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  • HTML5-based casino, games and slots developer

    The gambling business has always attracted entrepreneurs because of its high profitability. Today, this trend has continued and even gained new opportunities. Therefore, a casino developer will be required for those who wish to carve out a niche for themselves in this line of business.

    Let’s be clear right away that we are talking about online casinos. Why and what are the benefits of online gambling? The ubiquity of the Internet gave a new impetus to the development of gambling entertainment. Let us remember what the gambling industry looked like before the advent of the internet. Virtually every town and city had a gambling hall where you could find a slot machine and spend your time at your favourite game.

    Online casino software developers

    Casino developer

    Large stationary casinos were also quite popular, representing the entire empires of gambling entertainment. However, all these relatively affordable options had a certain disadvantage. In order for a player to visit a gambling hall or casino, it was necessary to have a lot of free time and the ability to get to the institution. In practice, this limited the availability of entertainment at any time when the desire arose.

    With the move of gambling in the network, everything has changed dramatically. Online casino developers appeared, creating software for gaming resources. As a result, a new format of gambling business has acquired a number of advantages before the traditional stationary institutions:

    • accessibility to players – anyone can log on to the online casino site at any time of the day or night and enjoy their favourite game;
    • no fixed computer hardware – the development of modern technology allows the use of mobile gadgets, making the game resource available around the clock from anywhere in the world where there is access to a network;
    • wide reach – the casino’s target audience is no longer limited to localities, every adult web user is a potential customer of an online casino;
    • the ability to install state-of-the-art, high quality gambling games from leading software developers – today, the development of casino games online has reached a new level, thanks to advances in technology;
    • the legality of gambling business – against the background of the ban on gambling business in Russia and several other post-Soviet countries, opening a casino online with registration in an offshore zone has become a real, effective and most importantly totally legal alternative.
    Casino developer

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    Prospects for online casinos

    So, we’ve highlighted the main advantages of online casinos, but the question remains – how promising is this line of business? And here, at the moment, we can highlight the pros:

    • the steady popularity of gambling – gambling is arguably one of the oldest passions of humanity, and its eradication is not yet on the horizon;
    • a multiplication of the target audience – the wide reach and accessibility of gaming sites provided by the internet ensures that there is no shortage of visitors, and the army of gambling enthusiasts is constantly increasing;
    • cost-effectiveness of start-up – starting an online gambling business requires considerably less expenses than opening a fixed establishment, which requires expenses for purchasing (renting) and maintaining premises, purchasing equipment, maintaining staff. To open a casino online, you will need a website with reliable hosting and quality softcasino.
    • fast payback – given the relatively low start-up costs and the popularity of gaming resources, this business is characterised by a high level of fast payback, which allows you to start earning almost immediately.

    Online casino software developers

    If you are seriously interested in opening your own gambling business, nothing is impossible. Moreover, in modern conditions it is available to entrepreneurs of different levels, both beginners and experienced. Casino software companies offer a wide range of services that allow you to choose the best option for you and become a successful operator of an online casino.

    Casino software is a software product that ensures the functioning of an online casino. He is the basis of the project, and on its quality and reliability depends on the full functioning of the resource, its safety and, consequently, its success. Software development is a whole industry, bringing together the work of a number of highly specialized professionals.

    Great attention is paid to each stage and element, there is no detail, and for an online casino design is no less important than the quality of the game content, for example. Why? Yes, because the player will not stay at a site where the interface is not thought out, where it is difficult to understand the navigation and find the game of interest or information and deposits/withdrawals, where the site design causes eye strain and quickly tires you.

    Casino developer


    It will be very difficult to achieve the popularity of such a low-quality resource, because the visitors will go to more high-quality and comfortable sites. The competition in the gambling business is quite high, but with the right approach and the choice of professional developers you have every opportunity to take your niche and succeed.

    Note that the concept of software for the casino is quite succinct and includes the development of a software product for several purposes, namely:

    Online casino platform – is essentially the engine itself, which provides the functionality and capabilities of the site. It is very important to pay attention to the functionality of the platform when choosing, in particular the ability to integrate with any existing gaming and payment software.

    Gaming software – filling casinos with gambling games. The development of casino games today is very active, and along with upgraded classic slot machines, roulette and card games, manufacturers offer a large selection of novelty themed slots with exciting bonus mini-games inside.

    Choosing quality gaming software is important? It is your tool to attract and retain visitors. Variety and quality of game content, its constant updating is a guarantee of attracting a large number of players of different categories. Providing a wide offer of high quality games, the operator satisfies the interests and needs of users of different gender, age and gaming experience.

    Modern technology allows even love to play with real croupiers – open livecasino halls. Another new word and a promising direction in the development of game software is the installation of HTML5 games. Keep up with technology to succeed.

    Payment software – the connection of payment systems to the online casino. This software should be characterised by reliability and a high level of security. The task of the operator is to ensure strict control and security of all financial transactions, the possibility of convenient and quick deposit and withdrawal of funds by the players, and absolute confidentiality. Only this approach will help to create a positive reputation among users and develop a high level of trust.

    Software developers and their offerings

    Casino developer

    We have already mentioned that one of the advantages of opening an online casino is cost-effectiveness. However, the answer to the question: how much does it cost to open a casino has no single answer. The price is influenced by several criteria, first and foremost:

    • the casino developer – its prominence, level and popularity of the brand;
    • the quality of the chosen software;
    • the type of method chosen to open the casino;
    • the budget allocated to the promotion and networking strategy.

    Developers of software for online casinos offer different products in terms of their functionality and capabilities, which, in fact, determines the different ways available to the operator to open its own casino. Therefore, we propose to consider in more detail the most widespread and popular ways and to highlight what list of works and services of developer includes each of them:

    Custom online casino development. A large-scale service from developers, which includes all stages of work to create a casino from scratch, namely:

    • creating a website with a unique design and optimised structure;
    • choosing a domain and hosting;
    • selecting and purchasing a gaming licence;
    • platform development;
    • developing or buying game software;
    • integration on the gaming and payment website platform;
    • resource testing;
    • organisation of a player support service;
    • launch of the resource and maintenance services;
    • helping to develop and implement an online casino promotion strategy from scratch.

    The main feature of this proposal is the uniqueness and exclusivity of the created online casino. The product is created by a whole team of highly specialized specialists, it is distinguished by high quality, which, in turn, has great prospects in terms of popularizing the created brand. When working on the project, all the requirements and wishes of the customer are taken into account.

    The downside of this method is the high cost and duration of implementation. The fact is that the professional services of this level require a serious cost, estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, the actual work on the development and promotion of the network from scratch takes quite a long time. Usually it takes at least a year. Therefore, this proposal is popular with the operators who have unlimited budget and time, who prioritize the quality of the future resource.

    Creating a turnkey casino. A more economical and affordable alternative to the development of the operator is to buy a turnkey casino. The developer is engaged in creating a turnkey casino for sale on the market. Such a product is also of high quality and immediately filled with the most popular and sought-after functionality and administrative features.

    Despite the fact that it is not created by individual order, when purchased it can be finalized according to the requirements of the customer – for example, a unique design is developed and installed, payment instruments are connected in accordance with the region of the planned work, etc.


    This offer from the developers has clear pluses:

    • high software quality;
    • broader functionality and administraƟve possibiliƟes;
    • Ready for quick start-up – waiting times may depend on the speed with which adjustments can be made at the customer’s request.

    The following can be seen as a definite disadvantage:

    • The cost, although considerably lower than for custom development, can also be quite high, much depending on the developer’s brand and, of course, on the functionality offered;
    • the time and costs of promotion will also be required.


    Online casino script. An offering that is becoming increasingly popular. A script is a set of unique software codes that are integrated into the operator’s website and provide the operation and functionality of an online casino. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that developers in the market offer a wide range of scripts, including well-known casino brands.

    For example, you can buy a Vulkan casino script or an Admiral casino script. The advantages of famous brand scripts are that there is no need to incur large expenses on the promotion of the playground. Users are happy to choose to play online casinos that run on scripts known brands.

    The services of developers (bona fide developers) when selling scripts, traditionally include:

    • providing the scripts themselves;
    • the possibility of installing a unique design (optional);
    • help in installing scripts on the website.

    The main disadvantage is the high risk of encountering scammers who offer an unfinished, “raw” script or lose your money without receiving the software product at all. This is why it is important to carefully choose the software company to work with.


    1. White Label Casino.

    As part of the sale of the casino’s White Label scheme, the developer is offering:

    • a quality online casino platform;
    • a valid gaming licence;
    • a modern and diverse range of quality gaming content;
    • reliable payment software;
    • technical support and maintenance.

    As a result of the White Label purchase, the casino gets a quality resource with an instant start and can concentrate on marketing their online casino. The developer takes care of all the organisational and technical aspects.

    Prominent software developers on the market


    Choosing a developer is the key to a successful launch of your gambling business. Our company offers a wide range of services, including quality software for online casinos! To learn more about our offer, please visit b2bslots.com.

    Cooperation with b2bslots.com has a number of advantages:

    • the proposed software has simple and flexible operation;
    • the operator is given access to convenient online statistics;
    • the ability to quickly integrate all games using a single API protocol;
    • offer a wide range of mobile and HTML solutions to increase conversion rates;
    • the possibility of obtaining multi-currency and cryptocurrency platforms;
    • a wide range of unique slots from our own production;
    • free connection service and help with settings;
    • the quickest possible launch of the platform.

    Another example of a quality software developer is the Austrian company Softswiss. It specialises in developing software for online casinos and sells off-the-shelf products on the market under the White Label scheme. Some of its key perks:

    • platform multilingualism;
    • multi-currency and bitcoin gambling functionality;
    • a vast amount of high-quality gaming software;
    • full software adaptation for mobile devices;
    • GSF is certified by independent laboratories.

    There is a wide range of online casino software developers on the market. Explore what’s on offer and take your chance to carve out a niche in the successful and lucrative field of online gambling.


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