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  • Web3 sports betting and casino platform

    Web3 is a hot topic in the crypto world today, and according to many experts, the new blockchain-based network provides an opportunity to create a new Internet. Recall that the Ethereum company has become a pioneer in the development of several protocols that are designed to provide users with access to a more transparent and open financial system that does not require permission.

    What is Web3?


    Web3 represents the third generation of web development and design. It is a decentralized network running on a blockchain platform.

    Simply put, Web3 is a new way of using the Internet that gives users control over their data. At the heart of building a Web3 application are decentralized protocols: IPFS, Filecoin and Ethereum. They provide better user experience and security, and are more efficient due to their independence from central servers.

    Web3 sports betting and casino: How to build an iGaming platform

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    The History of the Internet Web3

    The first version of the Internet available to the consumer was launched in the mid-1990s. It was called Web1 and it was it that opened up the possibilities for the creation of major websites and Internet applications that changed both society and financial systems.

    With the further development of technology, the interactive Internet Web2, more user-oriented, appeared. As a result, they were able to share data more efficiently and fairly than ever before. While the current Internet, which includes everything from Myspace to Facebook to online banking and mobile apps, is the driving force behind the modern Internet experience, many feel that Web2 is flawed.

    Experts cite a strong dependence on centralized architecture and rent-seeking economic models as the main reason.

    The new Web3 system, based on the blockchain, is confidently replacing its predecessors. It has gained momentum in recent years, thanks to decentralization, fairer access and more democratized economic models.

    Web3 Features

    Особенности Web3

    The Web3 system is based on the use of blockchain technology to create a fairer Internet, and decentralized finance is the Web3 version of a more transparent financial system.

    While blockchain and Web3 are separate from decentralized finance, they share many characteristics. In particular, they use decentralized systems that have the following advantages.

    Web 3 are systems that are open and fair without permission. This means that users can use the network regardless of the centralized facility.

    Web3 blockchain systems open access to everyone. With this feature, users can access their cryptocurrency wallet and certain additional network infrastructure from their laptop or smartphone with just a few clicks.

    Decentralization in the context of blockchain means that the network operates independently of the control of a centralized intermediary, which is usually evidenced by a widely distributed global network of nodes that make it possible.

    The absence of escrow means that users’ funds are no longer held by a bank or financial service provider. And instead of relying on centralized systems, users can use various financial instruments such as loans, loans, staking and others on their own terms. That is, they can withdraw their funds at any time without external tutelage or bank approval.

    Web3s use economic systems and governance structures that are heavily based on asset tokenization and decentralization. Compared to traditional approaches, the ability to buy, trade and invest in fractional and fully divisible digital assets contributes to a significant reduction in the entry barrier for users.

    Sports Betting Web3 Casino

    Taking into account the advantages and new features of the Web3 system, it is interesting for implementation in online casinos.

    Therefore, even today, the Web3 sports betting and casino ecosystem brings together companies with experience in the field of sports betting, casinos, NFTs and decentralized crypto wallets or Dapps. Thanks to decentralization technologies, blockchain and the token-based economy that underpins Web3, the gambling industry has received a new reality. And our development is the result of our vision of this ecosystem.

    We have made it possible to transform online betting and casino management with the help of blockchain!

    Our company offers the integration of the platform we created into your Crypto ecosystem. With the functionality of Web3, you will be able to offer users a user-friendly experience, allowing them to place bets, play thousands of casino games, or play live casino games, for example, in a casino floor.

    The blockchain network is fully compliant with anti-money laundering regulations. Such transparency will make gambling accessible to everyone.

    Benefits of the Web3 sports betting and casino platform

    Thanks to the experience and creative ingenuity of the company’s specialists, we have managed to create the latest specialized gaming platform Web3, which is the only modern decentralized unique product of its kind.

    Centralization has created a stable and reliable infrastructure that has helped billions of people connect to the World Wide Web. However, at the same time, a small part of centralized organizations managed to strengthen their positions in large sections of the World Wide Web, deciding unilaterally what is possible and what is not.

    Understanding the situation and the need to empower users, we have created a Web3 betting and casino platform that is the answer to this dilemma. Now, instead of the Internet being monopolized by big tech companies, Web3 is decentralized and owned by users. Simply put, Web3 puts power in the hands of individuals, not corporations.

    In addition to traditional sports betting and casinos, our bookmaker offers the best esports, lottery and bingo module. We also offer our clients our own affiliate program tailored to your business model.

    Web3 sports betting in numbers

    Our platform offers the most favorable conditions.

    Number of sports events available for Web3 online betting:

    • sports prematch: 100,000+ events/month
    • real-time betting – in-play: + 60,000 events per month
    • sports categories: 80+
    • Casino games from over 75 providers include:
    • Slot machines – more than 15,000 units;
    • Tables – more than 500;
    • Video poker – more than 700 options;
    • Games of other categories – more than 200 titles.

    In addition, we offer live casino games with the full atmosphere of a real casino.

    Live casino types include:

    • Live game show;
    • First person games;
    • Slots;
    • American roulette;
    • Black Jack;
    • Baccarat;
    • Live Casino Hold’em;
    • SIKBO live;
    • Dragon Tiger live;
    • Andar Bahar live;
    • Teen Patty live.

    Lottery and bingo game in numbers:

    The list of entertainment on offer includes:

    • Bingo – 80+
    • Lottery games – 130+

    Types of virtual games

    • Football;
    • camel race;
    • horse racing;
    • racing track;
    • greyhound;
    • tennis;
    • super trainers;
    • football league;
    • speedway.

    Why choose the web3 sports betting and casino platform?

    Given the new opportunities that users will have, Web3 sports betting and casinos are positioned as the future of online gambling. The new blockchain-based network offers cryptocurrencies, sports betting, casinos, DAOs, decentralized finance, through which users get a solid financial share and greater control over the web communities they belong to.

    How to create an IGaming platform

    iGaming платформа

    If you want to keep up with the times and meet new market trends, use the new features of the Web! They allow you to buy cryptocurrency directly on the betting platform, however, this requires its integration with your cryptocurrency token or a special exchange.

    To integrate new ones, you can choose the platform of the NFT market. A simple implementation process can take up to two weeks.

    However, if that’s not enough for you, our Web3 platform will allow you to use your own token to increase your liquidity.

    Our team of specialists will help you create a next generation IGaming platform based on blockchain and decentralization.

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