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  • Online Casino Promotion on Google in 2024

    Promotion of a gaming site is distinguished by its specifics. In addition, in many countries, casino advertising is strictly regulated or even prohibited. Violation of the law is punishable by administrative or criminal liability.

    For example, let’s compare two online casino advertising slogans.

    “We have the highest odds” and “Thanks to our high odds you will get a high profit”.

    So, the first advertisement is allowed for use, and the second is considered illegal. The fact is that according to the law, the slogan “creates the impression that participation in games is a source of income.” And for this violation, a fine will be charged.

    Therefore, casino promotion requires the involvement of experienced and legally savvy specialists, as well as copywriters who know, in a word, know the intricacies of SEO promotion, marketers who are able to think over a tempting policy to attract the target audience.

    How to promote an online casino?

    Against the backdrop of high competition, online casino promotion should be carried out on an integrated basis using the most reliable, proven and effective tools for the marketing strategy of the gambling business.

    SEO promotion of online casinos

    So, the site is ready, the software is purchased, the license is issued, the casino is launched. However, after some time, you find that no one enters the casino, except for your employees and people with a direct link. And the thing is that your site is not visible in Google. In order for the search engine to accept your project and even start recommending it to users, showing your establishment on the first pages, you need to correctly promote it.

    In the search results, online casino competitors are not only other similar sites, but also bookmakers, sweepstakes, lotteries. Therefore, in order to attract customers, it is necessary to launch a powerful promotion of a gaming site. The best option to start with is to work with thematic low-frequency queries.

    Before starting to promote an online casino, an SEO optimizer works on the structure of the site itself so that users do not just enter the site for the sake of interest, but become customers. To do this, the specialist issues a technical task to improve the structure, usability, design, content content of the resource. All these points need to be fruitfully and painstakingly worked.

    In addition, you need to work on advertising, i.e. attract users to your establishment. To do this, you need to use a lot of tools: affiliate programs, social networks, contextual advertising, a CRM system for casinos, email marketing, loyalty programs, etc.

    Partnership programs

    An affiliate program is a way of placing advertising materials and links on third-party sites and platforms. It performs the function of PR and SEO promotion, which, along with other requirements, also provides for the presence of external links.

    Affiliate programs have the following advantages for online casino promotion.

    Guaranteed return on investment. Affiliate program contractors receive money for results (conversions, sales, traffic) and if the contractor does not bring clients, then he does not receive a reward;

    Risk minimization. This is ensured by the fact that the performer’s actions are limited by the TOR, with the requirements prescribed by the advertiser for the audience involved (gender, age, interests). It will not be superfluous to describe what cannot be used in the promotion.

    You can achieve maximum efficiency at the start by involving several performers, among which you will be able to choose the most effective one over time.

    Social networks as a tool for online casino promotion

    SMM is one of the most effective online casino promotion channels. Social media has many benefits.

    • A million target audience that has gathered on Instagram and Facebook with one goal – to have fun, so you can easily sell online casino services there under the guise of another source of pleasure.
    • Constant contact with subscribers, since the average Internet user under the age of 29 spends more than 3 hours daily on social networks.
    • Targeting. This is an option to show advertisements to a specific audience according to the specified parameters.
    • Opportunity to collaborate with reputable bloggers who are trusted by people.

    To promote an online casino in social networks, it is necessary to attract an SMM specialist who will draw up a promotion plan, maintain a business account and launch targeted advertising.

    Context advertising

    Context is the ads that are displayed on the Internet to potential customers. Note that Google imposes strict requirements on online casino advertising. Thus, the text of the ad must comply with local laws, be shown only in certain countries to persons over the age of 18.

    When compiling a contextual ad, you need to be careful. Along with the fact that the title should be catchy and defiant, it should not break the law. Undoubtedly, the promotion of a gaming site is a rather complicated matter. And contextual advertising also requires the ability to balance on the edge, so it is better to entrust this matter to a specialist. But the game is worth the candle! This tool is able to bring customers to the casino site instantly!

    Casino CRM system

    In order for a Marketing strategy to become as effective as possible, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of your audience. And to facilitate the work, it is recommended to “attach” a CRM system to the site, which automatically collects and structures data about visitors. The implementation of the system allows you to simultaneously solve several problems:

    • automate work with popular customer requests;
    • create and segment the database;
    • expedite service;
    • win over the audience;
    • supervise the work of employees of the institution.

    The most popular CRM systems are SendPulse, KeyCRM, Corezoid, Salesforce. With the correct application of the program, you can increase profits up to 40-50%. CRM simplifies website promotion and makes it more efficient.

    Email Marketing

    E-mail allows you to communicate with customers. Using email marketing, you can quickly inform users about new bonuses and programs, give gifts, and in every possible way encourage visitors to return to the online casino.

    To use this method of promotion, you need to build a customer base. And you can do this with the help of a CRM system, pop-ups, landing pages and contextual advertising. Given that users are not always willing to share contacts, they are encouraged by promises (for example, receiving bonus coins and chips).

    Loyalty Programs

    To increase audience loyalty and keep it on the casino website, special marketing techniques are used. These include:

    • access to VIP tournaments;
    • additional bonuses for replenishing a virtual account;
    • free spins;
    • individual limits;
    • progressive jackpot draws.

    Non-standard ways to promote the online casino industry

    In addition to the above-mentioned tools for promoting online casinos on Google, there are also non-obvious methods of promotion that have shown effectiveness in promoting online casinos.

    • Use social media business tools to track the actions of competitors. Thus, you will be able to identify the most effective tools to use in your own business strategy.
    • Adapt your site to a mobile format that allows you to attract more users who surf the Internet through smartphones.
    • Use the benefits of seasonal marketing, heavily promote the site during quarantines and holidays, when the target audience has a lot of free time.


    How to Promote Gambling on Google in 2024

    Relevance of text content

    Periodically evaluate the text content of your site, and, above all, the one that once ranked well, and then began to disappear from the search results. This may happen because it is simply outdated and no longer corresponds to the facts, user requests and the nature of these requests.

    It is important to remember that if there is too much content on the site that is outdated and has lost some informational value, the site may be downgraded in the issuance at the level of the entire host. This is how the Google Fred filter works.

    To correct the situation, you can use the following options: you can rewrite the articles, merge them, supplement them, or simply delete them.

    The complex use of tools for promoting an online casino site will make your resource recognizable by search engines. True, this will not happen immediately, as the algorithms are cautious about new sites and are in no hurry to raise them to the top.


    Against the backdrop of the development of search algorithms, the old familiar SEO practices still continue to work, but in a different way. Plus, new ones are added to this, which repeatedly increase the possibility of promotion.

    If you cannot determine the growth points in Google on your own, or just want to entrust online casino site promotion to professionals, contact our company, we will definitely find effective means of promoting your site in Google.

    By entrusting the promotion of the casino site to specialists, you get guarantees that the entire scope of work will be completed without violating the law. Proper use of effective ranking tools can speed up the promotion time of your resource so that you can quickly start working at full capacity and receive income.


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