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  • Ready-made online casino templates

    A site template is a set of files that are used by the content management system (CMS) to form the appearance of the site and determine the form of displaying information on the site. Another name for a template is a theme.

    The template contains:

    • files of various images for the header and other parts of the site;
    • display style file style.css;
    • other CSS files;
    • site parts formation files;
    • included and other files.

    Templates make it easier for website developers to focus their efforts on the many more important issues that come up when building a website.

    The main advantage of casino templates is that they have all the necessary functions for online players. All layouts are attractive and colorful. Using a simple HTML template, you can create a small site yourself, for example, dedicated to a particular game. Themes that can be installed on popular CMS are very convenient.

    For example, WordPress templates are designed in the same style on the main page, and on all other subpages.

    Templates for online casinos open up great opportunities for those who decide to use them. All themes in this category are simple and reliable, so you can create a website without having knowledge in the field of programming and design. All the necessary filling for the perfect functioning of your site has already been developed and implemented by specialists. You just need to order a template through a simple form on the site, pay for it, and after receiving all the sources by mail, you can start filling your project.

    Benefits of templates

    Online Casino Website Template: How To Choose?

    Ready-made online casino templates allow any user to create and customize a website on their own without involving freelancers – designers or web developers.

    Using a template is a good way to create a website for users with a limited budget that does not allow them to order website development in a web studio.

    Templates are also great for professional developers. A ready-made solution allows you to facilitate the complex process of creating a website.

    Ready-made themes provide quick creation and launch of the site and have a number of other advantages:

    • modern design;
    • the ability to configure SEO parameters for better site indexing;
    • a huge selection of designs;
    • good functionality;
    • thoughtful structure and navigation on the site;
    • the opportunity to see what the site will look like before it is launched.
    Online Casino Website Template: How To Choose?

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    How to choose a website template?

    When choosing a template for an online casino, you need to pay attention to the following points:

    • relevance of the template for your field of activity, as there are various templates designed for different business niches;
    • a web design template should have a well-thought-out structure that makes it easier for users to navigate through sections of the site;
    • flexibility and customization options with which you will customize the template to personalize your site;
    • “Responsiveness” of the template design so that the site is displayed correctly on the screens of mobile gadgets;
    • the reputation of the template provider and the availability of customer support so that if necessary, you can contact with questions related to the template;
    • SEO-friendly characteristics of templates. Remember that the use of “clumsy” templates with a long loading time will negatively affect your site’s ranking in search engines.


    Which template to choose?

    f you want to open an online casino, you can order a turnkey website development or use the casino template as a solution for self-development.

    So, WordPress templates for creating a website are recognized as one of the best. Their advantages include simplicity, versatility and multifunctionality. Using the constructor and a convenient admin panel, you can quickly create a site, and the functionality is added without problems using plugins.

    We decided to save your time looking for the right template and offer you to get acquainted with the list of the best online casino website templates.


    This theme is great for creating a profitable site that uses an online entertainment affiliate marketing scheme. The Mercury template has a responsive design that displays beautifully on all devices. The theme offers 4 post layouts, 9 widgets and 3 special post types that can be easily customized. Using this template, you can create a user-friendly and user-friendly website. You can also write articles and blog posts and post reviews of the most popular games there.

    Poker Dice

    A stylish template makes it possible to build a website on its basis even without any programming skills. Convenient and understandable Drag&Drop website builder will make website development an exciting quest. Included with the template you get a special add-on for adding sliders, maps, pop-ups and so on. In order not to waste extra time on development and configuration, you can install a demo theme along with standard data in just a few minutes.

    The admin area of the template features a wealth of options that allow you to customize everything from fonts and colors to menus and footers.

    You can leave the hat as is or make it sticky. The menu can be made into a mega menu or a drop down menu. The footer supports 1 to 4 columns and can be customized to your liking. You can add as many contact forms as you like. And if you want to customize the design of your site more carefully, then use the PSD files that are included with the theme.

    Due to the responsive layout, the template is optimized to work with tablets and mobile devices. It displays beautifully on Retina screens and is optimized for search engines and quality SERPs. It can be easily translated into any language, including Russian.

    Slot machines

    This is a responsive casino and slots website template. The theme works equally well on any screen, is perfectly editable through a simple admin panel, and also supports various post formats.

    The template supports dozens of shortcodes and can be installed in two easy steps.

    The theme has useful widgets, including social buttons and comments, and a handy customizer. In addition, it supports backup options and is optimized from an SEO point of view.

    The template contains hundreds of Google fonts and beautiful sliders that you need to promote your landing pages. It has a portfolio and blog feature, supports parallax effect and lazy loading. These features will be sure to be appreciated by your online casino visitors. Convenient navigation is provided by a drop-down menu, tabs, a tag cloud, tooltips, and the “Go to Top” button. You can add a calendar and a Google map to your site.

    In addition, the package includes all the stock photos that are in the demo theme.

    All presented online casino templates meet all modern UX / UI design requirements, so your site will be as user-friendly and understandable as possible. Thanks to the colorful and stylish design of the main page, both experienced players and beginners will definitely notice it.

    Online Casino Website Template: How To Choose?

    5 Common Myths About Template Websites

    There are common myths about websites built using templates. Let’s find out which of them are true and which are not.

    1. Is a template a constructor?

    No. A website builder is a tool for creating a website from ready-made solutions and modules, while a template design is a website layout that visualizes your future website.

    2. A template site is a faceless “consumer goods”

    This is wrong. Despite the fact that templates are sold or given out in tens of thousands and initially they really are faceless pages, all changes and fillings are made by the buyer. For example, any WordPress template can be modified to fit a specific gambling theme.

    Do not be afraid that your site will look like thousands of others. If you put effort into working on its design and changing the original template, it will take on individual features and become unlike everyone else.

    3. Template sites are hard to promote

    Not true! In terms of promotion, a template site is no different from others. And, if you are faced with ineffective SEO, then the reason lies not in the template, but in the ineffectiveness of the actions you take. For example, promotion is hindered by the lack of internal optimization, the purchase of low-quality links, and the low qualification of the optimizer.

    4. Templates have little functionality

    It is likely that the starter template will not have enough functionality for your purposes. For example, if you are planning to make a site with casino reviews, the template may not have the necessary sections or widgets. But you need to understand that the main purpose of the template is the appearance of the future site.

    To expand the functionality, you can always do it yourself by adding plugins or modules, or use the services of a programmer.

    5. Template is not cool

    Many users want to see a unique site, and not a standard template with changed colors and texts. Naturally, there is a rational grain in this desire. It is hard to imagine a site of a large online casino company with multi-million dollar turnover using a primitive template.

    It is important to understand that the template is the base that you can change it beyond recognition by dressing it up like a Christmas tree with functional “toys” and all sorts of options. By the way, website developers also use templates in their work as a basis for future unique projects.

    Cons of Templates

    As in every barrel of honey, templates have their own fly in the ointment in the form of some shortcomings, among them the following are worth highlighting.

    • Site similarity. We talked about this above and how it can be fixed.
    • The presence of hidden links. Developers leave them in templates to increase the author’s recognition. However, for the site owner, this can turn into a cruel joke.
    • Therefore, if you do not check all the outgoing links on your site, this may reduce the effectiveness of the promotion due to their large number.
    • Difficulties in change. This may be due to improper development, as a result of which the refinement of such templates can take you quite a lot of time and effort.


    When developing a site using a ready-made template, be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend time and effort on finalizing it.

    In the gambling field, time is often more valuable than money, so we recommend that you take a closer look at the possibility of developing your own website with the involvement of specialists.

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