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  • iGaming Online Casino

    iGaming Online Casino

    Attention! Special offer! We offer you to become the owner of a legal iGaming casino with an international license with an impeccable reputation, which has a minimum payback period of 1 year.

    More than 4,500 games from branded providers are connected to the resource, there are active settings for promotions and tournaments, templates for daily mailing of letters and promotions to players are connected. The functionality of the casino includes a customized player return system.

    The advantage of the iGaming casino is the translation into 5 languages and the connection of 5 currencies with the possibility of increasing their number.

    Main payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Ecopayz, Neteller, Skrill.

    The main feature of the casino is the availability of a payment method that allows you to accept payments from countries where gambling is prohibited.

    In addition, the technical capabilities of online casinos allow you to connect mobile providers such as QIWI, Yandex Money, etc. It is also possible to integrate a CRYPTO merchant provider to replenish your account.

    Contents of the subject of sale

    With the purchase of a casino, the new owner receives:

    • casino domain (the term of the paid domain is 2 years with the possibility of renewal);
    • affiliate program domain;
    • open international gambling license;
    • casino website in test version;
    • casino back office in a test version;
    • casino website in prod version;
    • casino back office in prod version;
    • affiliate program website;
    • website on WordPress for pulling up media data;
    • customer database;
    • a database of webmasters and affiliates (contractors) who drive traffic.

    In addition, a database of 18,000,000 active users is sold with the casino.

    The price of an online casino includes the training of the casino management staff.

    You can consider the issue of connecting our traffic sources to this casino.


    The new owner of the casino will have to go through the process of rewriting the license in his name, which lasts about 3 weeks. In fact, this is not a long time, considering that you are purchasing an online casino with an expensive, modern and stylish design, adapted to all possible screen ratios.

    Buying our online casino is a profitable investment in a profitable business that will work for you efficiently and non-stop.

    The rapid development of gambling on the Internet gives every reason to believe that your choice towards buying an online casino is the right one.

    By purchasing a ready-made solution, you get the opportunity to start your own business here and now. And if you count the time and money that you would have to spend on obtaining a license, buying a domain, on fees and taxes, SEO promotion and much more, you will understand that purchasing our ready-made iGaming online casino with full settings and high-quality software is a rational and balanced solution!

    • Property type: Full Rights Transfer (100% ownership)
    • Subtype: Online Casino
    • Lease Type: Lease, purchase with recurrent payments
    • Tenancy: 60 months
    • Lease Term: 5 years
    • Remaining Term: 5 years
    • Year Built: 2020