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  • Full House Online Casino

    Full House Online Casino

    Transfer of rights – 100%

    FullHouse online casino can be yours! Think about what you dream about? If you want to get a stable income without making any special efforts, be confident in the future, you should definitely consider this project for investment.

    The price of FullHouse online casino is only 150,000 USD. What do you get for this money:

    • A gaming site that is visited by more than 120,000 people from different parts of the globe.
    • Gross gambling income – 275,000 USD.
    • Net gambling income per year – 80,000 USD.
    • The average bet of 1 player is 200 USD.

    Thus, the project will pay off in less than 2 years. At the moment, this is not comparable to buying real estate, stocks, gold or other investments.

    • Recognized brand. FullHouse online casino has been successfully operating in the gambling services market since 2018. We honestly fulfilled our obligations, providing high-quality gambling service, fair payouts, and a generous marketing policy.
    • Unique design. The design of the FullHouse online casino was thought out and implemented by a team of experienced professionals. The end result that you see was created based on a survey of our visitors, analysis of their behavior on the site, advice from experienced experts who know a lot about creating web resources, marketing, psychology.
    • Advertising campaign. Throughout our activity, we have been actively involved in affiliate programs, buying advertising on a variety of projects, carefully checking and analyzing donor projects. Thanks to this, in recent years, the influx of active players making real money bets has grown almost 4 times! You can be sure that the advertising campaign will be active throughout the further operation of the FullHouse online casino.
    • Domain. The domain name is over 4 years old. Search engines treat it with confidence.
    • Content. On the online casino site, experienced copywriters were engaged in text design.
    • SEO promotion. FullHouse online casino is promoted by a variety of methods: Affiliate marketing, creating an email database, Email marketing, online casino promotion in social networks, Contextual advertising, CRM system, Loyalty programs, adapting the site to a mobile format, etc. Thus, not even investing in advertising in the future, you can be sure that your profit will only increase.
    • Technical support. We do not just sell FullHouse online casinos, we are ready to provide comprehensive support, teach you everything you need, help you understand incomprehensible questions and details.

    If we sum up at least some of the above costs, for example, creating a website, designing, buying a domain, it will be clear that buying a ready-made online casino that is already known to users is much more profitable than spending at least several years creating a new one, buying a domain, paying fabulous sums to designers, programmers, copywriters, marketers, SEO specialists.

    Today, when so many countries have been affected by the crisis, it’s time to think about how to invest your money with maximum return in the shortest possible time.

    If you analyze the gambling industry during the crisis, it becomes clear that gambling on the Internet is in even greater demand! All this is easy to explain. People are looking for opportunities to get distracted, relax, experience positive emotions, earn money without putting much effort.

    People who love excitement are not going to give up gambling. They may bet a little less than usual, but the temptation to win is too strong for any of them to stop completely.

    No one will take care of you if you don’t do it yourself. Invest your money profitably!

    • Property type: Full Rights Transfer (100% ownership)
    • Subtype: Online Casino
    • Lease Type: None
    • Tenancy: None
    • Lease Term: None
    • Remaining Term: None
    • Year Built: 2018