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  • Jackpot aggregator as an effective tool

    Is it possible to create a strong iGaming brand and build a successful business without players? The answer is obvious. Of course, this is impossible. That is why now the market is fighting for each player. Operators do everything to create a recognizable style, draw attention to their brand, encourage customers to visit an online casino or bookmaker.

    Casino owners should also pay due attention to the promotional and gamification tools they will use to achieve their goals.

    Jackpot aggregator. What is this?

    The jackpot aggregator is an innovative software product. It represents the Jackpot-as-a-service (JaaS) business model. Thanks to the jackpot aggregator, you can competently and comprehensively manage a campaign for drawing big wins.

    Jackpot Aggregator provides its users with a highly customizable virtual jackpot system. At the same time, you do not need to install any servers or configure equipment. Everything you need (installation and configuration of software) specialists will do in just 48 hours.

    At the same time, the software can be integrated into any iGaming project, such as game providers, online casinos, game aggregators, etc.

    How many players, so many opinions. Therefore, in order to attract the target audience, it is very important to pre-segment it.

    Because it is quite difficult to reach the entire audience of players at once with the help of a single advertising campaign.

    Using Jackpot Aggregator’s segmentation feature, operators can categorize their players based on various criteria and develop customized jackpot campaigns for each group.

    Through a personalized approach, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

    The aggregator allows you to get jackpot templates. This is a comprehensive solution for organizing a jackpot advertising campaign. Operators can use the template as it is or change the settings to develop a unique campaign. It all depends on the opinion of the developers of the online institution.

    How the Jackpot Aggregator Benefits your iGaming Business?

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    Jackpot aggregator. What tasks can be achieved

    The opportunity to win the biggest win, of course, is what attracts players, encourages them to visit online casinos, to be active, to bet on money again and again.

    The thrill of anticipating a big jackpot always stirs up the interest of users.

    A captivating game story and a significant jackpot pool are valuable “elements” for active players, whose attention is becoming increasingly difficult to capture and hold.

    Increasing the competitiveness of the brand, attracting new players, engaging active bettors and increasing the revenue stream are the strategic goals of any casino. A jackpot aggregator can help you achieve them.

    Now it is clear why the developers of any brand are trying to “tame” this technology and use it in their own interests.

    So, the jackpot aggregator allows you to achieve the following goals:

    • Increase interest in the game. Using this tool, you can attract the attention of players and encourage them to bet. Each operator, sooner or later, faces the problem of sophisticated users who are no longer so easy to surprise. In this case, the jackpot becomes an innovative solution that can attract the attention of both active and “sleeping” players.
    • Increase audience loyalty. Large-scale, memorable and popular jackpot campaigns are involuntarily associated with reliable and successful market players. This is the prerogative of reputable institutions. Casinos that offer their visitors the opportunity to win the jackpot instantly increase loyalty and trust. In the long run, this strategy usually pays off in the form of increased casino reputation and traffic.
    • Expand the reach of the target audience. Yes, as we already mentioned, all players are different, everyone has their own tastes, but the opportunity to hit a big win is equally attractive to everyone.
    • Monitor gaming activity and jackpot performance

    Jackpot campaigns are another integral part of the brand’s business model, which directly affects the profitability of the establishment. Jackpot Aggregator provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of all the actions that customers take in real time. Quick and comprehensive access to information is essential for the operator. Based on this information, you can implement the most winning strategies.

    Increasing the profit of online establishments

    The most effective practice for attracting players is jackpot campaigns. Thanks to them, the developer can direct traffic to a specific segment of games or a specific casino game. This helps to maintain the profitability of specific games or providers, especially if you pay attention to effective advertising.

    Stimulate the growth of the number of rates and their total significance.

    Of course, the possibility of winning attracts players to the institution, so they bet more often and more. Jackpots also contribute to expected gaming behavior (bet size, active time, etc.).

    Diversify the brand’s market offering.

    Online casino developers are well aware that in order not to burn out, you need to “put your eggs in different baskets”. Jackpot on certain slots or games of certain brands is an opportunity to diversify your business.

    Possibility of scaling the advertising campaign.

    With the Jackpot Aggregator, operators can combine several of their projects into a single jackpot campaign. Why is it beneficial? It’s all about advertising interest and the ability to combine more players in one game, where there is an opportunity to hit the jackpot. The larger the jackpot campaign, the more opportunities the operator has.

    Types of Jackpots

    Jackpots can be:

    • global;
    • Local.

    Local jackpot campaigns can be used to test the interest of the players and direct the attention of participants to a specific segment of games.

    Developers create global jackpots in order to combine several projects into a single campaign.

    Main Jackpot Benefits for Online Casino Owners

    Jackpot is an effective business and marketing tool to increase the online casino owner’s income and brand awareness.

    What advantages make a jackpot aggregator a truly exceptional and valuable instrument?

    • Jackpot Templates. Use ready-made jackpot campaigns to launch your campaign in three clicks or create your own from scratch. With Jackpot Aggregator, you are free to choose how you organize your campaign.
    • Unlimited number of campaigns with simultaneous jackpot draw. You can try as many approaches as you need to find the most profitable and effective solutions.
    • Omnichannel integration. Make jackpot campaigns available to all players on all devices they can access.
    • Multicurrency. Expand and scale your brand, explore new markets and attract players from different regions. The jackpot aggregator is capable of supporting jackpots based on multi-currency bets.
    • Global Jackpots. Playing jackpots between several online establishments is a great opportunity to unite the brand’s casinos within one or more advertising campaigns. In addition to collecting general statistics, this feature allows operators to track the interest of players in several casinos at the same time.
    • Maximum implementation speed. With the ability to operate the system without a physical server, time to market is significantly reduced. Software installation takes approximately 48 hours. Agree, it’s very fast.
    • Professional team with extensive experience. Our specialists can install, configure and update the virtual jackpot system. This saves the client’s resources to maintain a separate team to maintain the system.
    • Easy integration. Any casino platform, gaming aggregator or provider can easily be integrated with Jackpot Aggregator. All elements of the company will work as a single system, complementing and reinforcing each other.


    Creating and promoting a brand is a real challenge for operators. The sphere of gambling is quite thin and regulated, so over time, many promotion methods lose their effectiveness. Jackpots today are becoming a non-trivial way to engage the audience, give them new emotions, increase brand loyalty, and increase the influx of regular players.

    The jackpot aggregator allows you to use this tool as competently and efficiently as possible.

    Jackpot Aggregator is the company’s all-in-one marketing solution designed to reimagine the use of jackpot campaigns and squeeze the most out of them.

    If you decide to break into the world of jackpots, we will be happy to help you. Do you want to increase the competitiveness of your brand, increase your profits? Then join the jackpot revolution!

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