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  • Starting a Bitcoin bookmaker

    Currently, there is a strong growth of the Bitcoin bookmaker, which is undergoing a transition from a traditional sportsbook to decentralized sports betting platforms. In fact, experts’ forecasts are the most optimistic. They give every reason to create a successful business in the cryptocurrency sports betting market.

    A bit of history

    Recall that the first online bookmakers working with bitcoins appeared in 2012. At the same time, the popularity of digital currency is largely due to gamblers. Against the background of the ban and the war against online casinos, online bookmakers and poker rooms in the US and some other developed countries, players had to look for an alternative to real money transfers to play online. Therefore, after the appearance of the opportunity to exchange and cash out bitcoins, this became a way out of the current situation.

    Now there are already many bookmakers that accept bets in cryptocurrency. Among the most popular are:

    • cloudbet,
    • Nitrogen Sports,
    • jetwin,
    • betcoin sports,
    • AnoniBet.

    The above bookmakers are registered in countries where bitcoins have a legal status or are not illegal, for example, in the UK, Curacao, Costa Rica.

    Recently, there has been an active growth of bookmakers accepting bitcoins. Experts explain this trend with a huge number of requests from their users who want to use the available bitcoins.

    How to Start a Bookmaker Office

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    Using Sports Betting Software

    To get the best experience with sports betting software, you need to understand the principle of the most efficient way to use bitcoins in your software.

    In general, sports betting software offers players two methods to work with Bitcoin betting.

    1. Payment option. This method provides for the full transfer of bitcoins into the currency of the bookmaker at the time of making a deposit. Subsequently, the wallet is credited in the same way as when using Mastercard cards or in the online payment mode.
    2. Currency option. Thanks to the betting software’s capability, players can use bitcoin as a currency for any transactions, and refrain from exchange risks and dealing with your upfront payments.

    How to Start a Bitcoin Bookmaker

    БК биткойн

    Given the ever-increasing popularity of digital coins, a bitcoin bookmaker is the ideal bookmaker’s answer to the demands of bettors who want to bet in cryptocurrencies.

    If you want to launch a bookmaker that accepts bitcoins, you need to find a reliable partner and purchase high-quality software.

    Good software for a sports betting platform using cryptocurrency opens up a wide range of opportunities for players:

    • Access to casinos and virtual games from the world’s best partners;
    • Access to countless games and matches;
    • Adjustment in fourteen days;
    • Full anonymity and confidentiality guaranteed;
    • Inclusion with branding as well as customization;
    • Easy blockchain and fee management.

    The bitcoin bookmaker also offers games that are attractive to users with different preferences.

    Benefits of cooperation with our company

    Букмекерская контора Биткойн

    The choice of high-quality software is the key to success in the gambling business!

    We offer you bitcoin sports betting software, ready to run a bookmaker. Players from different countries can freely place bets, which will positively affect your profits.

    Since the first launch of the cryptocurrency software in 2017, we have continued to work on improving the online betting experience for bitcoin users. The software developed by our team of specialists will help you easily create your own virtual platform for legal and regulated gambling. Purchasing a turnkey solution allows you to reduce the time it takes to launch a bitcoin bookmaker and start your profitable gambling business.

    Our software provides the bookmaker and bettors with a wide range of options. So, the owner can independently choose sports events, and the user is offered a large selection of games, the use of cryptocurrency with fast deposits and instant withdrawals!

    In offering you our bitcoin bookmaker software, we want to tell you about the main features of the product that can be considered as strong arguments for purchasing it.

    Our software meets all the requirements that a cryptocurrency betting portal must meet. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

    Confidentiality. This factor is extremely important for clients who are interested in using a platform that allows them to maintain confidentiality and anonymity. This is confirmed by the online ratings, where privacy is on the first line of the most important characteristics for a reliable bitcoin bookmaker.

    Integration. The software products can be easily integrated into other online platforms through iFrame and API, which allows you to include the sports book option in the online casino and conversely, the online casino can be included in sports betting. The advantage of cryptocurrency compared to conventional currency is its great flexibility, which ensures high transaction speed. Our customizable platforms allow you to go beyond bitcoin and use other cryptocurrencies.

    Profitability. The very structure of a bitcoin bookmaker ensures that even with the lowest margins, profits are guaranteed!

    Therefore, starting a Bitcoin bookmaker is a profitable investment in creating a successful business that will generate income not only today, but also in the long term.

    In addition, the online platform for sports betting in bitcoin differs from our company in a number of advantages that are valuable for both the bookmaker and the players. The strengths include the following characteristics:

    • Excellent reputation among players;
    • Attractive promotions and bonuses;
    • Availability of a high standard VIP program for players;
    • The possibility of obtaining a fantastic gaming experience;
    • Flexibility and the availability of a mobile application that allows you to place bets from computer devices without being tied to a place and time;
    • High level of customer service for any requests on the bitcoin bookmaker platform;
    • Fast, simple and free registration with a minimum amount of personal data, which includes: date of birth, email address, username and password.
    • End-to-end cryptography, which provides the maximum user experience, both when making a deposit, and in games with digital currencies.

    If you want to start a bitcoin bookmaker, we can help you do it!

    The time has come!

    Чего еще вы ждете, если настало время, чтобы начать свое путешествие в мире биткойн букмекерской конторы сегодня вместе с нами!

    Сделать это можно просто и быстро. Вам нужно заполнить нашу контактную форму, чтобы связаться с одним из наших экспертов. Мы поможем вам создать свою личную стратегию прямо сейчас и занять свою нишу на рынке ставок на спорт!

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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