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  • Casino payment systems of 30+ kinds. Our Solution for Europe, CIS and Australia

    Payment systems in casinos are a key element in the work of the gambling establishment, along with the platform, affiliate program and game software. On the one hand, payment systems in casinos are quite widespread, and most of the solutions are characterized by reliability and safety. Since they are actively monitored by the appropriate authorities and services.

    On the other hand, each of such payment systems in casinos has its own characteristics, features or limitations, which makes them convenient for users in different situations.

    The operator of online casinos is tasked with meeting customer needs and requirements to the maximum extent possible. Many operators place the main emphasis on game software. And, indeed, high-quality and widely presented gambling games are one of the tools to attract and retain customers.

    We know this better than anyone, as we offer our customers high quality HTML5 slots from popular brands. You can find all the details about our product at Casino games.

    How to choose payment systems in casinos

    Casino payment systems

    However, the players’ requirements to the payment systems present on the site are no less high. Therefore, it is very important to make the player comfortable and prompt deposit and withdrawal of funds. Agree, if a player is offered a limited choice in the form of 1-2 ways of deposit and withdrawal. Or if financial operations will be carried out too long. Then very quickly he will start looking for another playground, despite the quality and variety of game content. Did you think about that when you wanted to buy a casino? Modern users love and appreciate comfort and security, which makes high demands on payment solutions.

    It is no accident that we say “payment systems in casinos” in plural. Any self-respecting reputable casino is ready to offer more than a dozen ways to make transactions. To make sure of this, just visit the sites of Vulkan Casino, Golden Watermelon Casino and other popular in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries gaming resources.
    The main criteria for selection:

    Ease of withdrawal from the casino

    For many users, ease of withdrawal is a key consideration when choosing an online casino. It is no secret that gambling is not only a great pastime and a way to spend your leisure time, but also the possibility of quite real winnings.

    Some people make the game their source of income. Therefore, the simplicity and reliability of the withdrawal procedure is of paramount importance to players betting for real money.

    Casino payment systems

    Promptness of payment processing

    Casino payment systems

    Promptness and speed of processing applications and making transactions is another important parameter for the player. Even the simplicity of the withdrawal scheme cannot compensate for a wait of a week or more. Therefore the ideal combination is simplicity and speed of the system.

    Terms of cooperation

    Although an online casino operator should be focused on the desires of the consumer, your own interests should not be forgotten either. After all, your main goal is profit, which means that your approach to any business tools should be practical and rational.

    Casino payment systems are a tool with which both the player and the online casino operator have to cooperate. Therefore, when choosing one should carefully study the terms and conditions of the contract, the amount of commission, etc.

    Casino payment systems

    Level of trust and credibility

    Casino payment systems

    Naturally, users favour well-known brands for transactions. If a player has already worked with a particular payment system and has been completely satisfied with it. It does not have to be related to gambling, e.g. online shopping, paying utility bills, money transfers, etc. Then when you find it in the casino’s deposit and withdrawal methods, the choice will be obvious. But even visitors with little user experience will tend to choose brands with a good reputation.

    Popularity and localisation

    The prevalence of the payment system in the region of the intended coverage of the target audience is important. Brand fame, positive reviews – important points, but you should also consider its relevance and prevalence in the region on which to focus your online casino.

    We have repeatedly stressed in other materials that the main advantage of online casinos is the wide coverage of the target audience. Every user of the network, over 18 years, is a potential customer site. However, any expert on the promotion of the project in the network, will say that the initial stage is very important to define the project a narrow, local market and make a portrait of the client.

    Thus, a marketing strategy will quickly and effectively bring results. Later you can expand its coverage by opening up new markets, but the initial marketing work “for all” is tantamount to working “in the void” or “at no one.

    So decide on the region where you want to promote your online casino and select the appropriate set of payment systems that will be able to accept money from customers. Expand it in the future will not be difficult.

    Casino payment systems

    Popular casino payment systems and their characteristics

    Casino payment systems

    Let us note at the outset that by “casino payment systems” we mean banking systems, aggregators, payment gateways providers and other types of systems used for transactions.

    So, let us take a look at some of them:

    1. Visa card

    A very popular and widespread system around the world, used by many online casino players. The system supports almost all currencies of the world.


    • high trust;
    • the availability of the system in almost all online casinos;
    • instant crediting of the player’s account;
    • comfortable withdrawal of winnings from the casino.


    • rather high commission;
    • some restrictions on withdrawals from online casinos.

    2. MasterCard card

    Another very popular banking system. It is popular with both users and casino operators, as it does not cause any deposit/withdrawal problems. Often banks offer their customers bank cards with the combined Visa/MasterCard systems.


    • the popularity and reliability of the system;
    • the card can be used in almost all online casinos;
    • prompt processing of enquiries and transactions;
    • easy handling.


    • a rather high commission.

    3. WebMoney wallet

    One of the most popular and widespread electronic payment systems on the domestic gambling market today.


    • prevalence, popularity and reliability;
    • high-speed payment processing;
    • existence of a special cash bonus programme;
    • instant deposit and withdrawal options.


    • commission is charged on both deposits and withdrawals.

    4. Yandex.Money wallet

    The system has become widespread in Russia and in Runet. It is available in almost all Russian-language online casinos.


    • quick and easy registration;
    • very user-friendly and user-friendly interface;
    • high safety level;
    • fast processing of requests.


    • The system is single-currency and only works with the rouble.

    5. QIWI wallet

    A popular system in post-Soviet countries, which makes it relevant for a casino aimed at a Russian-speaking audience.


    • convenience and ease of use;
    • registration is quick and uncomplicated for players of different user levels;
    • high safety level;
    • transfers within the system are free of charge.


    • sometimes there are delays in processing transactions.

    6. Payeer wallet

    A well-known and popular system for making payments online, which is essentially an intermediary between a user’s payment card and an online resource. It is quite actively used in online casinos around the world, but is still rare on Russian-language gaming sites.


    • simple and easy to use;
    • fast transaction processing and crediting of funds;
    • widespread use on foreign online casinos, making it relevant for installation on a resource aimed at western players.


    • the lack of a Russian-language website, which makes it difficult to popularise it in domestic online casinos.

    Casino payment systems: Merchant account

    The operation of any casino online is primarily focused on making a profit. In order to play the slots, you have to have a bank account, and sometimes in several banks.

    However, we would now like to focus on such a tool as a merchant account. Nowadays more and more gambling businesses go beyond opening bank accounts and open merchant accounts at the same time. What it is and what it is all about, we will consider in more detail.

    Casino payment systems

    The concept of a merchant account

    Casino payment systems

    Despite the ‘overseas’ name, the essence of the phenomenon is simple enough, and its functionality and practicality attract attention for use. A Merchant account is a specialised casino account into which the operator can accept payments from players for services from online bank accounts and credit cards. In terms of online gambling, this system can be called ideal.

    One of the main advantages of using a merchant account is its versatility and accessibility. Customers don’t have to go to great lengths to add funds to their accounts, and they can do it online, using their credit card or online bank account.

    You can also make a deposit to a merchant account at the casino:

    • On the casino website;
    • By email;
    • Via POS terminal.

    The replenishment process is very simple: the player uses a special online form to enter his bank card or account number and indicates the merchant account ID. Everything happens in just a few clicks.

    However, there is no need to worry about the security of the system. In fact, in those few clicks, all the key steps are taken to ensure that the transaction is safe and secure for both the customer and the casino operator.

    How it happens:

    1. The player sends his bank a request to debit a certain amount of money from his account;
    2. A bank, on behalf of its customer, transfers funds through the acquiring bank’s processing system. The acquiring bank in turn processes the transaction and credits the funds to a merchant account belonging to the casino;
    3. The merchant account is then credited to the respective bank account of the online casino operator.


    In this chain, it is the acquiring bank that acts as the key link. The originating bank does not require any additional details for the transfer. It only executes its customer’s instructions. It only fulfils its client’s order by verifying the authenticity of the request (password, call, sms confirmation, etc.) as part of its security system.

    It is the acquiring bank that processes the data, the financial transactions. Who transfers the amount to the respective merchant account. This saves transaction time many times over. Processing capacity of bank-acquirer is thousands per minute.

    As a result user has almost instant crediting of funds to his gaming account at a convenient moment.

    Casino payment systems

    Types of merchant accounts

    The following merchant account types are currently available:

    1. Merchant account without bank card base.

    Perhaps the most common form with which newcomers to the gambling business traditionally start. Since a new casino is opening, it is quite logical that it does not yet have its own customer base.

    It would only be built up in the process, as customers would register on the casino website and make their first deposits. Such an account works according to the standard scheme: the customer enters his card details and casino identifier in the appropriate form.

    2. Merchant account with bank card database.

    This is an option for established casinos, which in the beginning were limited to opening a bank account. Naturally, with time and experience, their owners appreciate the possibilities and advantages of a merchant account and decide to open one.

    At the same time, they already have regular players and, consequently, a bank card database. In that case the merchant account will have that database, and the new players will enter their data the standard way. This option is relevant for operators who use the possibility of debiting the card’s magnetic stripe by special terminals as one of the payment methods.

    Advantages of a merchant account over a bank account

    • There is no time limit for making a transfer – the operation is available 24 hours a day without reference to the bank’s opening hours.
    • There are no exchange controls.
    • There are no specific documentation requirements for financial transactions.
    • It is possible to open a merchant account offshore and thereby obtain certain tax benefits.

    How to open a merchant account and add to casino payment systems

    Casino payment systems

    It should be noted straight away that the banks’ requirements for applicants to open a merchant account are quite stringent. The operator will need to prepare a certain set of documents and undergo a mandatory verification procedure. Key points of this process:

    • only legal persons may open a merchant account;
    • the operator should have an official website that details the casino’s connected payment systems, services, terms and conditions of use, and privacy policy;
    • pages and channels for financial transactions must be secure;
    • the casino website must have a system for registration, identification and automation;
    • the operator has an account with a licensed bank.

    How to connect ALL payment systems in a casino? We've solved this problem for you!

    In our solution “buy casino turnkey” we have already integrated popular brands of payment systems into the casino. Therefore, in order to get started, you only need to register with our payment processing partners. Make a deposit to your casino balance and start working.

    Here is some list available.

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • МИР
    • WebMoney
    • Yandex.Money
    • Qiwi Wallet
    • Privat24
    • Bitcoin
    • Single wallet
    • PerfectMoney
    • Beeline
    • Advcash
    • Terminals in Ukraine
    • Megaphone
    • ТЕLЕ 2
    • МТС
    • Promsvyazbank
    • Alfabank
    • Qiwi terminals
    • Payeer
    • etc.
    Casino payment systems

    You don't need a legal entity or offshore to operate!

    Casino payment systems

    We have already fulfilled all the requirements of our payment processing partners and have submitted and signed all the necessary legal documents. Therefore, each of our clients, by default, is considered our franchisee. Simply put, the client leases and uses our legal documents to operate, but is a fully independent unit. We don’t have access to the client’s account in the payment system, because we simply rent him the legal documents.

    The client himself opens an account in the payment system. After the account is created, his account is upgraded to “verified” status. There is no need to do anything.

    Customer copies the unique API key from the payment system and pastes it into the settings of the online casino. It’s done! 30+ online casino payment systems are ready to accept your customers’ money 24/7!

    You don't need a $10'000 Gambling License from "pirates" to deal with Europe, CIS, Australia etc.

    Be warned at once, you will not be able to accept payments in currencies from players from the USA.

    But you will be able to accept payments from players all over Europe, CIS, Australia and other countries. If you need a specific country, ask a specialist whether it is supported or not.

    To date, the information bubble about the need for a gaming license for online casinos is exaggerated dozens of times its real meaning. The fact is that in most countries online gambling is either prohibited or not regulated in any way, or regulated by the state, which conducts local licensing.

    So if we do not take local (closed) licenses. And take the popular Curaçao license and the like, it does not give the right for example in the CIS to engage in online gambling. And no gambling license for online casinos, the world will not give you the legal right to engage in this type of activity.

    There are a lot of leeches on casino operators and software vendors, who only do that, sucking blood. In most cases, the casino owners simply do not know it, and voluntarily put spongers on their necks. Moreover, it costs them a lot of money to put a freeloader on their necks.

    Bottom line: Time saved and money multiplied!

    You don’t need to spend money on lawyers, on setting up offshore offices, on opening bank accounts, on obtaining gambling licences, on paying specialists to integrate payment solutions, on concluding masses of contracts with e-wallets, banks and other payment providers.

    Just imagine how much time you will spend on this? And how much money?

    And all that money you can save. And all the time you would be running around with paperwork, with us you would already be making money!

    Because, with us, it’s as simple as: one-two-three herringbone fire! So if you decide to buy a casino, do it right. As businessmen, focusing primarily on the KPIs of your online casino: financial, traffic, LTV, Retention, and marketing tools performance. Because this is your business, not offshore to nominee directors with empty gambling licenses.

    Still have questions? Email us and we’ll be happy to answer!

    Casino payment systems
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