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  • How to open a betting shop

    What makes an entrepreneur want to buy a bookmaker’s office? The attractiveness of the bookmaker business for entrepreneurs in some respects exceeds other types of gambling entertainment (lotteries, online casinos, etc.). Betting on sporting events and activities enjoys great popularity among network users. It provides a high level of profitability to this line of business.

    The secret of such popularity lies partly in the possibility to predict the outcome of events accurately enough. An experienced player does not rely blindly on luck. Collecting and analyzing information makes it possible to predict the outcome and count on a good winnings.

    Why is it profitable to buy a bookmaker's office?

    Along with land-based bookmaker’s offices, online bookmaker’s offices are becoming more and more widespread.

    They have a number of advantages:

    • round-the-clock availability of the site to customers for betting;
    • no territorial affiliation – you can visit the site and make bets from home, office or anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet;
    • cost-effectiveness – the cost of opening a bookmaker’s office on the Internet is several times less than the cost required to launch a land-based project;
    • wide coverage of the target audience – users from any city or country can become clients of your betting company.
    How to open a betting shop

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    Ways to open your own betting shop online

    There are several available ways to open your own bookmaker’s office.

    1. Independent creation. The process is long, complicated and requires large financial expenses.

    2. Franchise of a bookmaker office of a famous brand. The option is comfortable for newcomers to this business, as it requires practically no costs, and all organizational and legal issues and promotion are undertaken by the franchisor. The disadvantage in this case is the limitation of individual development opportunities and complete dependence on the parent company.

    3. Buying a betting company. Optimal solution, requiring relatively low cost and providing complete freedom to develop and expand your business.

    We suggest getting acquainted with the third way of opening a bookmaker’s office. The main advantages of buying a ready-made betting shop solution:

    • the possibility of a quick start – within a few days;
    • getting a ready-made business, fully equipped with the necessary software (“engine”, scripts and payment software);
    • developer’s help in installing and launching the platform;
    • gambling license, which ensures the legality of the bookmaker’s office.

    What is a betting shop franchise

    The concept of a franchise or franchise agreement is inherent not only in the gambling business. This business scheme is very common and popular, which can already testify to its benefits.

    The franchise agreement implies that there is a transfer from the franchisor (business owner) to the franchisee (subsidiary) of the rights to use the logo and other elements of the brand, the scheme and structure of work, standards, software products in exchange for a certain financial reward.

    What is a franchise in practice in simple words? On the market today there are already a number of large bookmaker offices with a name, which are well known, characterized by reliability and are popular among betting fans. They have an established pattern of operation, a wide range of events and activities for betting, a steadily high flow of visitors.

    Such big brands are interested in further development and expansion of the target audience coverage. Therefore, they are ready to cooperate with start-up entrepreneurs.

    Benefits received from the franchisor (owner of a brand betting shop):

    • brand promotion;
    • expanding the reach of the target audience;
    • additional income received from the franchisee as payment for the use of the franchise.

    The franchisee (the owner of the franchised subsidiary) also receives its benefits and advantages.

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