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  • Affiliate partner segmentation in iGaming

    The process of dividing the target audience into several groups, taking into account similar characteristics and needs, allows you to identify and select one or more groups for research, which will help determine market share, calculate sales and develop a sales strategy.

    Segmentation allows you to make a deeper analysis of the target audience, which gives an understanding of how to attract the attention of the client, what needs to focus on and how to help the consumer find a solution to the problem.

    For segmentation, the same methods and tools are used as in traditional and digital marketing. However, the segmentation methods used in modern affiliate marketing differ in several specific nuances.

    Affiliate Segmentation Features and Benefits

    To date, segmentation is recognized as one of the best methods used to promote an affiliate program. However, in order for it to work as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to choose the right criteria for the correct division of the target audience and use the tools wisely.

    Let’s look at a specific example of how segmentation works.

    So, one partner attracted about 200 new players to your casino platform in a given month, who spent a total of $100,000. However, 150 of these players were recruited using a revenue share commission model, while the remaining 50 were affiliated with a CPA commission.

    Looking at these results, you need to understand which channel performed best and study the reports. Using the segmentation tool, you will be able to separate these groups, evaluate the situation and decide on the next steps.

    Since different types of affiliates require different types of commissions and other resources, there is a need for a personalized approach. Therefore, you can target each affiliate group separately and promote them according to your marketing preferences. Promotions, creatives or other marketing approaches can be used to activate and attract each group of affiliates.

    Also, the casino segmentation tool is a great way to track the behavior of your partners in the field of iGaming, and based on this, it is purposeful to use different promotion methods for each group:

    • newsletters,
    • best commission plans or bonuses,
    • different coupons and promotions.
    How to Segment Your Casino Affiliates?

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    How to Segment Your Partners in the Casino and iGaming Business Properly

    Proper segmentation of affiliate programs is based on the criteria you need to use for this process. We suggest considering the following options.

    Region/target market/partner niche

    These criteria are very important, since the types of affiliates and the rules of the game may differ significantly in different regions. Using segmentation, you can filter out all the good and bad information that will help you find the best partners.

    Partner types

    Different types of affiliates can participate in the affiliate program, including media platforms, bloggers, streamers, review websites, video creators, B2B resellers and others. All of them differ from each other not only in the industry in which they work, but also in personal preferences in the methods of their work. Segmentation will help you create an action plan for each group.


    To promote your online casino games, affiliate members use different platforms, including social networks, blogs, media advertising, and others. Since this group is closely related to the target market of affiliates, segment by channel. This will allow you to determine which platforms are the most cost-effective for your business.

    Partner efficiency

    The decisive moment for your further cooperation with each affiliate can be the direction of his activity. Depending on the type of activity, all affiliates are conditionally divided into three types.

    Affiliates who generate sales and are already your key performers, supplying you with traffic and sales. Since you don’t want to lose these partners, separate them into a separate group to keep all your main players in one place.
    Inactive affiliates. This group includes members of your affiliate program who do not show the necessary activity and send minimal or no traffic.

    You can use segmentation to track their activity, and by selecting them in one group, take measures to increase their involvement and activity. And then, based on the analysis of their activities, it will be possible to conclude whether to continue to work on the affiliate program or not.

    Affiliates who send traffic but don’t receive conversions. Segmentation will help to identify such a group of affiliates in order to understand what problems prevent them from getting a conversion and provide appropriate assistance. Note that while maintaining constant communication with your affiliates, you will be able to easily and quickly solve problems that have arisen, and return them to the desire to actively cooperate with you.

    Promotion Methods

    This is an important segmentation criterion for separating partners who prefer different channels, methods of work and markets for your promotion. Therefore, the needs of your iGaming partners for creative or promotional materials will vary depending on various factors. That is why it is useful to segment casino partners by your promotion methods in order to be able to track how much effort and bonuses each group needs to progress.


    Affiliate marketing has already opened up many new opportunities for the global network, but there are still many factors that work in one area and are useless elsewhere. This may indicate that you most likely already have preferences for certain regions more than others. The reasons for this may be:

    • commission rates,
    • accepted norms of the proposal,
    • official language and many other aspects of each country.

    Therefore, it is necessary to segment iGaming affiliates by their location in order to find out the most profitable zones for your operator.

    Now that you know the best practices for iGaming segmentation, you need to choose the safest and most efficient affiliate program. Our company offers a flexible tool for creating and segmenting an infinite number of groups and reports. Affiliates, in turn, can use several tools and reports in their work that ensure transparency and reliability of partnerships. Their list includes:

    • marketing tools;
    • integrated payment system;
    • secure P2P postback system;
    • automated payments.

    We guarantee that you will be able to make your affiliate marketing programs perfect and effective with the provided set of tools and built-in plugins for targeting and attracting different groups of players in all countries of the world. By the way, many of them, which are the first of their kind.

    Benefits of Segmentation

    Segmentation allows you to:

    • find your niche;
    • allows you to focus on promising groups of affiliates;
    • assists in the development of a marketing strategy and the choice of communication channels;
    • allows the company to predict the needs of each segment and offer them appropriate partnership options;
    • helps to create an organization structure in which all work is focused on improving customer service;



    Competent segmentation of affiliates makes interaction with affiliate program participants more efficient, helps to increase traffic and profitability of online casinos.

    Using segmentation and marketing tools, you can bring your online establishment to the top, make it recognizable and popular.

    For consulting support, please contact our company. We will help you solve all your questions!


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