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  • Buy a casino online. Advantages and disadvantages of Franchises and White Labels

    Do you want to become a successful businessman and have a consistently high income?

    Then it’s time to buy a casino online. And this is no joke. Although a couple of decades ago, only someone with a solid start-up capital could own a casino, today the gambling business has become more accessible thanks to the ubiquity of the internet.

    Why buy a casino online

    Online casino – a qualitatively new implementation of the gambling business, which has opened up new opportunities for a wide range of entrepreneurs of different levels and experience! It must be said that the market is not yet oversaturated, so you should hurry up!

    Why is gambling business today is seen as a profitable prospective direction?

    Gambling is one of the most ancient and profitable business areas. The passion for gambling and excitement have been intrinsic to man throughout the ages. Of course, gambling entertainment has undergone tremendous evolution and significantly transformed.

    But the main thing remains the same – the players are still willing to take risks. Go for broke and just enjoy the adrenaline rush in the blood, watching the spinning reels, the professional movements of the dealer or the ball in the roulette wheel. This means that the casino will always be of interest and attract players, i.e. the business will be successful and in demand.

    Buy casino online

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!
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    Reasons for buying a casino online

    1. Reaching a huge target audience

    Agree that any land-based casino has certain territorial limitations on the coverage of the target audience. Naturally, the player will choose the closest institution. In any case, he will need to make additional efforts, time and costs to get to the casino.

    Not everyone, even the most avid fan of gambling entertainment has the opportunity for such “feats” on a daily basis. Even the magnificent world-famous casinos in Las Vegas are rather an exception. Since their never-failing stream of visitors from all over the world is due today to the fame and popularity, which they gained over the years.

    Playground online has absolutely no territorial attachment. Potential customers of your online casino are all users over 18 years. It does not matter their location, time zone or other geographical factors. All you need to visit an online casino is a device with Internet access. And given the development of modern technology, such a device may serve not only a PC or tablet, but also a smartphone, tablet or other mobile gadget.

    2. High quality gaming applications.

    We have already mentioned that gambling has come a long way in its history, but these changes have been incredible and rapid in recent years. Although most online casinos still offer their visitors a large selection of classic slots and reels, different types of roulette and card games, their execution, graphics and sound are on a qualitatively new level.

    There are also new slots and themed slots that offer players a real journey and immersion in an amazing fantasy atmosphere. This has made gambling popular among different categories of users.

    Not forgotten and the true fans of land-based casinos. Want to enjoy the game with a real dealer? No problem! At your service live-casino. So, we conclude that modern gambling entertainment has become more interesting and exciting, which many times increased the army of fans. And so buy a casino you need to get your niche in the business today!

    Buy casino online

    3. The inaccessibility of land-based casinos only increases the flight of players to the Internet.

    Как известно, на территории РФ, в Беларуси и Украине, а также ряде других постсоветских стран на законодательном уровне введен запрет на игровой бизнес. Означает ли это, что граждане этих стран стали менее азартными или перестали любить азартные развлечения?

    Конечно, нет! И возможность играть в онлайн казино стало отличной альтернативой. Параллельно возникает вопрос – можно ли легально российским предпринимателям купить казино онлайн. To get such a license in the Russian Federation is possible in the case of opening a casino in one of the specially designated 4 zones, but in most other post-Soviet countries, and it is absolutely impossible.

    However, there is a solution – an offshore zone license with the registration of the online casino server also in an offshore zone. We will touch the issue of licenses in more detail later. But now we can confidently state that buy a casino legally is a reality.

    It is possible to conduct gambling business without a gambling license and with a license. Remember that no gambling license of the world, does not give you the legal right to organize gambling games for the citizens of the CIS. Therefore, some entrepreneurs, do not spend money to buy, letters and papers, which in fact do not give anything and do not have any legal force.

    How to buy a casino online

    If the prospects and profitability of online gambling in you is no longer in doubt, then the main question arises – how, where, how to buy a casino online?

    Surprisingly enough, but entering an elementary query on the subject, you will immediately receive thousands of responses and offers. You will be offered a casino script, franchises, rental and purchase. There are actually many variations, but there are also some nuances.

    • There is no denying that the vast expanse of the internet attracts not only conscientious entrepreneurs and developers, but also outright crooks. It is therefore very important to choose your partner carefully so as not to be swindled.
    • This plethora of offers also has its drawbacks. How do I choose the right gaming platform to buy from? How do they differ? What are the advantages of each option? After all, modern technology allows you to create your own casino online. Another question is how labour-intensive, costly and time-consuming this process will be, especially for a beginner in the gambling business.

    We are professionals in the field of casino software development, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of our services. Our offer in the online gambling market is not accidentally considered to be one of the best.

    Buy casino online

    Our customers benefit from the following

    Buy casino online
    • a wide and comfortable functionality;
    • the ability to quickly integrate software products from any number of gaming software;
    • the ability to edit the game resource even after it has been launched while it is running;
    • no restrictions on the amount of game content;
    • platform compatibility with all existing browsers;
    • versatility: software and HTML5 technology do not need to be downloaded;
    • the system update is available completely free of charge;
    • the amount of the system maintenance fee depends on the size of the profit.

    When you turn to b2bslots.com, you’ll always find quality, up-to-date gaming software for your casino.

    But let’s get back to the question of how to buy a casino online and consider a few of the most common and quite popular ways. They differ from each other according to several key criteria:

    • budget requirement;
    • waiting time;
    • speed of start-up and promotion.

    4 ways to buy a casino online

    1. Order a bespoke online casino design.

    Custom development of an online casino is first and foremost about uniqueness and quality of the product. The client’s cooperation with the developer begins with the definition of the terms of reference and the formation of the Terms of Reference.

    The developer, in most cases, is a web agency whose staff includes a wide range of subject matter experts – from lawyers to web designers. Each of the stages is carried out by a professional, which, as a result, guarantees the high quality of the resource.

    The development takes into account all the wishes of the customer. In most cases, the customer can also take an active part in the key stages of development.

    The benefits of customised online casino development:

    • high quality;
    • job security;
    • product uniqueness;
    • high competitiveness.

    Disadvantages of customised online casino development:

    • the relatively high cost of the development service;
    • waiting time;
    • The need to promote the resource from scratch, which also takes a long time.

    The cost of such a service can, of course, be tens of thousands of dollars. This is an option for entrepreneurs with a large budget and no time constraints, for whom a quick start and quick results are not a priority.

    A bespoke development is a focus on high quality and is seen as a long-term investment.

    Buy casino online

    2. Buy a turnkey online casino.

    A turnkey casino is the best way to meet the entrepreneurial demand to buy a casino online. The developer will offer you a ready-to-launch gaming resource with full functionality and management tools.

    You won’t have to wait for the casino to be developed, as in the previous variant, but you will have certain adjustments at the time of purchase – for example, a set of currencies or payment systems, unique design, etc.

    The standard turnkey casino service includes the following set of work completed

    • developing software for an online casino platform;
    • developing and adapting the website to integrate the gaming platform;
    • installation of payment software including the most popular and reliable payment systems;
    • setting up a helpdesk;
    • providing technical support for the resource;
    • assistance in developing a marketing strategy to promote the site.

    The benefits of buying a turnkey casino:

    • more affordable than casino development;
    • high quality and the possibility of installing a unique design;
    • extensive functionality and control options;
    • no long waiting times for the finished product.

    Disadvantages of buying a turnkey casino:

    • time costs: waiting for the finished product.

    3. White Label Casino Online

    If an entrepreneur wants to minimise the time and financial cost of running a casino, buying a White Label solution can be an effective way to do so. What is it and how does it work?

    The company, which is the developer, offers to buy a White Label solution, which gives the customer access to the management of a unique and completely ready-to-go online casino. The player, entering the site, sees a completely unique and high quality gaming area in front of him.

    The operator does not have to deal with technical or legal issues. All of them fall on the developer’s shoulders.

    When you purchase a White Label casino, you must:

    • player recruitment and internet marketing of the resource;
    • casino administration online daily;
    • organising and running promotions, tournaments, bonus programmes and other events to retain customers;
    • providing operational support for players.

    The functions of a White Label solution provider:

    • providing the operator with a functional gaming platform with integrated gaming and payment software;
    • developing the structure of the website and its design;
    • full legal arrangements – gambling licences and so on;
    • handling all financial transactions, ensuring control and security of cash flow;
    • providing reliable web hosting;
    • professional technical support around the clock;
    • administering the player base.

    The benefits of the White Label method for buying a casino are clear:

    • the ability for an online casino operator to focus on developing and implementing a marketing strategy;
    • work on player retention;
    • no costs associated with legalising the business, in particular with obtaining a gaming licence;
    • fast start-up – practice shows that it takes an average of 6 weeks to reach a high position in the online gambling market, provided that the provider works well;
    • working with off-the-shelf payment systems of high reliability and quality client base management.
    Buy casino online

    4. Online casino franchise.

    This is a method that requires no organisational effort on the part of the business buyer. You don’t just get a fully prepared and promoted playground at your disposal.

    A franchise is one format of cooperation with a well-known gaming brand wishing to expand its sphere of influence. Each party benefits: the buyer receives a quality gaming resource with a high influx of visitors and professional comprehensive support (legal, technical, etc.).

    A well-known brand, for example buy Vulkan casino – strengthens its position in the online gambling market and generates additional income.

    Buy casino online

    The benefits of a casino franchise:

    • an easy, quick and affordable way to open an online casino;
    • professional, comprehensive support from the franchise owner;
    • no promotion costs;
    • quick return on investment and high profitability.

    The disadvantages of a casino franchise:

    • a high degree of dependence on the franchisee;
    • the impossibility of individual development and of changing the casino concept.

    The cost of a casino franchise.

    Can fluctuate significantly even within one of the options described above. Many factors can influence this:

    • The prestige, popularity and publicity of the vendor itself.
    • Functionality, a set of management tools.
    • The quantity, variety and quality of the game software.
    • Availability of resource maintenance and automatic update capability in the kit.
    • Offering additional services, etc.
    Buy casino online

    As you can see, the options are quite different, and every entrepreneur has the opportunity to choose according to their budget and capabilities.

    If you need more advice, or if you already own a casino and are looking for high-quality gaming software, including HTML5 slots, B2bslots is ready to be a reliable partner and offer the most favorable terms of cooperation.

    Contact us to discuss the details. Rest assured that with us you can catch big whales in your casino’s net!

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