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  • NFT gambling

    Cryptography, which offers new forms of security and anonymity, is rapidly breaking into the iGaming industry today.Players now have access to blockchain games and the ability to use cryptocurrencies to pay.

    Currently, a new shift has begun in the world of gambling caused by the advent of Web3 and Metaverse, where users are demanding a more immersive experience.This is where NFT casinos come into play.

    What is an NFT casino?

    NFT casinos allow players to directly interact with visual interpretations of casino games.That is, the concept of gambling turns into an immersive game in which players immerse themselves in their digital self.In doing so, the NFT creates an open digital environment where only NFT casino holders are allowed access.The operation of NFT projects is based on the same principle as traditional gambling sites.

    • Players create accounts, make initial deposits, play and receive rewards.
    • Operators add new entertainment and bonuses to the sites, launch affiliate programs, place ads and get a steady income. The key difference between the standard and NFT casinos is the use of non-fungible tokens, as well as increased security, faster operation and good performance.
    NFT gambling

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    NFT Casino: Key Features

    NFT казино

    Revolutionary online NFT casinos have their own characteristics that distinguish them from the usual virtual establishments.

    1. Use of non-fungible tokens

    On a gambling site, NFTs can be used for various purposes, ranging from unique interface elements (icons, avatars) to cumulative bonus programs.

    In most cases, tokens are presented in the form of NFT games, such as:

    • slots;
    • action fun;
    • desktop entertainment;
    • poker;
    • shooting games.
    1. P2E content is based on Play-to-Earn technology – “play to earn”.
    2. Conducting NFT transfers NFT is used as a unit of account, instead of fiat currency (US dollars, euros, Norwegian kroner), cryptocurrencies (bitcoins, ethers) or together with them. While bets and winnings in the casino are often calculated in fiat units, cashback is credited in NFT assets.

    There are projects that only work with non-fungible tokens.

    1. Installation of a modern payment system

    In order for an operator to be able to manage NFT assets, he will need a reliable blockchain wallet for collecting tokens and well-known cryptocurrencies with a virtual storage linked to an online casino.

    The list of popular NFT wallets includes:

    • Coinbase;
    • AlphaWallet;
    • TrustWallet;
    • “Megamas”

    and others.

    Entrepreneurs can connect traditional payment methods to the casino: Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and others, and financial modules will provide convenient currency conversion at a loyal rate.

    6.Integration of KYC module

    Know Your Customer KYC protocols are used in all licensed casinos, regardless of the type of currency they work with. NFT projects are no exception, in which, during the initial registration of a user, the program requests the gambler’s personal information (name, age, email address). Further, on the basis of data consolidation, the gamer is automatically checked each time he visits the gambling site.

    Benefits of an NFT

    Casino Projects with non-fungible tokens have a number of advantages that are strong arguments to connect an NFT casino. Let’s take a look at them.

    • High response from the audience.

    Due to decent payouts, honesty and transparency of session results, interesting bonus programs, gamers are happy to bet money on NFT sites. It is the acquisition of valuable NFTs that is a condition for gaining access to special rewards, large bonuses and increased cashback.

    • High level of security.

    The blockchain technology underlying non-fungible tokens provides increased protection for the casino from the negative impact of hackers, internal sabotage, as well as incompetent actions by employees of the online establishment. Therefore, confidential customer data and digital assets of the operator are completely safe.

    • Good performance.

    For an NFT casino, a characteristic feature is stable operation even under critical loads on the IT infrastructure of a gambling website or mobile application. This solution is also suitable for scaling an already operating gambling business in order to expand the scope of activities or enter new markets.

    • High image indicators.

    The NFT casino is an innovative and sought-after product on the market. It is highly interested among gamers, B2B partners and investors. Note that there is still low competition in this area, which gives an excellent chance to secure a leading position in the industry.

    NFT-based slot machine: what is it

    Слот-машина NFT

    A feature of NFT-based slots is their creation using the blockchain.Entertainment is a decentralized application (DApp environment) with a uniform distribution of modules on several servers.

    Benefits of Innovative Entertainment Content

    The growing popularity of the new product has a number of advantages:

    • guaranteed honesty of results;
    • completely independent operation of the slot machine increases the confidence of the audience in the gambling site.

    The software manufacturer or operator cannot make changes to the functionality of the emulator in order to reduce the return in the game and other parameters, such as volatility, frequency of bonus features;

    • full confidentiality.

    DApp technology is built on the transformation of each gambler’s data into an abstract sequence of bytes, due to which the received information cannot even theoretically be decrypted, faked or deleted;

    • flawless graphics.

    Slot machines pleasantly amaze with original soundtracks, gifs, photos, videos;

    • unique content created on the basis of tokens, which has no analogues in the modern iGaming market;
    • the possibility of social interaction.

    Users have the opportunity to exchange valuable assets not only within the online casino, but also on special platforms. Operators have the right to organize additional tournaments, achievement races and mini-quests with the drawing of non-fungible tokens;

    • automatic payments.

    Users can withdraw prize funds through smart contracts. All payments are made offline by the blockchain platform, which makes the payments transparent and more secure.

    How NFT Games Work

    NFT казино

    The new generation slot machine works according to the following principle.

    1. A sequence of numbers is formed. It happens with the help of RNG, that is, the order in which the main and bonus options, game icons and other elements appear is determined by the built-in random combination generator.
    2. Information is sent to the cloud storage. The processing of the received data is carried out using the blockchain with the transformation of information into a unique hash function, which even theoretically cannot be decrypted.
    3. Retrieval of data from the storage is done to illustrate successful and unsuccessful combinations on the slot reels. Table games work on a similar principle, as well as video poker and other content that has random number generators. In Play-to-Earn entertainment, the functionality is more complex, because the winnings of gamblers depend not only on the combination of symbols, but also on the application of the gaming strategy.

    It includes the purchase of bonus features, participation in team competitions, the exchange of non-fungible assets, and other tactical actions. Please note that each NFT holder can use their NFT to provide usefulness to the casino network by turning the system into a self-sustaining casino in which participation is rewarded. In addition, it creates a self-sufficient loop using proof of ownership as an empowering tool.

    Prospects for the future of NFT assets

    Перспективы NFT

    NFT assets, in fact, are a tool for the formation of the metaverse – an independent virtual world of the future, which will be available to users living in different countries and on different continents.One of the key trends of the next decade is non-stop play in the metaverse.According to experts, for example, to visit the famous casino complex in Macau, a gamer will only need to wear a special headset.And it will not be in the distant future, but within the next 10-15 years!

    Non-fungible tokens are an important element in building the gaming universe of the future.

    Along with VR and AR, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, they contribute to the creation of a three-dimensional reality with the effect of presence inside the system. You can not wait a decade, but start implementing innovative technologies in online casinos right now and order a branded NFT casino in our company. Our programmers and designers will create a product of any complexity.

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