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  • Our solutions for your online gambling business

    The active development of online gambling is attracting more and more attention as an affordable way to open a casino on the Internet and start your own gambling business. The sphere of gambling industry has always been distinguished by a high level of profitability. But only with the movement of gambling sites to the Internet opened up truly wide opportunities for a wide range of entrepreneurs wishing to take a niche in this business.

    Our solutions for your online gambling business

    Our Solutions

    Online casinos have a number of advantages in terms of starting your own business:

    great prospects for development;
    wide coverage of the target audience;
    round-the-clock availability of online casinos to all users of the network;
    Efficiency of start-up – the cost of launching an online platform requires many times less than the cost of opening and maintaining a land-based casino;
    the legality of the business;
    The rapid payback period;
    steadily high business profitability.
    However, in order to fully experience and take advantage of all these advantages, it is necessary to choose the best way to start. The modern entrepreneur does not need to have experience in gambling business to ensure a quick and successful start. Choose to work with us to ensure successful development with a relatively small investment.

    We offer a wide range of software products for online gambling. The offer includes both own products and licensed products of world leading software developers. Collaboration with famous brands allows us to offer our clients high quality software.

    We offer separate software products for your gambling business, as well as ready-made solutions and professional project support. If you are interested in a fast and successful launch of your own online casino, you will certainly be interested in the TOP offers from B2bslots.

    Our Solutions

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!
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    1. Ready-made casino in 7 days

    What does the structure of a standard casino look like? It includes the gaming platform, gaming and payment software. These three components are essential for the full functioning of an online casino. And on their quality, the ability to integrate software products of different developers will depend on the quality, continuity and functionality of the casino itself, and, consequently, the profitability of your business.

    To independently open a turnkey online casino and spin it up, can take months or even a year. Especially if we are talking about a newcomer to the gambling business. Our competitors in the market offer to run a ready-made casino for a period of 3 months. Another important point – the cost of online casinos, which in different developers can range from $ 50,000 to $ 500,000 +.

    What do we offer? Our proposal – a ready-made online casino in 7 days, which is a set of fully integrated with each other software products. At the same time we offer personal floating price from $0 to $15 000 for our clients. If you have experience in the gambling business, you can count on a lower personal price.

    So, by purchasing a ready-to-go online casino from B2bslots, our customers get a fully ready-to-launch resource, which includes 4 separate cloud-based software products. All of them are already integrated into gambling platform via API and interconnected with each other.

    As you can see, while the standard offer on the market offers a set of 3 products, our offer includes:

    The platform – in fact, the “engine” of the online casino, ensuring its smooth efficient operation and wide functionality. Our platform offers optimal slot configuration, management and administration capabilities. You will have access to analytical tools as well as advanced reporting on all operations for the required period.
    Game software – a set of original HTML5 games of high quality. All games integrated into the platform are based on HTML5 technology which makes them playable from mobile devices. Such choice of gaming software greatly increases the target audience of your online casino and provides high traffic.
    Payment software. As of today, 12+ of the most popular and reliable payment services are already integrated into B2bslots casino, supporting more than 180 currencies, including cryptocurrencies.
    Our bonus to customers is integrated into the platform gambling affiliate. With its help you can effectively work with arbitrageurs and webmasters, increasing traffic to your resource. High-quality affiliate program is a guarantee of successful development of your business. Choosing our product, you get a full set of tools for a quick and successful start.

    2. HTML5 games

    The future of online gambling is in HTML5 technology. And we already offer a large selection of high-quality HTML5-slots of our own design from leading manufacturers of gaming software. Visit b2bslots.com to buy online casino software.

    The quality of gaming software has always been paid great attention, and its purchase is one of the most expensive items when you create your own online casino. However, most of today’s promoted gambling sites offer their visitors games created on the basis of flash technology. Such slots are not available for play from mobile devices. That’s why specialists predict that during the years 2022-2022 the lion’s share of casinos using outdated flash technology will close. Business owners who want to stay afloat are actively integrating HTML5 slots into their resources, so as not to suffer a complete collapse in the near future.

    If we look back literally 3-4 years ago, the statistics show that the percentage of mobile betting was minimal. In recent years, the user has become as mobile as possible. Therefore, an important aspect of your online casino is its accessibility for mobile devices of all types. This accessibility is provided by HTML5 technology.

    Want to keep gambling business in step with the development of technology? Buy from us a modern online casino software. We have a diverse range of HTML5 slots, which is regularly updated. It is also possible to order the original software on any subject. Customer draws up the TOR and in the shortest time receives a quality product that is available for play from mobile devices of any type.

    3. Integration of payment software

    One of the main criteria for evaluation of any online casino is security of financial transactions and a wide range of available methods of deposit and withdrawal. Our company offers various packages for integration of payment software.

    Payment software as a part of ready-made casino. Buying ready-to-use casino from B2bslots 4 in 1, customer receives the platform with already integrated payment software. Our proposal is a solution of 12+ connected payment services, among which are all the most popular and demanded services. Using this software client can choose the best set of currencies depending on the planned region of online casino. To date, 180+ currencies are supported, including cryptocurrencies.
    Integration of the package of payment instruments on the client’s platform. We are ready to cooperate in different formats and offer not only complex software for online casino, but also its separate components. You can purchase our payment software and order its integration on your platform. The quality is high and the prices are several times lower than those of our competitors on the market.
    Updating, optimization and maintenance of existing payment software. If you already have an online resource and successfully enough work, but you feel that you need a more modern and reliable software, our experts are at your service. UK you can order connection of new payment services, expand the choice of available currencies. We also offer support services for both payment software and the project as a whole. Order our software products and services to ensure successful development and high profitability of your business.

    4. Gambling Licenses and GSC Certificates

    A legal gambling business is a licensed online casino. Obtaining a gambling license can be a long, time-consuming and expensive process if you are not a client of B2bslots.

    What is the standard procedure for obtaining a gaming license?

    Choice of jurisdiction – there are offers from over 80 countries around the world, which differ in terms of conditions, price and complexity of obtaining.
    Preparation of a resource to meet the requirements for obtaining a license.
    Opening a legal entity in the chosen jurisdiction.
    Preparation of the package of documents and fulfillment of additional conditions (if any).
    Payment of fees, taxes and other fees – the cost of a casino license depends on the jurisdiction and the type of document (universal or certain types of gambling activities).
    Waiting for documents – can take from several weeks to six months, depending on the jurisdiction chosen.
    As you can see, the process is long and laborious and, if mistakes or inaccuracies are made at one of the stages, there is a risk of refusal to obtain a gaming license. This means loss of time and money, as well as a new round of going through the procedure from the beginning.

    Our clients are completely relieved of all the hassle of licensing their business. We offer the following options for your start-up:

    Turnkey Ready Casino. Our experts at the stage of ordering consultation, which allows you to determine the choice of jurisdiction, the best for the region of the planned work of the resource. As a result, the customer gets to buy a turnkey online casino license. The cost of such a solution for the client includes processing, gambling license and hosting. The procedure of executing and obtaining which is done by professionals. The advantage of this solution is the payment of lower royalties to the software vendor in the future.
    White Lablel casino. The operation of online casinos will be carried out under license from the supplier of software. Thus, the supplier takes on all legal and technical matters. The task of the client – attracting traffic, customer retention, the development of a bonus policy and loyalty programs, the promotion of the resource. The initial cost of buying the solution is an order of magnitude lower than that of a turnkey casino, but in the future the amount of royalties supplier software is higher.
    Buying a casino script. We offer to buy a script casino Vulkan high quality, fully ready to launch. Customer costs for promotion and promotion of the resource is minimized and almost nonexistent. This type of solution is an online casino franchise. All organizational and legal matters are supervised by the franchise owner.
    Another type of service offered to our clients is the obtaining of licenses and certificates of GSC. The presence of such a certificate is proof of fair play in online casinos. This is an important point, both for the players and for the casino owner. The compliance of software GCG with license requirements is a guarantee that excludes the possibility of fraud and fraudulent results on both sides.

    Do you want to quickly and without complications obtain a license and certificate of SMP? Contact B2bslots. Our specialists have necessary experience and are well aware of the procedure. Applying to our services is a time and money saving.

    Casino can be run using RPM of two types. The first type is a pseudo-real number generator, which is software. This software is integrated into the online casino system and ensures the continuous generation of an infinite number of numbers. The second type – a generator of real numbers. It is an external device that is connected via USB. Once connected, it also provides a continuous generation of infinite numbers.
    The client has the ability to choose for themselves any type of RNG. Our experts are experienced to obtain licenses and certificates for any type of RNG.

    5. Free software connection

    The secret of a successful online casino launch is the right choice of software provider. By choosing a reliable partner, you guarantee yourself the quality of the software product and promptness. B2bslots company offers the best conditions and the lowest prices.

    Extensive experience and cooperation with leading developers of online gambling software allow us to optimize our costs for the connection of software products. The cost of connection of software for our clients – $0. While the cost of similar services of our competitors in the market starts from several thousand dollars.

    You will also be pleasantly surprised by the royalty rate. It is 8%, which is half as much as other market offers!
    Low price and high quality – the main signs of our work, and this effect is achieved by the high professionalism of our specialists.

    To get acquainted with our full assortment of online gambling software products and services, please visit b2bslots.com. Contact our specialists to get consultation and form TOR for launching your online casino. We guarantee a personal approach, efficiency and quality of work. With B2bslots you get an opportunity to successfully start your own gambling business in record time. Our prices for software and services are many times lower than the prices of competitors.

    Contact our specialists can be found on our official website by sending a request. Also on the site you will find contact information and can use the most convenient way: e-mail, Telegram or Skype.

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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