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  • Casino site structure

    If you want to open your own online casino, the future owner hopes that his project will be successful and profitable. And this will become a reality if the site is attractive, convenient and safe for gamblers for both beginners and experienced players.

    The structure of an online casino site is a key point in order for it to compete in the market, attract new users and keep them in the game for as long as possible. For gamblers, the convenience of using the site is of great importance. It is very important that everything works clearly, quickly and safely. Then the user can simply enjoy spending free time in the online casino.

    Principles of creating a casino site structure

    The creation of online casino sites provides for the observance of certain principles that are fundamental for the effective operation of the resource. Their list includes such key points.

    • Convenient navigation that allows the player to easily and quickly move from the home page to their favorite slot or other type of gambling entertainment offered: roulette, poker, blackjack.
    • Simple management of deposit and withdrawal of funds, so that the gambler can start playing without spending a lot of time and bring you more money. As practice shows, long processes completely discourage the players from continuing to stay on this site, and they simply leave. Moreover, they have a large selection of venues where you can spend time with your favorite hobby.
    • Easy game search. To do this, it is necessary to distribute all the machines into sections, which will speed up the search for slots, and the user will soon start spending money.
    • Good tech support. It must be prompt, accurate, available around the clock. It is important that the chat activation button is visible to the players and is easily accessible, and the response is not long in coming.
    • Convenient registration form. To achieve the goal, it is recommended to limit the number of fields to a minimum, and also allow the user to fill in the missing information later. At the moment, the best option is to register at an online casino using social networks.
    • Correct placement of promotional offers. To place banners with promotions and discounts, use the main page or sidebars. Please note that the advertising area should not cover the main playing field, but it is better to place it so that it is right in front of your eyes on any page.
    • The design of the homepage is key, and it is important that anyone who comes here does not feel like a traveler who cannot find the right way.

    As practice shows, often the user of the site, regardless of whether he is a beginner or a gambler with a great gambling background, does not want to spend a lot of time looking for the right content and studying the menu in the labyrinths of incomprehensible navigation. Therefore, the casino interface should be as intuitive, convenient, understandable and efficient as possible.

    Structure of an Online Casino Website
    Structure of an Online Casino Website

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    Home Page Structure

    The main pages of an online casino should have a structure that includes the following elements:

    • main sections and categories of entertainment;
    • part of the collection of slots;
    • a panel for authorization, which allows you to create an account, recover a password, and pass authorization.
    • current jackpot status;
    • information about current promotions and bonuses in the form of a slide banner;
    • live chat for communication with technical support, contacts;
    • information about the availability of a license, rules, user agreement, etc.

    In order for the player to quickly perform the necessary action by pressing a button, this tool must be optimally large in size and be clearly visible. For a convenient and quick search, it is recommended to place a filter on the page, with which you can find entertainment by name and developer.

    It is important that the casino be available in the language of its target audience, and even better if the interface is multilingual, as it will be difficult for some visitors to create an account and play without knowing the language and not understanding what is written.

    The above requirements for the online casino interface are general, so when developing the site structure, you need to carefully study all the nuances. And then a high-quality interface of the casino resource will be the first step towards a successful business.

    Structure of a multi-page site

    If an online casino site has more than one page, then all the functionality can be “spread” across other pages to create even greater user experience.

    On the second page, it is recommended to make the Statistics section, which can be accessed by clicking the button in the menu on the Home page.

    Here is published information about the current amount of jackpots: bronze, silver and gold, as well as a list with the latest winners. Note that such information is of great interest to users and fuels the desire to try their luck and break good taste.

    Playing field – this section of the online casino site indicates the slots that are most often launched by players. On it, you can also create a search for an automaton by keyword through a dedicated search form.

    Since the online casino for money supports the addition of optimized slot machines, they can be assigned a separate place in the “New” section, inside which they can be distinguished by genre and manufacturer.

    Here you can place information about the features of new games, bonus offers for all new slot machines and for each slot machine.

    Appearance of online casino

    Each online casino has its own distinctive features in the design of the main page, which is the hallmark of the institution.

    Several sections can be placed in the thematic menu, and a window can be placed at the top of the screen, and a special button can be created to go to the desired section. Below you can place banners with information about all the latest news in the life of the casino and in the gambling field.

    In addition, you can put most of the most popular slots on the start page, make a special section dedicated to tournaments.

    In general, all key information should be on the main page. Care must be taken that this is not a “porridge” of a large number of windows and buttons, but a harmonious combination of information inserts with bright banners.

    The main page should not create a feeling of overload with unnecessary information, and should be logically distributed on the screen.

    Below the menu and registration buttons, there should be additional sections containing information about payment systems or features of a free game.

    Bringing all the necessary information to the main page is a huge plus in the structure of an online casino, as the user will be able to immediately evaluate the summary of the current sections, and then decide which section to go to. And bright banners will invite the visitor to make the first bet and activate the welcome package.

    In a multi-page site, the pages should have a close relationship with each other and the ability to quickly navigate.

    Structure of an Online Casino Website


    If you want to open an online casino and order a turnkey website development, please contact our company! We will develop a gambling platform for you with the correct structure and unique design that will make your business successful and profitable!

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