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  • BetKing Online Casino

    BetKing Online Casino
    • Issue price 125 000 USD


    Have you ever dreamed of building a successful business? Do you want to invest your money in a profitable project with maximum return? Do you want your business to be promising and profitable today, tomorrow, and many years later, so that it feeds you in old age?

    Then you should definitely consider our offer!

    2022 is a year of change. Many companies faced difficulties, many began to work in the red, many went bankrupt. Despite the difficulties, gambling has remained popular. This direction brings profit – stable, the growth of which is several times faster than inflation.

    History of creation

    BetKing online casino launched in 2020. What we did for this project:

    • Market analysis, competitor analysis. The cost of the work of specialists – 1800 USD.
    • Business plan preparation. 1000 USD.
    • Buying a BetKing domain that is 5 years old. One-time costs – 150 USD. Such a step will increase the confidence of search engines in the site and simplify its promotion.
    • Creation of an individual design. A team of specialists worked on the design: site developers, programmers, designers, marketers, testers. One-time costs – 10,000 USD.
    • Improvement of the site, creation of an adapted mobile version, costs – 1000 USD.
    • Connection of payment systems. One-time Costs – 750 USD.
    • SEO promotion. For this, funds were spent on writing SEO-optimized texts. One-time costs – 1000 USD, affiliate marketing – costs 3000 USD, Email marketing. At the moment, online casinos are being promoted through social networks. Costs – 10,000 USD per month. Regular advertising costs (buying links, affiliate programs, posting casino reviews) per month for 2 years of work amounted to – 24,000 USD per month

    For two years, we have also invested a lot of time, effort and money in the formation of a positive rating of the BetKing online casino, the trust in the institution from visitors from all over the world, honestly and productively fulfilling our obligations, making payouts of winnings. Our team of support specialists responded quickly to users’ questions, patiently helping them solve many technical issues.

    We have listed only the main costs. Having calculated the result of even the above costs, it becomes clear that if you decide to occupy your niche under the sun in the field of online gambling, buying a BetKing online casino with an impeccable reputation is much more profitable than starting from scratch. According to modern estimates, creating an online casino site, creating a design, remunerating developers, and advertising will cost you at least 100,000 USD.

    What conclusions will you get by buying BetKing online casino?

    • quick launch of your business;
    • quick payback and profit;
    • ease of launch due to the fact that we will put all the work and worries on our shoulders.
    • relatively low financial investment.

    We will provide interested buyers with attendance statistics, data on profits, gross proceeds, and business costs.

    If necessary, we will teach you all the intricacies of doing business in the gambling field, incl. SEO promotions and strategies for better traffic acquisition.

    For an additional fee, we will integrate additional marketing tools, such as SMS, e-mail newsletters, web push notifications, a call center, etc.

    We offer a turnkey solution that will allow you to start not from scratch, but already having in your hands a “strong, reliable, safe ship” that will lead you to success, successfully bypassing underwater reefs and underwater rocks!

    • Property type: Full Rights Transfer (100% ownership)
    • Subtype: On
    • Lease Type: None
    • Tenancy: None
    • Lease Term: None
    • Remaining Term: None
    • Year Built: 2020