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  • How to control excitement and emotions in a casino

    Often, the love of gambling entertainment can become a harmful addiction for a person if he cannot control his excitement and emotions in the casino. Let’s find out the reasons, learn about the consequences and ways to reduce the risks of becoming a gambling addict.

    What is gambling?

    Excitement is called an emotion associated with the anticipation of success in something, moreover, not necessarily adequate to reality. As a rule, for regulars and new casino visitors, excitement is associated with risk and the desire to win some material wealth.

    It is important to understand that in gambling the outcome is always unpredictable and uncontrollable. And even if you have developed your own strategy, it does not control the game process and does not guarantee success in the fight to win in the slot.

    All you can control is yourself and your emotions.

    Self-Control in the Casino

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    Is gambling worth it?

    Such a question can be bewildering to gamblers who hold the firm belief that gambling is specifically designed to provide an opportunity to experience a powerful rush of adrenaline and emotions.

    It’s no secret that in order to get such gambling sensations and experiences that are lacking in everyday life, people are ready to go to great lengths.

    However, most gamblers are rarely able to attribute their gambling addiction to specific reasons. There is a large part of people who simply consciously completely lose their deposit and then calm down. However, gamblers who, having lost all their money, begin to play on credit or on credit to continue the game, cause concern. Such cases are an alarming call that makes you think and think about how to learn to control gambling, and what needs to be done for this. And here is the answer to the question: “Is it worth it to control your emotions in a casino?” is clear and affirmative.


    Gambling control is not an easy task

    In the vast majority of cases, winning at a casino is not an easy task. And the more difficult it is, the more the player’s excitement increases in confrontation with the casino. And even stronger emotions cover the player when he acts against a real opponent during the tournament. The struggle to win is the main trigger that increases the excitement and the desire to “go to the end”.

    However, unfortunately, passion and the inability to keep one’s emotions in check can lead a person too far, when problems may arise that concern not only him, but also his loved ones. Lost money, debts, showdowns with creditors – and all because a person does not have the willpower to cope with addiction.

    Note that most players do not even think about why they constantly gamble until the next deposit is lost. Here, the pleasure of the game fades into the background, and a person in a fit of excitement tries his best to tame the gaming machine.

    It happens that in a fit of excitement, the player begins to think that right now he will receive the biggest win, and luck at the moment will solve all his problems. And what does he do? Yes! He makes a huge bet in the hope of hitting the jackpot.

    Naturally, with high chances of losing the wagered money, there are not so many winning opportunities, as a result of which all-in bets end in tears. Fortunately, at some point, many players come to understand the need to control their excitement, so as not to be left without pants, as they say. And if some people can decisively pull themselves together, then it is better for gamblers to solve the problem consistently.

    Controlling Loss Is the First Step to Taming the Gamble

    Подход к ставкам как ключ к азарту

    If you understand that excitement and indomitable emotions when playing in a casino have become a problem for you, start managing your excitement. The first step should be to control losses.

    You need to learn how to severely limit yourself once the casino spending limit has reached its maximum. Alternatively, you can use the transition to the game in demo mode, which will protect your game deposit from rapid depletion, as well as increase the time of playing in the casino several times, even without all the other tricks.

    In addition, you need to learn to play not just on a whim, but using some kind of logic or game strategy that increases the chances of winning. It is important to understand that a random game often ends with a casino win, which is provided by mathematical algorithms, and this is confirmed by statistics. However, the player has the opportunity to win through the use of their strategies and game methods.

    Each specific case depends on the type of person with certain inclinations and the level of excitement. At the same time, someone is controlled using this natural quality, directs it to receive benefits, while others, on the contrary, become a victim of unbridled excitement and reckless acts.

    Speaking about gambling addiction, it must be said that there are cases when a person depends not only on the game (the actions themselves), but on the “enjoyment” of losing. It’s paradoxical, but a super-hyper-gambler can perceive loss as a pleasure and feel like a victim. That is, when he wins, there comes a state of dissatisfaction with himself arising against the background of the launch of a certain reverse process, which the player does not even suspect.

    At the same time, the development of such a state occurs gradually, and a particularly large number of such people are observed among “fans” of sports betting. And what is most interesting, people who are far from sports often make these bets. They are driven by passion, which can be controlled and directed in the right direction. For example, to reduce the degree of desire to uncontrollably spend money on bets, you can go in for sports or creativity. As practice shows, it is quite possible to achieve great heights.

    Changing the approach to betting as a way to control gambling

    One way to control gambling is to change the approach to betting.

    You must clearly define for yourself for what purpose you are betting. If, by depositing money, you want to earn money to buy a new phone, then (no offense), your understanding of the rates is clearly not true.

    Nobody argues that sports betting and online casinos are a kind of source of passive income. However, you can’t count on getting money easily, relying only on excitement and the desire to hit the jackpot.

    When considering bets as a passive income, the player needs to realistically assess his financial situation, or rather, free money that can be spent on the game without harming himself and his loved ones.

    It is even better if you consciously earn/save this money for further playing in the casino or betting.

    To control the excitement and yourself in the casino, learn not to worry about losses, but study the mistakes in detail in order to analyze all unprofitable bets and their size at the end of the month.

    To keep excitement and emotions under control, you should not consider playing online casinos and betting at bookmakers as a means of easy money. This attitude towards gambling can eventually turn into an unpleasant thing called gambling addiction, the fight against which is long and difficult.

    Only you can evaluate your attitude to bets, how exactly to play, and what to get from them. But we must always remember that excessive emotions caused by gambling can be fatal to a person. While playing in a casino, it is necessary to maintain the ability to think logically and find answers to each question with an understanding of the causes of these questions.

    How to overcome excitement and emotions in a casino?

    Азарт в казино

    Regardless of which (land-based or virtual) casino the gambler plays in, there is no smell of peace and tranquility here. Emotional players tear and rush, scream with joy and roar with grief of defeat, with the difference that in an offline establishment their behavior is seen by others, and online casino players immerse themselves in their emotions without spectators.

    In pursuit of winnings, players in the heat of their excitement can sit at the card table or in front of the slot machine for a day without a break, while being surprised that they are called addicted people.

    I must say that any gambling establishment is designed so that its visitor is completely lost in time, not understanding how many minutes or hours have passed, what time of day it is, day or night. And here it is important to note that the warming up of natural excitement is facilitated by the design of slots that blink with all the rainbow lights and show an almost winning combination, and the game is accompanied by music that can lead away from reality, plunging into the world of dreams and hope that winning is within easy reach. And at such moments it seems that it is impossible to quit the game, however, in order not to fall out of the time frame, try to dose gambling entertainment. For example, set a timer and schedule a useful activity after the game: an evening walk with a family friend, a workout, or a meeting with friends.

    An excellent external irritant in the game club is specially selected music, which quickly disorients the guest in space. Therefore, when sitting in front of the monitor of a virtual institution, simply turn off the built-in speakers.

    Be sure to occasionally take a few minutes away from the roulette table, the card table, or the slot machine for a few minutes to clear out, have a drink, or eat something. Note that even this short time brings the player back to the understanding that there are other interests besides continuous play.

    If you understand that you cannot quit playing for many hours, then it’s time to seek help from a psychologist. Yes, not every gambler can immediately make this decision, because they do not realize the scale of the problem. Once a person admits his addiction and agrees to accept professional help, he has a chance to cope with the problem.


    Excitement is a feeling inherent in every person, but it must be used with the awareness that in the passion for gambling it can cause the development of gambling addiction. Do not complicate your life, learn to manage your emotions and feelings in order to avoid negative consequences when visiting a casino. Just play and enjoy the process of gambling without turning it into an addiction that is often difficult to deal with!

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