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  • How to become an online casino partner

    Gambling is one of the most lucrative niches in the entertainment industry, which, until recently, was almost impossible to enter without investment. After the movement of gambling to the Internet and the emergence of online casinos, the situation has changed. Now IT people have such an opportunity.

    And this is not about working in a casino, but about attracting traffic to gambling offers, for which you can receive a stable income from commissions for referred customers. These are affiliate programs. Today, there is an active growth in the online gambling market due to an increase in the number of Internet users, including those countries where gambling is banned. However, this does not prevent those who wish to register and play online.

    You can start in arbitration with a small investment by launching advertising campaigns on various sites. The profitability of such campaigns can reach 70% or more, and with proper use of tools, even hundreds of percent. Let’s look at how to start making money in this area.


    How does the affiliate work?

    Партнерка онлайн-казино

    Affiliate marketing works according to the following principle: the webmaster invests his own funds in advertising campaigns and other ways to attract traffic, and the advertiser, in turn, pays for the attracted customers at a predetermined price. At the same time, the cost of attracting new users should be lower than the amount of commissions received. This difference will form the webmaster’s profit. Otherwise, the advertising campaign goes into negative territory, and the arbitrator incurs losses. This is the main risk of partnership business.

    The advantage of arbitrage traffic as a business is freedom and scalability. First of all, webmasters can act without being tied to a place, and all they need to work is a stable Internet connection and money to attract traffic. In addition, after linking links to profit, they can be easily scaled up by increasing the cost of advertising, recruiting employees and attracting other webmasters.

    Cooperation with an online casino as part of an affiliate program is also suitable for those who prefer to work alone and, as practice shows, receive a high return on their investments. At the same time, they have the opportunity to involve specialists from outsourcing companies in the preparation of materials for the launch of advertising campaigns.

    How to Become a Casino Affiliate

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    To apply

    Casino affiliate commissions

    To receive a commission for a player, a participant in an affiliate program must use effective tools that make it possible to motivate potential users to follow an affiliate link in a casino and perform a targeted action. After that, the advertiser, evaluating whose link a new user comes from, the advertiser understands who to pay the commission to.

    The online casino pays a commission for the following main targeted actions of users:

    • registration;
    • making the first deposit;
    • making a re-deposit;
    • for the total amount of deposits for the entire period of registration of the client;

    the amount of income received from the client.

    Types of commission payments

    Комиссионные партнерки онлайн-казино

    Gambling traffic arbitrage provides for the following types of payouts.

    • CPA is a payment for a completed target action: for registration or making the first deposit. This type of payment usually provides the lowest fees, but it is the easiest way to get traffic.
    • revenue share. In this case, the casino shares a part of the income received from the user with the webmaster. Such a scheme of cooperation is offered to affiliates whose traffic has already been verified earlier. In some cases, the advertiser can share with the webmaster not only profits, but also losses. Practice has shown that
    • Revenue share is an excellent option for generating passive income.
      hybrid. The method provides for payments for the target action and a percentage of the profit received from the player.

    How much can you earn by becoming a casino partner

    The amount of payout for one player is affected by the target action and the potential income that it can bring to the casino. In order not to incur losses, the advertiser always calculates these factors.

    For example, the most expensive players are residents of developed Tier 1 countries, namely middle-aged men who not only registered, but also returned to the casino many times, replenished their balance and played. At the same time, advertisers calculate such actions using a hold (temporary freezing of funds). Usually, the initial hold lasts 14-30 days, during which the incoming traffic is checked, and thus bots and fraudulent traffic are eliminated. For conscientious webmasters, in the future, the hold decreases, and the payout percentage increases.

    Compliance with the conditions of the casino and the competent launch of advertising campaigns allows you to expect at least 100% return on investment and a good income.

    How to Choose an Online Casino for Promotion

    Как выбрать казино для партнерки?

    When planning to start working with an online casino directly, a webmaster may face difficulties, and it is also inconvenient for an advertiser to work with many small teams and single affiliates that attract small amounts of traffic. To organize such work, there are affiliate programs that create a service for webmasters to work and attract traffic to advertisers for a small percentage.

    Working with an affiliate program for a webmaster has the following advantages:

    • easy registration,
    • getting an affiliate link,
    • tracking statistics and receiving payments.

    In addition, everyone has a personal manager who controls the interaction between webmasters and advertisers.

    An online casino, in turn, also receives its advantages from an affiliate program: convenient placement of its offers in an affiliate program and getting thousands of partners, transferring all the work to the shoulders of affiliate programs.

    Affiliate programs offer various working conditions for gambling offers, including the ability for a webmaster to work simultaneously on several offers or geos. While the personal manager will give his recommendations when choosing an offer, knowledgeable people say that it is better to start with trusted brands.

    In addition, there are affiliate programs directly from advertisers. Here you will not find a variety of different casino brands, and the work of the program itself is built around the promotion of one brand, which, compared to regular affiliate programs, gives a more loyal attitude towards webmasters and higher payouts.

    An affiliate program with an advertiser gives the webmaster other benefits:

    • bonuses in the form of exclusive promotional materials,
    • higher rates,
    • new brand offers that are not available to affiliates from other affiliate programs.

    How to become a casino partner

    So, we have come to the most important thing, namely, to the step-by-step actions that a novice webmaster needs to do to start working with an online casino.

    • Choose an affiliate program and sign up for it.
    • Select a traffic source.
    • Choose an offer based on reviews or recommendations from a personal manager.
    • Discuss the conditions for providing traffic.
    • Get an affiliate link.
    • Launch an advertising campaign on your link.
    • Control traffic quality and profitability.
    • Receive payments and reinvest them.


    In principle, you can start working with gambling traffic at minimal cost. To get the first, tangible profit, we recommend starting from $500 on paid traffic sources and $200 on shareware sources.

    At the start, it is better to focus on one source and 1-2 familiar GEOs. Since attracting traffic in different countries has its own differences. Therefore, it is better to switch to new GEOs after the first campaigns start to generate a stable income.

    In the long term, it is better to work with several traffic sources to avoid drawdowns and losses. Now there are all the tools to work in this direction, even without special IT knowledge.

    This area is suitable for those who consider Internet marketing as their main job, and for those who want to earn income in a “semi-passive mode”.

    You can start searching for a suitable affiliate program on your own or contact our company. Our experts will help you make the right choice.

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