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  • Our Services. Payment Solutions (Processing, Billing, Merch)

    The work of an online gambling club is impossible without the connection of payment systems. They should meet modern safety requirements and be convenient for visitors. We offer a set of ready payment solutions that will be fully integrated into the casino platform.

    Our Services

    Our main offers:

    1.       Processing (payment system license) is a stable, efficient and secure service that provides high-quality professional online payment processing. The processing center is used to process payments coming via bank cards. Get the new B2bslots processing center so you can secure your financial transactions! If you already have a processing center we will be able to provide you with high-quality professional service and ensure further development of your business.


    The main advantages of B2bslots processing:

    • аbility to add new payment methods to the service;
    • ability to work with debit, credit and electronic cards;
    • multicurrency;
    • the ability to work with cryptocurrencies, etc.

    2.       Billing is one of the professional tools for optimizing your online gambling business. Billing system allows you to automate the accounting of financial transactions for each client: deposits, withdrawals, accounting bonus funds, affiliate rewards and other. The analytics on each client with B2bslots billing system will be extremely detailed, accurate and transparent.

    3.       Merch (merchant account): since the use of bank cards by online casino customers for financial transactions is very common, for the convenience of processing such payments opens a special account (merchant account), which is used to accept payments from cards of different banks.

    The main advantages of opening a merchant account with B2bslots:

    • multicurrency;
    • security and confidentiality of financial transactions;
    • expeditious processing of transactions;
    • around-the-clock operation.

    Ready-made Payment Solutions from B2bslots

    B2bslots Ready Payment Solutions are more than 12 reliable and popular payment services already connected, including: Visa\MasterCard, webmoney, Perfect Money, QIWI, Payeer, YandexMoney, MTS, Megafon, Beeline, RBK Money, Advcash.

    Design Development: Casino, Creatives, Banners

    An important component of the popularity of online casinos among visitors is its design and navigation. Modern technology allows us to make Internet resources as convenient to visit, so users today are placing high demands on the quality of the site.

    What should be a casino site to attract visitors, to enjoy popularity and develop successfully? We highlight the main criteria:

    • stylish, attractive and discreet at the same time design;
    • simple and easy to navigate;
    • easy operation of functions;
    • smooth operation.

    Our specialists offer to develop an original, unique design for your online casino. The list of works of our specialists includes:

    • site structure development;
    • creating a simple and convenient navigation – users will be provided with a comfortable search on the site games, information about bonuses and promotions and any other useful information;
    • stylish original design.

    Professional design from B2bslots is:

    • use in the design of a wide range of colors, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the peculiarities of human perception of information;
    • selection of high-resolution images that can be broadcast on all types of devices without loss of quality;
    • placing banners and slideshows with current information about promotions, tournaments and bonuses;
    • creative stylistic solutions that distinguish the customer site from the general background of similar resources.

    With us you can order a website design from scratch or optimize an existing resource.

    Connecting to CPA gambling networks

    An important point in the development and popularization of any casino is a constant increase in the flow of traffic to the site. B2bslots company offers the most modern and reliable methods to attract traffic. We connect gambling resource to advertising networks on the type of SRA-networks. This is an effective solution that allows you to attract traffic and pay only for the result.

    Email Strategy

    Email marketing is a proven effective customer service tool. To begin with, every user has an email address. Without it, it is almost impossible to register on any resource today and use all its features. That’s why the Email marketing strategy continues to be widely used in Internet marketing.

    Why do we emphasize an Email strategy with our clients? It can be used to establish a communication relationship with both existing clients and potential clients. It is a tool to expand the target audience and effectively influence it. With the help of mailing lists we can solve the following tasks:

    • attracting new customers from the potential target audience;
    • return of customers who stopped visiting the site;
    • increasing customer loyalty to the resource.

    Why is it important to entrust the development and implementation of an Email strategy to professionals working at B2bslots? An unprofessional approach to Email newsletters can end up being qualified as spam. Spam is often a sin of beginners or agencies with low professionalism, they use purchased client bases for unsanctioned mailings. The specialists of our company B2bslots do not use such “black” methods, which, in fact, do not give the desired result. We guarantee high-quality professional development of Email strategy.

    Advantages of Email Strategy from B2bslots:

    • forming the current base of the target audience of your resource;
    • the comparative cheapness and availability of Email strategies;
    • resulting increase in casino revenues, thanks to the most accurate portrait of the CA and personalization of customers;
    • maximum optimization and automation of communication processes between the casino and customers;
    • informing customers about important events and news, attracting them to actively participate in tournaments, promotions, etc.

    Obtaining a Gaming License

    Do you want to work legally and not worry about legal problems? It is necessary to take care about obtaining a gambling license. It is a gambling license that confirms the legality of your online casino.

    Beginning businessmen often encounter great difficulties in obtaining a gaming license. Difficulties begin at the stage of selecting a suitable jurisdiction and accompany the entire process if you do not have the necessary legal knowledge and experience. Obtaining a gaming license is a long, laborious and expensive process.

    However, all these problems recede into the background if you choose B2bslots for cooperation. If you choose our software, you get the following advantages:

    • there is no need to buy a “pirate” license or bear the cost of maintaining a “pirate” legal entity;
    • the cost of opening a legal entity with a ready-made gaming license from B2bslots is 3-5 times less than the cost of similar services from competitors and is on average $ 10,000;
    • favorable terms of service, the cost of which per year averaged $ 12,000, which is several times lower than the prices stated in the market competitors;
    • monthly costs of our clients for updating and technical support of software purchased from us are equal to $0, while the cost of such services in the market starts from $ 5,000 per month.

    Today, the most popular among our clients is the sale of casinos in two formats:

    1.       Turnkey casino.

    In this case, the cost of hosting, processing and obtaining a license falls on the future owner of the online casino. That is, the price of the purchase of such a resource will be higher. The plus is that in the future the owner pays a relatively small amount of royalties to the supplier of software.

    2.       White Lablel casino.

    This option provides that all licensing costs, as well as hosting, processing and many other functions fall on the owner of the software. The price of such a resource is much lower than when buying a turnkey casino, and the owner of the casino almost gets rid of addressing key organizational and legal issues. But also royalties in the future the owner of the software will have to pay more.

    B2bslots company is ready to offer any of the above options for your business. We guarantee legality and gambling license!

    Obtaining RND Licenses and Certificates

    If you are already familiar with the basic principles of slots, you know very well that it is based on the random issuance of combinations. If the combination turns out to be winning, the gambler gets a win, otherwise the bet goes to the casino. For the generation of random combinations is responsible special program, the so-called random number generator (RNG or PND). And here comes the most important point – if you want to earn the trust of gamblers and in turn to be confident in the fairness of the game, you need to take care to get a licensed RNG.

    The procedure for obtaining RND Licenses and Certificates is quite time consuming. To avoid any difficulties, go through the whole procedure as quickly as possible and get a well-deserved reputation for fair casino, please contact the company B2bslots. Our specialists have a great experience and are well familiar with the procedure. We guarantee high quality services and speed of implementation.

    Our specialists will help you decide on the best option for your resource. Today there are two types of them:

    • Real Random Number Generator, which is an external type of device that connects via USB to the system and generates values.
    • Pseudo number generator – a program that integrates into the system and is constantly busy generating an infinite number of numbers.

    What is necessary to go through the procedure for obtaining a license RND:

    • the resource must be officially registered and have a gambling license;
    • a specialized auditing company is to submit an application with a request to audit your casino and a package of documents confirming the legality of your activities;
    • the examination of the compliance of your GCF is provided;
    • the auditing procedure of the audit company of the State Revenue Service is carried out directly.

    All of these steps you will pass as quickly and easily as possible with the company B2bslots.

    Software and HTML5 technology

    The main service of B2bslots company is providing a complete set of software for online casinos. Our customers get not just an online resource, but four cloud products, fully integrated with each other: Platform + Gaming software + Payment solutions + Affiliate program.

    It’s no secret that the most expensive item when opening a casino online is game software. But not if you choose B2bslots as your partner. We offer in-house developed software and products from leading manufacturers of gaming software. The offer includes licensed products of the following brands:

    • NetEnt;
    • Novomatic Delux;
    • Playtech;
    • Igrosoft;
    • B2bSlots Erotic и другие.

    All games from B2bslots are created using HTML5 technology. This is an advanced solution for online games, which, according to experts, by 2022, almost completely displace games that work on flash technology. The reasons for these changes lies in the rapid development of technology. What situation was observed in online gambling with mobile betting? Their percentage was extremely low. But progress does not stand still, and the modern user is a mobile user. The percentage of mobile betting, as well as in general the use of mobile devices for various operations on the Internet, is increasing rapidly. However, mobile devices do not support flash. In practice, this means that online sites that use only this outdated technology in their work are rapidly losing customers.

    A modern solution for online gambling – high-quality HTML5-games. This is exactly the kind of software offered by B2bslots. If you want to be successful and expand your target audience, then your choice must be HTML5 technology. We have the best offer at an affordable price!

    One of the advantages of cooperation with B2bslots – low prices combined with high quality. All our games are connected to customers for $0. We have achieved such success in our pricing policy thanks to the optimization of our work and services, as well as our cooperation with the leading software developers. Reliability and professionalism of our partners allows us to make attractive offers to our clients. We have the lowest prices. For example, our royalty rate for renting games for free is 8%, which is half as much as that of our competitors.

    Turning to any of our competing agencies, you will know that it takes at least 3 months to launch an online casino. B2bslots offer – development and launch in 7 days.

    The stages of creating an online casino from B2bslots in 7 days:

    1. Contact us to form the ToR. You can do this by sending an email, Skype, Telegram or by sending a request directly on the company’s website.
    2. After consulting with our specialists, you will get a customized price for which you can open a casino with us in 7 days.
    3. Pay the cost of the order. We offer favorable terms of cooperation, that’s why customers are able to pay in installments.
    4. In 7 days (sometimes less time) our experts will set up and run a typical online casino, according to your specifications.
    5. The period of development of the casino, that is, these 7 days, the client is recommended to devote to the purchase of the domain name, the creation of the box office and brand development.

    Choose partnership with B2bslots to start your own gambling business quickly and cheaply!

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