which provides products from several vendors. Here, each player gets the following features:

    analyze game statistics in real time;
    determine the availability of tables for the game;
    observe the functions taking place in the game at live tables.

    Using other APIs, operators can observe specific work “details”. For example, instead of accessing many different third-party back offices, you can use the Game Rounds API to see the results of game rounds by logging into the RNG back office with a single API.

    In addition, the CasinoEngine user interface communication environment allows operators to fully control the gaming window on both desktop and mobile displays. They can receive real-time notifications in gameplay windows, regardless of whether they are related to responsible gaming (time and money limit reached or mandatory breaks) or maintenance windows.

    In addition, the operator has the opportunity, using additional buttons in the upper part of the game window, to control the functions of a quick deposit and a cashier, receive information about the game process, perform gamification functions, etc.

    To stay competitive, casinos need to expand the range of offerings for their players, as well as continually improve their desktop and mobile offerings. This approach allows you to expand the reach of the target audience and interact with them, which, in turn, helps to increase income.

    How APIs Facilitate Rapid Market Access

    In the online casino industry, the demand for specific gambling content is constantly growing, in which time is always of the essence.

    Therefore, the API in this situation makes it easier for operators to access additional markets while providing the best casino content available. And the developers of this unique solution have added more than 16 new game providers in the last six months alone. To date, the offering portfolio includes more than 8,000 games from 140 suppliers and sub-suppliers.

    Using the API, operators or other industry platform providers can easily integrate and access their portfolio. In addition, in addition to aggregation, the API functions as an integration layer between the operator/provider and the casino provider.

    Developers are working hard to quickly launch new content providers to support a constant stream of new games. So, most recently they were engaged in the promotion of content. This was made possible in the UK thanks to content agreements reached with leading game providers such as Red Tiger, Eyecon, Gamevy, Leander, Relax Gaming, Yggdrasil and ReelNRG.”

    API Benefits

    The API provides easy and seamless integration of many games from the industry’s leading developers. Using this technical solution makes it possible to quickly add games to any platform and save operators time.

    The system also has the following advantages:

    • Unified integration;
    • Gaining access to many markets;
    • Certified and licensed software;
    • Optimization for mobile devices;
    • Weekly game updates.

    By applying this technical solution, you can get more profit with less effort.

    The API is an ideal option for buying online casino games from top developers and adding them to your project with a quick and seamless integration in just one session.

    In this way, you can save time, cut costs, and eliminate the need to negotiate, sign individual contracts with multiple vendors, and perform other administrative processes.

    Purchasing a ready-made product gives you the opportunity to optimize the operation of an online casino by gaining quick access to the game providers of your choice, including their offers and promotional tools.

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